20 Times When The Designer Was Probably Given A Lot Too Much Slack

I'm not one to advocate for a militant workplace where your every move is watched and there's a manager constantly breathing down your neck, but it's safe to say that sometimes, a bit of extra supervision might have helped stop things from going awry.

This is evident in the photos featured in this list that show some times where the designer was probably given a lot too much slack.

"My wife just got this huge banner for work. Perfect."

So no one in the process of making this thought that maybe, just maybe, this isn't what the client wanted on the banner? Or was it meant to be a lesson about double-checking and proofreading things before sending them off. No refunds BTW.

"This is the library at my college. Shelves right around a support beam that are nearly impossible to get to."

That guy's backpack looks like it contains maybe one notebook and a half-empty pen and even he can't get around it, how is anyone meant to! The poor souls that have to get books from in and around the pillar of educational blocks.

"Circles have already won, smartass."

Yeah, after one party wins, you don't get to just keep adding plays like that'll revoke their victory. Is it because they didn't put a line through it? Are you about to be that pedantic over a game of tic tac toe?

"These elevator buttons makes no sense."

Oh goodness no, no thank you. This is giving me a headache just looking at it, let alone trying to comprehend any one part of it. Why is there a second, smaller panel? Why are there half floors? What happened to floors one through three? What's going on here?!

"We had to stop... We kept mixing up our pieces."

This is a case of them not being wild enough with the design. They played it so safe that they only used one pattern and forgot that chess boards aren't just for decoration, there are people who actually play it!

"Inspirational gym post I found in the wild."

You get is what sweat what you? Yeah, sure.

I know this is playing like road-printing rules where you read bottom-up, but who reads things like that normally? Especially stair graphics, some of the most annoying graphics to read, mind you. Just print it on the wall.

"This bike lane."

This is the more dangerous evolution of the library pillar from earlier. All it takes is one biker to have a delayed reaction and the smack will be heard all across that neighborhood.

Cyclists really do get the short end of the stick sometimes.

"Closet Space."

Finally, a closet perfectly sized to only keep your finest outfit in so it doesn't mingle with the rest of your wardrobe and get lost or damaged. In there is the single suit you wear to the wedding you attend once every four or so years.

"Crappiest parking garage design at a local hospital."

I admire their goal to put a positive spin on everything, but not everything needs to be so bright and colorful. Three separate colors would have worked fine, or just the level numbers, sometimes simple is best.

"My fridge is too cold, and I have no idea which direction I need to go to fix it."

Your options are cold, blank, recommended, and cold? Who thought this was a good temperate gage for people looking to not have their groceries freeze over? How is anyone meant to deduce which of the 'cold's is actually warmer, and just how cold is 'recommended'?

"Coffee πiiimie."

Do you have a friend named Timmy who loves coffee? Get him this sign! That's not even remotely close to how he spells his name, but surely it's close enough, and he'll appreciate that you remembered him and his passion for caffeine.

"This stall door in a gas station bathroom."

It may have a handle and hinges, but I struggle to call that a door. It's lacking a lot of what we normally consider when classifying doors, like a bottom half. It doesn't even cover the important bits when you're sitting!

"Yes, I want my Christmas tree to be in for 6639 hours."

It was clarified in the comments that the 6639H button actually stands for six hours on, six hours off, three hours on, nine hours off, so the lights come on at dawn and at night. They couldn't have designed a more confusing button for it, though.

"This handicap parking space found in Germany."

I was going to say this is a space only for the disabled person and not the vehicle that transports them from place to place, but this spot isn't even big enough for that!

"This window at my parents house my whole life."

Thankfully, or not, the uploader provided some reasoning for this, "My dad said he replaced the old window and wanted to make it bigger. The construction people said it would be way more money to center it so being the cheap guy he is, decided it wasn't that big of a deal... Clearly it is though."

"Because having two staircases is better then one in the bathroom. Toilet is behind the wall on the left."

Best of all would be no staircases, actually. The last thing I need is to go tumbling down a flight of steps free after washing my hands. Also, what is that in the middle, an abandoned chimney chute?

'Is there an invisible elevator?"

This elevator only reveals itself to those who are worthy, thus granting them faster travel throughout the building. How to know if you're worthy? Give boarding it a try, run right for it and see if you pass through!

"Wtf is going on with this balcony?"

I'm not sure, and quite frankly, I'm afraid to find out. Those construction workers were not about to let some pesky little light post get in their way, though. They couldn't go over, under, or through, so their only option was around!

"Fly into the corner of the wall…"

Nothing brings back childhood nostalgia than remembering the one time you absolutely ate concrete on the playground. You'd think they'd make these things safer nowadays, but apparently not given the state of this one.

It's an easy lawsuit if you're willing to risk one of your kid's bones, though.

"Carpet up the side of the bathtub at my grandma’s."

I didn't think carpeted bathrooms could get even worse, and I'm so upset that I was proven wrong about this. I think I'll never speak again lest I be shown other unmentionable horrors that come to haunt me for the rest of my days.

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