Mom’s Bad Fashion Sense Drives a Wedge Between Mom and Daughter

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Relationships between mothers and daughters can be very complicated. Not all moms and daughters get along well. Sometimes, as girls get older, they can grow further apart from their mothers. Friends and social circles can contribute to this, as the pre-teen and teenage years are the hardest on parents.

Some kids look at their parents as embarrassing once they hit a certain age. It usually plays out and they grow to love their parents again when college rolls around—but, on some rare occasions, the divide can be painful for some parents to swallow.

One Aunt Shared a Story About The Ongoing Divide Between Her Niece and Her Niece's Mother

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Niece Ski Trip Story
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The Reddit User Shared That She and Her Niece, Ashley, Are Very Close But Her SIL Amy is Not Thrilled About It

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The Reddit user shared that her brother, Hugo, and his girlfriend, Amy, got pregnant young and had Ashley. They later got married. Ashley is now 11 years old and having a hard time with her relationship with Amy. The Reddit user shared that she is very close with Ashley and she always comes to visit and takes her out and about when she does—she lives abroad. When she came to visit recently, she planned to bring Ashley along with her on a ski trip she was taking with her boyfriend. However, things changed when Ashley and her mother got into a tiff.

Amy and the Reddit user don't exactly get along (according to the Reddit user) but she puts this aside for Ashley. When the Reddit user was over, Ashley wanted her to take her and her friends ice skating, as they had set plans to go. However, Amy was already supposed to take them. Ashley apparently said—in front of Amy—she didn't want her taking them because she dresses badly and she embarrasses her and she's no fun.

Amy was heartbroken and even cried over it. Ashley didn't care. She ended up being grounded and not going ice skating. Now, her parents do not want her to go skiing either, over the incident that happened. They want the Reddit user to lie about the ski trip and say that they changed their plans, instead of being honest with Ashley about why she cannot go. The Reddit user disagrees.

Reddit Users Felt Ashley Was The One Who Was Wrong Here

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People Online Also Feel Like It's Hugo and Amy's Job to Teach Ashley The Lesson

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Some Said Maybe The Reddit User Should Be Truthful With Ashley So She Can Learn From Her Mistakes

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