30 Things That Were More Out Of Place Than You At Your Ex's Wedding

Sure, you split up with your ex on supposedly "good terms" which is why they took the time to invite you to their wedding, but you're not really going to go, are you? You'd just feel incredibly out of place, get too drunk, and make a fool of yourself...not that I am speaking from experience.

Anyway, my definitely-fictional traumatic wedding experiences aside, please enjoy these 30 things that were more out of place then you at your ex's wedding!

"Is this a known problem at UA's Bryant-Denny Stadium?"

I think that anyone who would want to be doing this sort of thing in the first place would only be spurred on by the fact that there is a camera watching them. There's all sorts of weird people out there.

"This was found in an English book in Vietnam."

They really went with a still from The Shining for a kids learning book? I mean, I know that it is a beloved kids' movie but it's a little old, don't you think?

"I found a pair of safety glasses in my Chinese food."

That is one hell of a decent free toy to have gotten! I remember the days when you used to get free toys in sugary cereals, those were the golden years.

I Would Have Loved To Have Seen It When They Did Though...

"Out of curiosity, why can't I give the bison any psychoactive substances?"

" weren't there. You haven't seen the things that I have seen, things that you wouldn't believe..."

"Are you just doing Blade Runner now?"


"Want to take your pet fish for a walk? There's a bag for that!"

That fish does not look too keen on being held within that little submarine...or whatever you call the reverse of a submarine? Would you call is a mubsarine?

"Toast it is for breakfast then."

Someone asked whether or not they thought that this spider had crawled in or whether it was from the factory. The person who posted this honestly replied, "I keep forgetting to close the lid so it's on me. For sure from the house."

"I opened mom's ashes box and she is literally in a ziplock bag."

People were kind of torn on this one. On the one hand this is a very efficient way to make sure that the ashes do not spill out. However, it is also a little bit weird, right?

"The car parked next to mine had a lizard on the dashboard."

Of all of the things that I would expect someone to have in their car and on their dashboard, this would not be one of them. That lizard looks like he's having a cracking time though at least!

"When you need to check the mooring lines of your submarine, but there is a Walrus sleeping up on the bow."

As cute as this is, I would not fancy going up to it and just rolling it off the edge, those things are strong as hell!

"The house that I just bought has a dead, real tree inside at the front door."

Fortunately, this person did say that they were going to keep this feature, and I think that they would be insane not to! It is absolutely great, but I am not entirely sure why.

The Lights Must Go Up!

"I seen this dude in my customer's neighborhood. He's got a ladder supported by some wood, supported by a step ladder? This why women live longer, but screw it, it the lights must go up," wrote the person who posted this.

I Repeat, This Is NOT A Prank!

In fairness, if I read that sign on a door then I would immediately think that someone was pulling my leg. Also, even reading this sign and knowing that it wasn't a prank, I'd still want to go in and check out the bird.

"Spot on my dog's tail looks exactly like a silhouette of a bust."

That is one of the most weirdly specific things that they could have said this spot looks like, and yet now I cannot see anything else. It was suggested that this bust is of someone who was trapped in this dog's fur by a wizard.

"Sorry, your parcel has been unexpectedly delayed..."

This is what happens when you follow the Sat-Nav too closely without looking where you are going. How did they think that this van would get across that muddy puddle without getting stuck?

"Baguette Vending Machine. Spotted while walking in France. Sadly, no cheese and wine ones close by, so we carried on walking."

How could they put a bread vending machine in the middle of nowhere without also having one filled with wine and cheese? Or they could at least have had a water cooler filled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

"Dr. Pepper Baked Beans."

I have always wished that my bakes beans were fizzier, and finally my prayers have been answered! I cannot wait to crack one of these tins open on a warm day and just chug it down cold, beans and all.

"Rental stairs for Fluminense supporters watch the team at their training grounds."

I love that these people have gone so out of their way to try and catch a glimpse of their team training. Also, the person who had the idea to rent out stairs here was an absolute genius.

"The lint spheres that my husband found when he took apart the dryer to repair it."

They look incredibly like squash balls! Who would have thought that a dryer could have made such perfectly spherical balls of lint?! Although, they are just bing rolled around and around again, so I suppose it does kind of make sense.

"This window in a local library that goes into a creek."

"Our little library had a bee hive stuck purposely to a special window so that the workings of the hive could be observed," added someone else whose local library had found a way to incorporate a bit of nature into its building.

"I just wanted some potatoes with dinner."

One person did posit: "[That is called] Blackheart. Caused by oxygen deprivation and high CO2 levels. If it's completely hollow, that's hollow heart and is usually brought on by stress during the growing period for a number of reasons."

"This guy at a Starbucks reading the paper… A paper from 1963."

If this guy is trying to catch up on current affairs then he has a lot of reading to do before he is up-to-date! Also, if he's not quick enough, then he will never manage to catch up!

"This Tiny Octopus That I Found Living Inside A Seashell!"

This must be like a mansion to him! In order to explain how they spotted this tiny little guy, this person wrote: "I am experienced with diving so I've developed a pretty good eye for these things over the years."

"I caught a mouse by closing my air vent."

This mouse looks just as baffled as this person was that it had managed to have been caught like this! Looks like this person now has a mouse prison in their house!

"This cabin on top of a silo. Oldham County, Kentucky."

I absolutely love this house and would live there in a heartbeat! Although, now that I think about it, it would be quite dangerous to live here if you were prone to sleepwalking.

"The pumpkin pie I bought contains 'finger.'"

Ah yes, the secret ingredient to most pies, a single finger. The addition of a little finger is a very costly one that's for sure, but it adds such an incredible depth of flavor!

"My cat's toe bean looks kind of like a nose."

That doesn't look kind of like a nose, that looks exactly like a nose! I wonder how it smells, with its nose or with its feet? There are so many "how does my cat smell" jokes it is outrageous.

"This axe left on top of a frozen creek, now an inch under ice."

Someone pointed out that this is similar to when you need a pair of scissors to open a packet containing a pair of scissors, which is a pretty genius comparison.

"A train dropped a heap of grain, followed by some solid rain. Train grain rain tracks."

This looks incredible. Also, it sounds as though Doctor Seuss named this train track, but I can't complain about that, who doesn't love Dr Seuss?

"Rather than cutting down this tree for the power line, they simply carved a hole."

I much prefer this idea in fairness. Although, a lot of people were pretty worried about how this idea would hold up when a large storm hit.

"Fairy Ring that grew in my yard."

Someone pointed out that there had probably previously been a tree stump removed from the centre of this. The person who posted the picture pointed out that there had been, but the tree stump was there 20 years ago!

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