19 Things That Simply Did Not Age Well

Sarah Kester
Statue giving face palm
Unsplash | Jeremy Bezanger

No one can really predict the future.

If they could, a lot of mistakes would’ve been avoided, like inappropriate jokes on '90s movies and sitcoms (looking at you, Friends), ill-timed political predictions, and more.

It also could've saved the world a lot of hurt from facepalming over these 19 photos. Here are 19 things that didn’t age well. 

Demi's "pet" turkey

Demi Lovato holding a turkey
reddit | u/lion_OBrian

Yikes! We're thankful to the internet for finding these two posts and putting them together. We're just hoping that this isn't the same turkey in the right image. He would be feeling pretty betrayed that Demi had him for Thanksgiving after all.

To be fair, a Walmart discount sounds nice

Lady's Facebook post about Walmart
reddit | u/Flakesoffrost

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why people caution you to be careful about what you post on the internet. While the fine folks hiring at Walmart didn't see this person's post, other people did.

The other Olsen sister

Elizabeth Olson
Tumblr | unawareofwhereimgoing.tumblr.com

Oh, if only the person who wrote this post could've seen the future! While Elizabeth was relatively unknown when her sisters were popular, she's now become a huge star thanks to her work in the Marvel universe.

This textbook fail

Textbook image of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
reddit | u/Aayan1171

School textbooks should stick to making students determine why a single person is buying 306 pineapples.

The same person who predicted that the tower would fall probably also determined that Y2K would happen and that COVID-19 would be over after a few weeks.

The two no-names

Article about Thor actors
Facebook | Facebook

Jokes on the person who wrote this article! Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleson are two of the most famous actors around today. The film, Thor: Love and Thunder, is even out soon, which proves that their other movies have been huge successes.

This 1998 computer prediction

Nobel-prize winner's prediction
reddit | u/biomauricule

Someone needs to check on Paul. Does he still have a job? Was his Noble Prize revoked? While he was right about the fax machine, the internet couldn't be farther than the truth. Shopping online, whether you're buying clothes, stocks, or food, has become a favorite pastime.

Too soon

Boy holding paper plane need World Trade Center
reddit | boobailey

"Going through old slides and found this eerily prophetic pic of my brother, captured late summer 2000," an Imgur user shared. This is freaky. Tragically, a year later, two actual planes would take down the World Trade Center.

This summary of Google in 1999

Google summary
reddit | u/mitthrawnuruodo86

Dang, Google has pretty much turned its back on everything it was set out to be: a pure search engine. Now, Google is the go-to hub for finding out everything you need from the weather to whether Khloé and Tristan are really having that second baby.

This great disappointment

Salon headline featuring Arya
reddit | u/Jaf1999

Once upon a time, HBO's Game of Thrones was one of the best shows ever made. Everyone and their mom watched it. So it was so disappointing to have the final seasons flop so badly. Some wish to forget Season Eight entirely.

LOTS of ragrets

Game of Thrones tattoo
reddit | u/PhenomenalPancake

Yikes! Speaking of Game of Throne's disappointing ending, this is about the worst tattoos they could've gotten. I mean, Daenerys turned out to be Jon's aunt. If that wasn't bad enough, Jon killed her after she had turned mad.

This actual Corona ad

2015 Corona advertisement
reddit | u/shotkiri

Spending 90 percent of our lives inside is way too much. And yet, that's exactly what we were forced to do when the coronavirus rocked the world in 2020. Eventually, corona (the virus, not the beer) was spread outside as well.

Oh, no

Abestos shovelling competition
reddit | u/ecst3r

Yet again, we have some people that we need to check up on. Abestos is no joke. Prolonged exposure can lead to asbestosis, which results in shortness of breath, a persistent cough, and other symptoms that could eventually kill you.

The "random act of kindness"

Article about influencer giving people flowers
reddit | u/Reddituser0346

"Influencer praised for 'random act of kindness' towards old lady; subject later reported the video was filmed and posted without her consent," a Redditor shared. Unfortunately, a lot of "nice gestures" are just to gain clout.

This 'Fuller House' joke

Aunt Becky on Fuller House
reddit | Netflix

Another yikes. It's like the writers knew or something. In case you're confused, the actress who plays Becky, Lori Loughlin ended up going to prison for her daughter's college admission scandal. She pleaded guilty to a federal charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud.

Kim Kardashian's naive optimism

Kim and Kanye West embracing
instagram | Kim Kardashian

Until the end of 2020, or what? Pete Davidson must be laughing over this. Kim and Kanye have been going through a very public divorce, which has only gotten more dramatic after Kim started dating the SNL star.

This awkward celebration

Funeral for iPhone
reddit | u/spoon_full

"Microsoft employees holding a funeral for the iPhone following the "success" of their Windows phone," a Redditor shared. Ironically, it ended up being their funeral only a short while after. I think we've all learned not to underestimate Apple.

Eating his words

News article on K-pop
reddit | u/yardship

"Music reporter at the New Yorker in 2012 predicts no kpop boy band will make it big in America," a Redditor shared. Boy, how wrong he was. Even though BTS is taking a hiatus, they are a smashing success internationally.

The long wait

Avatar movie article
reddit | u/Aquaman97

So this is why the new Avatar movie is so long and why director James Cameron told viewers to take lots of pee and popcorn breaks. It's been such a long time coming! We can expect the third movie is arriving six to 12 years after that.

This ill-timed tweet

Jenny Han tweets
twitter | Jenny Han

Oh, Jenny. Stick to writing new romantic films for Netflix, or the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty!

This tweet was shared on the day when the domestic terrorists ended up raiding the U.S. capital.