Gwyneth Paltrow Prepares For Skiing 'Hit-And-Run' Trial

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Gwyneth Paltrow
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Gwyneth Paltrow is expected to take the stand in a civil lawsuit worth $300,000. It's all over a ski crash back in 2016 that left a 73-year-old Utah healthcare worker with a brain injury and broken ribs.

Massive Ski Crash Lawsuit

Gwyneth, as alleged by optometrist Terry Sanderson, is said to be responsible for the accident. He says the MCU actress crashed into him from the rear, and he's saying it was a hit-and-run!

Hit In The Back

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Terry's statement claims that he heard an immediate "scream" after which he was "hit in the back." He said that it was "just instantaneous," also stating that he was left alone and without help.

Alleged Hit And Run

Terry claims that Gwyneth fled the scene and did not stay to help or address the situation. He suffered four broken ribs alongside "permanent traumatic brain injury" and "suffering," plus "loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and disfigurement."

She's Countering

The Iron Man star, Paltrow, is said to be counter-suing for the event held at a Utah resort and is suing for "symbolic damages" worth $1 million.

Trial Begins Today

The trial begins today March 21 at Park City District Council.

'Turned And Skied Away'

Per Fox News, the plaintiff is claiming that Gwyneth "got up, turned and skied away, leaving Sanderson stunned, lying in the snow, seriously injured."

False Accusations

The report continues that "a Deer Valley ski instructor, who had been training Ms. Paltrow, but who did not see the crash, skied over, saw the injured Sanderson and skied off, falsely accusing Sanderson of having caused the crash."

All Quiet On Instagram

Unsurprisingly, the Sliding Doors star has not mentioned the legal mess on social media, where she's largely been making headlines for revealing her wellness routine and love of intermittent fasting.

She Says It's The Other Way Around

Gwyneth maintains that the whole event happened in reverse, saying that Terry crashed into her.

Policy Says Stop

Deer Valley's policies for skiers getting into an accident are clear.

'Render Reasonable Assistance'

The skier must "stop at the scene and render reasonable assistance" if involved in a collision on the slopes."

Legal Expert Says Fleeing Is A Sign Of Not Caring

Also quoted by Fox was a legal expert, who stated that vanishing off after a collision is a basic sign that the person just doesn't care.

'Did Not Use Reasonable Care'

"It's actually really fuzzy. It just means that a person did not use reasonable care," they said.

Gooping Along

Gwyneth, meanwhile, continues to promote her best-selling GOOP lifestyle brand. She is followed by 8.3 million on Instagram.

Wellness Reveal

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The ex to Brad Pitt has also been speaking about her diet, revealing a love of coffee and the fact that she fasts until midday after her evening meal.

She's All Lotions And Potions

In a recent share, Gwyneth alerted fans to one of her skincare products, this time going for a Vitamin C one.

It's Selling!

"I’m a firm believer that if your skin looks great, you really don’t need much makeup," she says in her caption.

Wipe It All Away?

For the skin, at least, a good rub might work! "Our new Vita-C Brightening Eye Cream is just incredible. It brightens, smooths the look of wrinkles, depuffs, color-corrects, and blurs instantly," the actress continues.

Fans Smell Comment Deleting

It looks like fans know what's going on, though. One user even alleged that Gwyneth was deleting negative comments, perhaps those related to the ski crash case. "Must have filtered out a lot of words to see no negative comments!" the user wrote.