32 Seriously Cool Pics The Internet Gifted To Us

Everyone knows the internet is full of cool pics, but finding them entails going to random sites and tracking them down. Friends, if you're in the market for cool pics, look no further. You're in good hands here.

Game with a view.

Reddit | Nic0487

This soccer stadium in Monterrey, Mexico offers breathtaking views of the nearby mountains. Those mountains, meanwhile, offer a free ticket to the game for anyone willing to make the hike.

Sparse world.

Reddit | DejectedSoul

This landscape photo is undoctored apart from minor touch-ups, but it looks totally surreal. It's incredible how winter weather can make the landscape so minimalistic.

Secret library.

Reddit | onepersononeidea

You're looking at garbage collectors in Turkey who've opened a library for discarded books. I don't know why they chose to locate it in the Batcave, but it's a pretty cool look.

Out and about.

Reddit | tallicahet81

Elephants are highly intelligent and social animals, and even the best zoo can't offer a ton of space for them to roam around. At this zoo, they're allowed to roam the grounds after hours.

Feeling froggy.

Reddit | FoamyJr

This photo of the "frogmen" of the Danish Special Forces looks like something straight out of a nightmare. Depending on who you are, this could be a very welcome or a very unwelcome sight.


Reddit | FredSmertz

It takes a sec to get your head around this mindbending photograph. What looks like a grim cityscape is actually a frozen pier, just flipped upside down.

Friends forever.

Reddit | Zusical

Unlikely animal pairings are pretty great to see. This wolf and bear were observed hanging out and hunting together for over a week.


Reddit | CryptoExodus

A photographer with nerves of steel captured this photo of the May 18, 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. The eruption has left the landscape scarred to this day.

Wild ocean.

Reddit | br4ndnewbr4d

This pic was snapped off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. The waves alone give me seasickness, while the perfectly-timed orcas breaching makes this photo special indeed.

Invisible apples.

Reddit | SkydiverTyler

This phenomenon occurs when fruit on a tree gets coated by freezing rain. Once the fruit rots, it eventually falls out, leaving a perfect icy outline.

Half machine.

Reddit | therickles

This guy's a quadriplegic, but thanks to this incredible exoskeleton, he's able to move again. While he generally needs a walker in front of him, he's able to walk hundreds of steps.

The depths below.

Reddit | 9w_lf9

This photo from the icy waters near Svalbard, Norway shows a massive fin whale spine that's been preserved by the cold temperatures.

Colors for days.

Reddit | brentenross

This breathtaking photo shows a marshy forest, with a stunning rainbow sheen to the surface of the water. I hope it's a fun natural effect and not, like, an oil spill.

Great Lakes history.

Reddit | JM-Rie

During the last Ice Age, the Great Lakes weren't so great. Humans lived in the area at the time, and traversed areas that are now covered by water. This archaeological site, featuring stones in a circle and a picture of a mastadon, can be found under Lake Michigan.

Look up.

Reddit | bsurfn2day

This photo of a puddle shows a unique perspective of the buildings and sky above. Meanwhile, when I try to take a pic like this I just get a reflection of my confused face.


Reddit | Fadawah

This stack of old-timey coins was in a soldier's breast pocket during the First World War. As you can see, they truly were a lifesaver.

It really feels like there's a secret message to decipher here, but we'd be wasting our time if we tried.

Reddit | drazumi

That's because this just happened to be the light pattern that resulted when the sun peeked through the cracks in the uploader's bathroom window.

Pictures like this make me wonder whether there's an art doppelganger out there for everyone.

Reddit | ScrambledMesh

At this point, I feel like I'm mentally prepared for when I inevitably walk into an art gallery and see my exact double staring back at me from hundreds of years ago.

This kind of looks like someone dumped a flat picture of a fork here, but it's very real.

Reddit | Graphyt87

And that flatness isn't an illusion either. Being run over a whole bunch of times will do that to something.

There's a phenomenon called pareidolia where we can see other things, usually faces, in everyday scenes.

Reddit | JellyUK

Although those faces usually mimic some kind of human expression, we can see that this tree is playing it a little differently and showing us an oddly accurate depiction of a pig face.

Although this is a pretty cool pattern to look at, it actually indicates an unfortunate effect.

Reddit | srhaney

This is called Burlwood and it shows up on a tree when it's experiencing a prolonged period of stress. This can either be from blunt trauma, a fungus, or a virus.

This city in The Netherlands has a bike traffic lights, but that's not the most interesting detail about this.

Reddit | BogusBadger

If it seems like this bike image has a number five in it, that's not by accident. This light doesn't just represent a bike, but also the city's area code of 050.

These rails serve as the closest thing we can get to the "tip of the iceberg" on land.

Reddit | Lufkin69

Because while that tip indicates a much more expansive iceberg below it, these rails serve as the last trace of the entrance to what was probably a fairly deep mine before it caved in.

Despite how it looks, only one of these balconies are lit.

Reddit | Poeticyst

It's just that the mix of the bright lights on the balcony we see in the foreground and the reflective guardrails on each balcony make it seem as though all of them have lights.

Although it's definitely in the way, there shouldn't be too many complaints about the placement of this little metal bar.

Reddit | Obvious-Bend

That's because it's covering the switch of a garbage disposal, which is absolutely something that we never want to turn on by accident.

Although some truly breathtaking things can be accomplished with CGI nowadays, all of that had to start somewhere.

Reddit | rdpd

And so we have this model, which was the most sophisticated graphic that the computers at Taylor University could produce in the early 1970s.

What we're looknig at here is a dissassembled lighter, but that's not how it came into this world.

Reddit | Polishboy5

This was actually a bullet used during World War I, but somebody had the idea to convert it into a lighter in the century since that conflict ended.

Some of you may recognize this as a statue of the Lovecraftian horror known as Cthulhu.

Reddit | GalacticMonarch

But while hundreds of artists have recreated the beast in the years since H.P. Lovecraft's original stories, you'd be hard pressed to find one as detailed as this sculpture.

And I think it's all the more disturbing for it.

Frozen in time.

Reddit | YourMomsNext

This girl was climbing a sheer cliff, which is pretty impressive. Unfortunately, she lost her glasses. Fortunately (for us), her climbing partner captured this moment on camera.


Reddit | GoKysPlease

Archaeologists found this Corinthian helmet from the Battle of Marathon. It turns out the warrior's skull was still inside the helmet.

This picture is illegal.

Reddit | tohsimas135

A candid photo of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is undeniably pretty to look at. It's also against the rules to take these pics, making them pretty unique.

Hidden kitty.

Reddit | MrMemeFirst

This tattoo shows a fun Cheshire Cat smile under regular light. But when it's exposed to ultraviolet light, the rest of the art reveals itself as well.