30 Times Henry Cavill Posted Thirst Traps On Instagram

Henry Cavill is currently dominating the news thanks to his hit show on Netflix, The Witcher.

It's for people who love good storytelling, fantasy, action, love, and of course, a shirtless Henry Cavill.

Since he trapped us all in that bath scene, we decided to take a trip down memory lane of all the other times he trapped us on Instagram.

Prince Eric Vibes

Have we got a Prince Eric for the upcoming live-action Little Mermaid? We do? Is it possible that we can switch it up real quick?

All the moms in the audience would appreciate it.

The Suited Man 1

Is there anything more attractive than a man in a suit? And God, look at how stoic he looks, staring into the shoreline of London.

London! The sexiest place on earth!

The Suited Man 2

Here he is again, probably doing/saying something English and undeniably sexy in that tuxedo of his. Oh, and showing off how cold his wrist is.

Quickly! Someone get that man some mittens!

Working Out

A classic "thirst trap," post a picture of yourself working out. It's a classic for a reason.

Especially if you're as jacked as Henry Cavill is, showing off them muscly arms.

Dog Picture I

Every woman/man/thirst trap-ee loves a man with a dog! And look at how adorable that dog is (whose name is Kal).

Oh yes, he's a precious little boy, isn't he?

Dog Picture II

Oh and look! That dog is on a motorcycle! How adorable!

Listen, Cavill, you're already sexy, ripped and British. You don't even need to add dogs to the mix, we're already trapped.

Working Out (Again)

Yeah, once again we go back to the gym where Henry Cavill can show off his incredibly toned body.

Does it annoy anyone else that he's not breaking a sweat? Normal people don't look that good when working out.

Cavill And His Alter-Ego

Is it possible that even when compared to Superman, Cavill's muscles outshine him?

Yeah, Cavill definitely knew he'd have us in the palm of his hand with this photo.

Just Standing In The Gym

Look at that! He doesn't even need to work out to get people ensnared in his vicious trap!

Quick, look away! Lest ye be taken in by his glorious body!

Hanging Out With Pals

While this photo is meant to be super cute and casual, we are obviously very aware of the fact that he is sitting there shirtless.

Good job Henry.

Mid Drop

You can feel the vibrations, can't you? All that weight being slammed onto the ground, the ripples of energy coursing through the floor, up your feet, towards your...

Woah! Sorry about that.

Running Up Stairs

Not only is he working out, but he's also doing it for a good cause!

The Durrell Challenge was a challenge to raise money for a wildlife sanctuary! Aw, how sweet!


Some comments include:

"Marry me", "You're really trying to kill me", "Oh my my... I need to memorize this image for my dreams", A bunch of "Top" emojis and a whole lotta fire ones too.

One With A Kid

And of course, every person loves a man who is good with kids. Of course he's good with children, they all know him as Superman!

Well, I need to go get a drink of water.

Celebrating His Recovery

"Just working towards improvement by pushing hard enough to elicit change," he wrote.

Please Cavill, never stop showing us your gym motivational posts.

Being Kind To Animals

Listen, there is nothing more attractive than a man who is kind to people and animals around him.

The gentle nature around Cavill really makes our hearts beat three times faster.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup Polo

In all seriousness, the hat he's wearing is a very bold look.

Not everyone can get away with it, but he makes it work. And as we already mentioned, any time you put a handsome man in any kind of suit? It's a thirst trap.

Hero Pose

Come on. You know it's true: Everyone loves a dog selfie.

Even if you're a cat person, you can't deny that these are the kind of selfies we need more of.

One Of The Only Men Who Can Rock A Mustache.

Listen, it may have been a thing when our forefathers were alive, but not everyone can pull it off.

But for some reason, Cavill can.

Getting Involved With Kids

Listen, it is what it is. We love a beautiful man being kind and soft with children.

In the video he posted on Instagram he is trying to debate who is better: Superman, or Batman.

Wonder Woman

While promoting the DVD release of Wonder Woman starring his dear friend Gal Gadot, Cavill decided to strike a photo.

In a tank top with his bulging bicep showing.

Man On A Motorcycle

What is it about motorcycles that make people more attractive?

Either way, people were freaking out over Cavill's look and new ride in this photo.

Men's Health

Cavill captioned the photo:

"Just wanted to share this picture of my friend Wolfie and me. We often like to make odd faces at each other and punch at the air in between us."

Thanking The Fans

When posting another workout photo and his motivation, he captioned it:

"Did want to say thank you for the continuous support you have shown for the things that are dear to my heart!"

Promoting A Challenge

Sure, it seems like a harmless photo, but in reality, it's not.

The clean-shaven face, perfectly quaffed hair, and a shirt that is almost too tight? I don't believe for a second that this wasn't intentional.

The Time He Made Us Feel Bad

"1st week of training done. 7 days, 9 workouts and a whole lot of food!" he captioned the photo.

Yeah, can't relate man.

International Women's Day

He wrote: "I consider myself very fortunate to be surrounded by some incredible women, some you know of, others you don't. These women have helped guide, comfort, shape and mould me. Without them I wouldn't be half the man I am. You know who you are, I love you all."

After Comic-Con

After leaving Comic-Con to promote Justice League, Cavill posted a shirtless video of himself going back to work!

Needless, probably, but very welcome.

The Time He Went Fishing

In what seems like yet another harmless photo, Cavill is showing just how perfect of a Prince Eric he would be on a fishing boat.

Look at that hair! And those biceps!

Another Workout

He captioned the video "Another compromising video, another day on the Road To Recovery," referencing his leg injury.

How many times did you watch this video?

BONUS: Superman and Batman

Not exactly a thirst trap, but he had to throw this photo in here because of the irony.

Which thirst trap is your favorite of Cavill's? Let us know below in the comments!