20 People Who Lady Luck Decided To Mess Around With

There are those of us who are lucky beyond belief and there are those who are so unlucky that it is makes our eyes pop out of our head like a cartoon character.

So, from people who got their house's sockets damaged in truly unbelievable ways to individuals who had bizarrely recurring encounters with Lord Of The Rings actors, here are 20 people who lady luck decided to mess around with.

"Really glad I bought this robot vacuum..."

Is this the equivalent of a Roomba committing suicide? You should always take time to make sure that your robot vacuum is in good spirits, as this could happen to you if you are not careful.

"Catching the same fish a month and a half later."

I cannot work out whether this is incredibly lucky or unlucky on this fish's behalf. Sure, it's unlucky that it got caught, but it is lucky that he is the kind of fisherman who throws them back in!

How In The Hell Did They End Up There?

The person who was driving that black van must have gotten all of their driving experience from playing GTA 5. Still, I am blown away at how they have managed this at all.

"My wife gave me this for our anniversary, she swears it's a p..."

The sentiment behind this gift is really sweet, it is just a shame that the message implies something a little different. It is so close to being a "p"!

"Decided to order from this new 'healthy' and 'fresh' place, that's how they delivered my food."

"I mean, at least you used clean plasters to secure the lid on."


"Dave, for the love of God you did use clean plasters didn't you?"

"Like this makes any more sense..."

it would be pretty funny to actually name your child Courtney but to have it spelt like this, then they would have to spend their life explaining how their name was spelt to an expression of befuddlement.

"Just took this little guy a bath 20 minutes ago."

If you are taking your dog out to somewhere where they may be able to roll in a giant muddy puddle, then wait until they get back before washing them!

"My daughter left her magnifying glass in the cup holder of her booster seat while we were parked in the sun."

At least the whole car didn't burn down, as that would have been one hell of a suspicious-sounding phone call to their insurance company if it had.

"Poured this glass of wine before noticing a chunk of the stem was missing — not sure how it's still standing."

I would not be trusting that to stand on its own, grab that by the glass before you lose a full glass of wine! Who could risk wasting precious wine like that?!

"Snorkeller finds lost wedding ring wrapped around a mullet fish off of Norfolk Island."

I think this means that whoever owns this ring is now married to this fish. I have seen Corpse Bride so I know the basics of how all this marriage stuff works.

The worst flight of all time...

The backstory to these images is:

"In 1990, a panel of the windscreen on British Airways Flight 5390 fell out at 17k feet, causing the cockpit to decompress & its captain to be sucked halfway out of the aircraft. The crew held onto him for more than 20 minutes as the copilot made an emergency landing. The pilot made a full recovery."

"Ah, Well..."

Time to try and sell this on Facebook marketplace by marketing it as a submarine. There is nothing that some people won't try and sell on Facebook marketplace, it is a place of wondrous finds and horrific items.

"Actor Sean Astin photo bombing me in ‘93 at D.C. inaugural ball and again 26 years later at Disneyland."

A lot of people were confused as to whether the photo-bombing was more amazing than the fact that this person clearly does not age!

"Yeah Jim, get wrecked..."

I cannot help but wonder what Jim did to incur such a wrath from the owner of this land. It can't have been anything small that lead to this action being taken, this is seriously pissed-off behaviour.

This Is So Apt, All Things Considered...

I am sure that I am not the only one who has that damn "Oh no..." song in my head, the one that is constantly being played over videos of cats getting into jams on TikTok.

"The drive up ATM decided to crash right when I put my debit card in, preventing me from retrieving it. I was pretty late to work."

Ah, Windows XP, that really takes me back. It is quite worrying that such an important thing is still running on Windows XP though.

"Someone shot the window of the school I work for. It landed in an outlet across the room."

Judging from the fact that this person works near a cemetery, I can only assume that this was caused by gunslinging skeletons late at night?

"A college student..."

If this actually dissuades a traffic warden from giving this person a ticket then I will be blown away. Traffic wardens aren't known for their sense of humor, more so for their lack of soul.

"Thought that I was out of Tums, but I wasn't!"

How does this even end up happening? These tablets must have worked out some pretty damn impressive coordination in order to try and avoid getting eaten in such a way!

"After 72 days in the NICU, we brought my son home. Two jokes later, he wished he was back in."

Clearly this kid is not yet appreciative of the subtle art of the dad joke, but I am sure that they will come around eventually. There are plenty of jokes still to tell after all!

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