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10+ Funny Tweets That Prove Taking Kids To The Beach Is Anything But Relaxing

Being a parent is a whole lot of fun, but relaxing is the last thing it is. When you think of the beach, you think it's calming, peaceful, and relaxing, right? Now, add your toddlers and the beach and you get a whole lot of chaotic mess. Sand in diapers? The worst.

Sand. Sand everywhere.

Twitter l @TheCatWhisperer

Every kid brings home more sand with them than any parent can anticipate and the moment you take off their clothes for the shower, you realize you can fill a new beach with it.

The real breakdown of activities.

Twitter l @Discourt

Kids wander more than a flock of seagulls at the beach. Watch out for those little legs because they sure move fast!


Twitter l @DomesticGodss

Packing for the beach is most of the time way more work than the actual day at the beach. Can't forget everything you need and we're bound to forget something.

Sadly, human children aren't sea turtles.

Twitter l @R_A_Dadass

Some of us try to get our R&R in at the beach, even when we bring our kids, and we find out it's impossible to do so.

C'mon, kids, work with us!

Twitter l @copymama

Prepping for the beach takes a lot of damn time and 99% of the time, kids end up wanting to leave within 20-30 minutes, despite spending hours preparing.

Don't even bother with that chair.

Twitter l @Simoncholland

Parents who think they're going to relax at the beach on a chair without chasing down their toddler are LOL hilarious.

Ahhhh... sounds relaxing, no?

Twitter l @WalkingOutside

Kids never get along when we go anywhere in public and I promise you that the minute you pass the one-mile checkpoint from the bathroom, they have to "go."

Yay... more sand.

Twitter l @sarcasticmommy4

Sand will follow you for the next three weeks, you will find sand in every single spot in the house.

Kids can't resist garbage.

Twitter l @momTruthBomb

No matter how many toys you bring to the beach, your kids will find junk to play with —even if the toys you spent a lot of money on.

Get ready to here this question a lot.

Twitter l @AndyAsAdjective

They will scream the entire way to the beach, even if it's a three-minute trip. Most of the time, it feels like 15 hours.

The parental walk of shame.

Twitter l @FatherWithTwins

Forgetting the sunblock in the car is the biggest rookie mistake any parent can make. No one wants a sunburnt baby!

And then there are the swimsuits.

Twitter l @jordan_pietsch

Having to put our mom bods into a bathing suit sometimes makes us feel insecure, but we'll do anything for our toddlers!

Get ready for the complaints.

Twitter l @HousewifeOfHell

Kids complain, no matter how nice it is outside, no matter how beautiful the weather is, no matter how fun the beach is.

Seriously, you need more gear.

Twitter l @motherPlaylist

Basically, there is no worse idea than planning to bring your entire family to the beach when you are trying to relax.

Get ready to be a spectacle.

Twitter l @outsmartedmommy

Pro tip: dress your kids in bright colors so you can see them doing stupid stuff from far away and laugh knowing that they are your children.

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