20 Designs So Crappy We Can't Believe Our Eyes

Every once in a while, you end up finding a design that's just so bad, you can't help but laugh at them. They're so amazing, they're almost better than actual good designs.

This list is full of designs that, frankly, don't make any sense. But that much doesn't matter. After all, they're so bad, they're actually the best things ever.

"Who thought it was a good idea to put an image of 7 churros for the sign of 3 churros?"

Talk about false advertising. I wonder how many people went and bought the three churros option thinking it was really seven for that price.

To be honest, it's kind of mean.

"My parents bathroom is on a platform next to an angled ceiling so you hit your head every time... and it has a telephone."

Obviously, that phone is pretty important. Who wouldn't want to talk to their friends while... doing their business? Okay, yeah, that's pretty nasty. And it's not even the worst part about this bathroom, which is saying something.

"HP made the track pad the same texture as the rest of the laptop so its awful to use."

As someone who almost exclusively uses the trackpad on a laptop, this would bug me so much. There would be so many times when the mouse would stop moving because you have no idea where the trackpad ends.

"We had to stop... We kept mixing up our pieces."

This chess set looks nice in theory, but it's definitely the kind you couldn't actually play. And the whole point of a chess board is to... play chess, so this is kind of useless. A pretty, useless, marble mess.

"PLEASE show me the difference…"

Yeah... those four dinosaurs are the same. They really created a spot the difference game where there are no differences. I can't tell if this is secretly genius, or just plain cruel. I'm leaning toward the latter.

"A sign that looks like it says 'follow someone home.'"

If you look closely enough, the sign has a pretty decent message. But it sort of... draws attention to three words that take on a whole new meaning without the rest of the context. Don't let this sign turn you into stalkers, people.

The fact that it even tells you not to drink from it...

You know that, if you have to warn people not to drink from a bottle of hand sanitizer, it's poorly designed. There's nothing wrong with pumps, or the little travel size ones. Literally anything other than this, in fact.

"I was having a good day until I went to the supermarket."

I'm wondering if this was intentional... because the fact that just "die" is visible on every single package seems too specific to just be a coincidence. I'm not sure why this brand has to be so mean, though.

"Basketball court in Naxos (Greek island)."

Do you think people actually play basketball on this court? Like, can anyone actually play on there? I mean, the whole thing is such a mess, and it could've been avoided so easily too.

There's a lot of wrong on this blanket.

I'm not really sure why anyone would want... this particular Jacob Black blanket. Especially since it's so ugly. And the obvious Photoshop job makes me shudder at the thought of what you'd really get if you were brave enough to buy this.

"The designer of this dial watch was definitely a sadist."

Is this, like, some kind of secret code watch? Is it something you're supposed to use to tell time, or do you use it to send messages out to secret agents or something? Because I'm very confused right now.

I'm sorry, what?

It starts out pretty normal, with the world "belief" (and it's even spelt right). But then it gets worse and worse, from phrases with no spaces, to "oppoty," to "dreams being spelt so wrong. What's happening here?

Uh, close enough I guess?

Okay, sure, there's an X in fox at least. But there have got to be other words that start with X that could've been used there. Like xylophone? I dunno, considering the fact that every other box has a word that starts with the letter, this seems out of place.

"(Unintentionally gross) marble-looking keyboard."

This looks like somebody was having a Netflix marathon while eating chocolate, got their hands super dirty, and forgot to wash the, before messaging a friend. Like, this has to be the worst marble-like design ever.

"Which floor am I on?"

I want to say that's a 5. But, it could also be a 3. Maybe it's 53, or 35. You know what? It probably doesn't matter. We'll just say it's the mystery floor and be done with it.

"Renovations done to a 500 years old tower."

A part of me thinks that we should just leave old buildings as they are. Better to let them crumble away with time then get turned into design abominations by people who clearly don't know what they're doing.

"These benches at my university are tilted back and have no drainage system, so the water just sits there for up to days after a rainstorm."

This was definitely not thought out very well. All they had to do was install a drain in one (or both) of the sides, or even put little drain holes along the back of the seat. Like, anything. Anything at all.

"Bedsheets that look constantly like you wet them."

I guess whoever designed this thought that putting an outline of Italy on an Italian flag bed set would be a good idea. Which would be fine, you know, if they didn't make the country look like wet stains all over the sheets.

"My grandparent’s carpeted bathroom."

Not only is this a bathroom covered in carpet, but it's one that looks like grass. Or moss. Or an absurd amount of broccoli. And to be honest, the marble design in the bathtub completes the look.

"I almost gagged when I opened the cabinet in my bnb. Turns out it was just the design."

Who thought this was a good design for something you put food on? At best, it looks like mold. At worst, it looks like someone got sick all over one end of the plate. Definitely not appetizing.

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