18+ Times People Said ‘I Give Up’

We all face moments in our life where the world can seem to break us. Whether it be sat in traffic, being unable to find a parking space in an emergency, or other annoying things that are not to do with, getting pooped on by a bird I guess.

Anyway, my current particular annoyances with parking and traffic aside, here are 18+ times people said, "I give up!"

"They are just getting desperate now."

"So, why did you buy this house?"

"Well...y'know, the kitchen is just so...big."

"You did it for the pizza didn't you?"


"Elmo gave up."

I just love the idea of one kid getting into this car and then Elmo turning, throwing his little chauffeur hat on the floor, and screaming, "That's it, I've bloody had it!"

"This guy called his boss, quit his job, set this auto responder and then left the building."

This must have been one of the most satisfying things that this person has ever done in their entire life.

"Spotted in NYC today. Guess the tenant isn't super happy."

Gee whizz, I wonder what gave off that idea? I cannot imagine this helped the relationship between tenant and landlord though!

Let The Man Lie Down!

Now I have been in some states in my time, but I don't think that I have ever been this bad! Or, if I have, I thankfully don't remember it.

"Self-aware Enya fan..."

Well, if that isn't an accurate description of what people do when listening to Enya then I don't know what is. Still, a depressing state of affairs for this person!

"So I turned 30 today and my grandma said 'she gave up decorating my cake half way through because it was too much work now that I'm 30.' I am loved."

I mean, the thought was there in the decoration! I'd be more concerned that this cake looks like it is made out of cat food!

"I could not find my cat anywhere! Finally I gave up and then out of nowhere..."

So you've got a cat in the wall eh? Well, there's only one person who you call for that kind of thing, Charlie Kelly.

"Something tells me this isn't quite legal..."

Why bother paying and waiting for a new licence plate when you can get the same effect with a Sharpie?!

Carnage Ensues...

I think that this was how J. G. Ballard's High Rise starts if I'm not mistaken. So, you know, watch out!

"Look what my coworker and I left on the break room table today."

I used to hate it when people would copy my work when I was in school, but I guess this is sort of okay.

"Mass unemployment in a nutshell..."

This position is clearly only open for people who are manage to transcend the laws of time and space. And, you'd think that people who can do that would have more important things to be doing.

"A lot of people just gave up today..."

"If I just get one more then..."

"Dave, for the love of God, stop! That's just what the vending machine wants you to think!"

A Desperate Warning!

You know that when you have to resort to butt jokes in order to get across the importance of protecting our planet that you are in dire straits.

"The Popeye's in my town is getting desperate for workers during this economic crisis."

"Yeah, can I get a popcorn shrimp dinner please, and a...are you even listening to me?"

*Chicken Sandwich dressed in a Popeye's uniform sounds. (So, silence...)

"Gave up shaving halfway through."

This guy is clearly a big fan of the Batman villain Two Face. That is also a remarkably clean line that he has managed to stick to!

"The sign I saw in this car."

Actually, it sounds like there is something super interesting and special inside this car if so many people are trying to break into it!

"Someone quit Hardee's the right way in my friend's hometown."

James still took the time to advertise the new "Double Loaded" though, such commitment!

"Looks like the guy next to me already gave up on college."

Lectures can have that effect on some people, particularly if the lecture is on a particularly tedious topic! Sometimes it is better to just fall asleep.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures."

There are few things that get under my skin quite like not being able to find a parking space. I don't know why, but by Christ is causes my blood pressure to triple instantly.