Carmen Electra In Red Power Pantsuit Praises On 'Baywatch'

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Carmen Electra
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Tara Leigh Patrick, a.k.a. Carmen Electra, 50, took a trip down memory lane to her days on the hit TV show Baywatch and explained the misconceptions about it. The actress blew up as a Playboy model, thus making her a sex symbol in Hollywood.

This status intensified following her role on Baywatch, the comedy TV show about the dramatic lives of lifeguards. As she turned 50 this year, Electra opened up on her thoughts about her character, Lani McKenzie, and the show.

Baywatch Was Everything

The actress hashtagged herself the number one bad girl on TV, saying she loved the TV show as much as the fans. During the interview, she spoke about this love saying,

"Baywatch is amazing, Baywatch is everything, I was labeled a bad girl. Yes I was the girl dancing on tables having a good time but there was a list, if not, I was the number one bad girl on TV and Courtney Love was number two and they'd go Sh*t that's insane."

The actress wore a bright red pantsuit in tribute to her Baywatch red lifeguard one-piece suit. She straightened her blonde hair down her back with a center part and cuddled her pet while defending her show.

Being Lani McKenzie

Carmen Electra in her Baywatch suit
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Electra lasted one season as Lani McKenzie, a mixed-race lifeguard who left to pursue her dancing dreams. She reprised her role in Baywatch's reunion movie: A Hawaiian Wedding. Since then, Electra has expressed interest in coming back for other reunions saying she'd love to participate.

She believes people would learn basic first aid skills for beach accidents, including CPR if Baywatch ever came back on TV. Electra also added that it was sexy! She still has her one-piece framed in her house.

Still Got It!

She'd have no problem fitting in with the younger stars of the reboot if it ever comes back because Electra's still got it at 50! We have her Instagram page to thank for the throwback and recent pictures showing her in swimwear.

The TV show got a reboot movie in 2017, but it wasn't as big as the late Eighties original.

The Reboot Happened Without Her

David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson had their reboot moment in 2017 when the latter reprised her role as C.J. Parker alongside a new cast of hip lifeguards. The movie made $177.9 million against a $69 million budget, but critics panned it as unoriginal.

Five years ago, there was news of a sequel with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron confirmed to reprise their roles, but there's been no news since then.