22 Subliminal Messages Your Childhood Disney Movies Tried To Tell You

Remember, everything you WATCH, even if it is DISNEY, has a lot of hidden messages scattered around.

So just make sure that you really watch the MOVIES you're watching, just in case, they're trying to indoctrinate you.

The Dog Lover


In one of Disney's first-ever live-action remakes, Cruella is trying to get puppies from Roger and Anita when Roger mentions they're having a baby.

Cruella replies with the above quote, classic.

And then...


Roger mentions that they're having puppies as well, to which Cruella replies... well, you can read it.

Darn! That is one racy joke for a Disney movie! Good for them!



There's a whole lot of weird stuff in the Cars universe.

Like...tramp stamps. In the above picture, two younger, female cars end up "flashing" Lightning McQueen.




If you told me that in a Pixar movie they'd make a gay bear joke I would've laughed you out of whichever place we were.

And yet, here we are.

Foot Size


We all remember this scene where Kristoff is bugging Anna about her new boy-toy and she mentions how "foot size doesn't matter".

Yeah, I've been told that a lot too, Kristoff old buddy.

Flower Stands At Attention


Yeah, sure, that's what he's doing.

He's so enamored from that kiss from a weirdly sexy skunk that he stands straight up out of respect for her authority...


I'm fairly certain anyone with a pulse knows about the old "the Disney animators put Sex in the stars" hidden message from Lion King.

I'm pretty sure newborns come out with that knowledge.



It was referenced so much that people had to come out and officially say that it wasn't "Sex" it was "SFX" as a thank you to their special effects team.

Convertible Waitresses


So apparently Cars has a lot of weird stuff in their movie.

The waitresses at this restaurant are convertibles. What don't convertibles have? Tops.

They're topless waitresses.

Jessica's Privates

We've all had a very, very confusing feeling about Jessica Rabbit.

Well, apparently the animators couldn't help themselves either. They actually kept her privates in a scene where she falls out of a car.

9. The Priest

Listen, a lot of us love weddings, but the Priest officiating Eric and Vanessa's wedding in The Little Mermaid really loves weddings.

And I mean he really loves them.

*The Lion King* Poster

I personally think that this is a case of the human eye seeing patterns where there are none.

However, some have pointed out that the original poster for The Lion King has a [girl](https://baklol.com/baks/Misc/Ruin-Your-Childhood-Forever-_318/Lion-King-Bikini-Poster-_4212 on the front.

The Window

This still blows my mind, even after all this time.

There's a hidden picture during The Rescuers scene where they're attempting to fly, and it's of a woman undressing!



Anyone else want to go out for a dart?

I don't know what it is, but I've been watching Pinnochio and I really feel like having a smoke... weird, huh?



This super... keen bus driver in Hocus Pocus misconstrued the meaning of the witch's "desire" for children.

Although, I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the guy's gusto.



In this scene, two fleas catcall the ladybug Francis (who turns out to be a man) and ask if they want to pollinate with a real bug.

If you know anything about plants, then you'll know pollinating is how they reproduce.



In Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Jasmine and Aladdin get married when suddenly, the ground starts to shake from an elephant stampede.

Genie quips: "I thought the Earth wasn't supposed to move until the honeymoon."

Aladdin Chased Out


Ever wonder why a good looking guy like Aladdin was chased out of that house full of gorgeous women in the first movie?

Well, it was because he was poor... and in a brothel.

Kronk's Tent


The Emporer's New Groove is an underrated classic, plus it is also filled with some really hilarious and cheeky jokes.

For example, ever noticed where Ezma's henchman Kronk has "pitched his tent"?



In one scene in Ratatouille, Head Chef Skinner finds Linguini messing around in the pantry. He asks what Linguini is doing, and he replies: "familiarizing myself with vegetables".

Chef Skinner then proceeds to remind him that some people can get too familiar with vegetables.



So during one sequence in Hercules, the titular hero cracks a joke to Meg about how "Oedipus had some problems".

I can't help but agree, considering her married his mom and killed his dad.

High Five


In 101 Dalmatians, we have a moment of bonding between male human and male Dalmatian.

Roger give Pongo a pat on the back for getting so busy, and says to him: "Oh Pongo, you old rascal!"

Linguini's Little...


Helper. Why, what did you think I was going to say?

Well, I think Colette had an idea, based on where she looked when Linguini started his sentence. Ahh, the French.

Mushu Peeping


At one point, Mushu is telling Mulan about his amazing powers. He says to her:

"My powers are beyond your mortal imagination! For instance, my eyes can see straight through your armor," then she covers her chest and smacks him away.