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10+ Hidden Details From '90s Movies Fans Missed

Well, clearly you weren't paying enough attention during these movies, because these are the details that you missed.

A lot goes into making movies, so, to be fair, it can be hard to catch some of these things. Which is why we are here to point them out to you.

1. The Love Story Within A Love Story


In Pretty Woman, Vivian and Edward go see an opera called "La Traviata."

Sounds like nothing, until you realize La Traviata is about a sex worker who falls in love with a rich guy.

Sound familiar?

2. Kevin's Plane Ticket


Ever wonder what happened to Kevin's plane ticket? Why his family didn't know he wasn't on the plane?

Because his dad accidentally threw his ticket away while he was cleaning up!

3. Glenn Close Was In 'Hook'


Yes, it may be hard to spot her, considering she's wearing a beard and looks like a man.

Yes, the very talented actress was actually the "boo box" pirate in Hook.

4. The Pilot Pin


In Never Been Kissed, Josie wears this pilot pin.

Later in the movie, when Josie becomes one of the popular people, the other girls in the group start to wear pilot pins as well.

5. No One Actually Shot Nice Guy Eddie


During Resevor Dogs, Mr. White was supposed to shoot Joe then swing around and shoot Nice Guy Eddie.

But something went wrong and they didn't have time to reshoot it, so Nice Guy Eddie just kind of... dies.

6. The Jurassic Park Belt Buckle


Ever notice that while on the plane, Dr. Alan Grant's belt buckle has two female ends, and yet he makes them work as a seatbelt?

That's the reference to the fact that all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are supposed to be female...and yet they reproduce.

7. Cher's Gum


In Clueless, we know that Cher is a fashionista and would never go out in an outfit that doesn't match.

She does this to such a degree that the gum she's chewing also matches her outfit.

8. "You Ride A Horse Like A Man"


When Jack suggests Rose rides a horse like a man in Titanic, he means not side-saddle.

At the end of the movie, we see that she has taken his criticism to heart.

9. Bugs Makes Fun Of Disney


When Daffy suggests that they call their basketball team "The Ducks" in Space Jam, Bugs replies:

"What kind of MICKEY MOUSE team would call themselves 'The Ducks'?"

This is a reference to Disney's earlier movie, The Mighty Ducks.

10. The Guns Are Named After Bladed Weapons


In Romeo And Juliet (the 90s version with Leo DiCaprio, obviously), all the guns are named after bladed weapons.

If it were the original Romeo and Juliet times, they would have used actual bladed weapons.

11. Gaston's Skulls


As the main villain of Beauty And The Beast is falling off the castle, you can see little skulls in his eyes.

Implying that...well, implying that he didn't make it.

12. Martin Scorsese's Mom


Martin Scorsese is such a good son. He has a tendency (or at least had one) to put his mom in his movies.

In fact, Tommy's mom in Goodfellas is played by her.

13. The Coffee Shop


In Pulp Fiction, there's a guy credited as "Coffee Shop."

This is a reference to the line "I’m not a hero, I’m just a coffee shop—" before he gets cut off.

14. Selina's Glasses


In Batman Returns, we see that Selina Kyle's glasses show an interesting shadow on her face.

Just in case you hadn't figured it out, Selina Kyle eventually becomes Catwoman.

See those little cat ears?

15. The Twins and Triplets

Warner Bros.

In The Matrix, there's this scene with a woman in a red dress.

If you look into the crowd when Morpheus is going on his explaining spree, you'll see something interesting.

A lot of people who look exactly the same.

Warner Bros.

That's because the Wachowskis wanted to show that the programmers of the Matrix could duplicate background characters, so they hired a bunch of twins and triplets to walk around.

Pretty clever.

16. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Hyphen


Good old J G-L. He's been a staple in Hollywood for a while now, but there was in fact a time when he was a nobody.

In fact, he was such a nobody that they didn't even bother to spell his name right.

The movie was "10 Things I Hate About You."


And if you study the credits, you'll see that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was billed as Joseph-Gordon Levitt.

As if his first name was "Joseph-Gordon."

17. The T-1000's Four Hands

TriStar Pictures

We all love Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

There are, however, some obsessive fans that have tore that movie apart to analyze every single frame.

And they found a very cool detail.

TriStar Pictures

There's a scene where the T-1000 is driving a helicopter and at one point, the terrifying cybernetic creature has four hands!

Now that, my friends, is an absolute nightmare.

18. Wes Craven In "Scream"

Dimension Films

There was, nay, there are very few horror masters left.

One of them is Wes Craven, who flipped the whole slasher genre on its head with 1996's Scream, the meta-horror to kill all slashers.

And he actually appeared in the film!


He plays a janitor and is also wearing a Freddy Krueger sweater.

For those who don't know, Wes Craven also directed Nightmare On Elm Street.

19. Holden & McNeil


In Good Will Hunting, we see Ben Affleck's smart-mouthed Bostonian character go to a meeting with the good people down at Holden & McNeil.

It seems pretty inconspicuous.

Until you realize that's the name of his character in "Chasing Amy."


It's true! His character from Chasing Amy was called Holden McNeil.

A very cute callback.

20. The Car In "Braveheart"

Paramount Pictures

There are a lot of mistakes in the Best Picture-winning Braveheart, but the one that really stands out to a lot of people is the car in the background.

Last we checked, there were no cars in William Wallace's time.

Paramount Pictures

It is a mistake that has haunted the editors for years since. For the fans, however, it makes for some good laughs.

21. Chubbs' Shirt

Universal Pictures

Now you may not think a shirt could possibly be a significant thing. Especially one that looks so darn bland.

But if you look closely, the shirt that Chubbs wears in Happy Gilmore is a joke.

It's a Lacoste shirt.

Universal Pictures

Which is significant because Lacoste's logo is an alligator, and Chubbs lost his hand in an alligator attack. Heck, he even dies later in the movie from seeing an alligator's head.

Wonder how he puts on his shirt.

22. Andy's Dream

Columbia Pictures

When Andy Dufrane said to Red that he was going to get out of Shawshank, you know what Red said to him?

That the whole idea was a "[expletive] pipe dream."

But the irony is how he got out of Shawshank.

Columbia Pictures

He crawled through that same pipe that was described earlier in the movie.

Talk about poetic justice.