Identical Twin Sisters Dating Identical Twin Brothers Go On Most Dates Together

When it comes to inlaws, there's always a chance they could be a bit difficult to get along with. We've all heard horror stories about monster sisters-in-law and weird brothers-in-law, but what if your inlaws were your own family? That's exactly what's happening with one pair of couples in Oregon, who have found themselves seeing double when it comes to dating.

Being a twin sounds like it would be super cool. Not only do you have a built-in best friend, but there's also a good chance that they'll look just like you!

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Identical twins aren't super common, but do you know what else is not super common? Two sets of identical twins DATING!

Yep, that's right! 25-year-old identical twins Venessa and Kerissa D'Arpino from Medford, Oregon met 29-year-old identical twin brothers Lucas and Jacob Sealby back in June 2020.

Within three months of meeting, the two couples had gotten a place together and were planning their respective futures together.

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When it comes to their by-chance meeting, the couples believe it was by "divine intervention" that they were brought together, considering neither pair of twins lived in Medford before the pandemic, as per the Daily Mail.

However, a new job for the Sealby brothers and returning home to the D'Arpino sisters meant Medford was home to all four siblings last summer.

Speaking with the KVAL, the two couples admitted that they love to spend time all together, and estimate that 75% of their dates are double dates.

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"When we’re all four together, people don’t ask. They just kind of stare at us," Venessa told the publication. "And we’re like, "Yes we’re twins." They’re like, "Oh ok, I thought so. That’s just so random and out of the odds I didn’t want to ask.'"

However, when it comes to tying the knot, the brothers insist they will propose separately and won't have a double wedding.

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"That’s when it is getting a little bit weird, so we’ll stay away from that," Lucas joked.

Previously, the D'Arpino sisters had admitted they never thought they'd end up marrying twin brothers.

"We never imagined we would fall in love with another set of twins," Vanessa said at the time.

"It was really exciting when we all got together on our very first date," Kerissa added. "They say when you know, you know. We had feelings straight away and fell in love very quickly. The more we all talked, the more we connected and it just felt meant to be."

"We are all best friends and get along so well. Now that we live together, we are even closer than ever," Vanessa explained.

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"We love each other's company and are always having fun."

Well if that isn't the most wholesome thing you've read today, I don't know what is!

h/t: Daily Mail