10+ Obvious Netflix Show Mistakes Fans Still Missed

Netflix has helped to completely redefine how we watch and consume digital content. At the touch of a button, we have access to a seemingly limitless supply of movies and TV.

But as incredible as Netflix is, that's not to say they're perfect by any means. Over the years they've had their shares of inaccuracies - some understandable, others not so much.

Here are 10+ obvious Netflix mistakes fans still missed.

A rubber gun.


In the final episode of the very first season of Bloodline, Eric O'Bannon is being beaten for information.

His assailant then presses a gun to his head, which can be seen bending under the pressure.

Piper's disappearing neck tattoo.


One of the more memorable events from season one of Orange is the New Black, was Piper's blue and yellow fish tattoo.

But by season two, the tattoo has magically vanished.

The photocopier incident in *Narcos*.


Unfortunately, this is one of many instances of modern-day technology making an appearance where it shouldn't.

When Agent Steve Murphy comes through Columbian customs, they scan his passport on a very modern copy machine.

The walkie-talkie conversation in *Daredevil*.


Any 10-year-old can tell you exactly how walkie-talkies work. It isn't a two-way channel. Meaning you have to hold down the button to talk and release it in order to hear the person on the other side.

Kingpin and Daredevil speak as if they're on a cellphone. Sorry, but no dice.

There's no Stark Tower in *Jessica Jones*.


The incredible New York skyline is on full display in Marvel's Jessica Jones.

You can see the Empire State Building, One World Plaza; but there is a pretty glaring omission.

Where exactly is Stark Tower?

Canadian cell phone providers.


This one seems almost too intentional. I'm tempted to chalk it up to flagrant product placement, as opposed to a simple mistake.

Hemlock Grove is supposed to be set in Pennsylvania. So why on earth do the characters have Rogers Wireless (Canadian service provider) on their mobile phones?

Doug's destroyed laptop in *House Of Cards*.


Doug Stamper is watching video footage on his laptop. In a fit of frustration, he throws a glass of water onto the laptop screen and the computer freezes and "breaks."

As anyone who has ever spilled water (or wine) on their laptop will tell you - that's not how it works.

No red M&Ms in *Stranger Things*.


A fun tidbit of history on this one.

In this scene, Mike is seen giving a handful of M&Ms to Eleven and you can clearly see a red M&M in the pack.

The only problem is that in 1985 red M&Ms didn't exist. Red dyes were taken off the market due to health concerns.

Staten Island isn't China in *Iron Fist*.


At the beginning of Marvel's Iron Fist, certain parts of the story are set in China.

Instead of filming on location, production decided to just take panoramic shots of Staten Island, New York.

Close enough, right?

Vanya's bus number in *The Umbrella Academy*.


If you pay close attention in The Umbrella Academy, when Vanya first gets on the bus it has no number.

Then there's a cut scene and magically the number appears. A final cut and the number is gone once again.

Maybe it was Number Five? But more likely it was an oversight.

Stephanie breaks character in *Fuller House*.


In one of the first episodes of Fuller House, Becky Katsopolis comes over and receives a warm welcome from Stephanie.

The only problem is that she says, "Hey Lori!"

Lori Loughlin is the actor's real name.

That baby is a doll!


During the first season of Ozark, Mason brings his son down to the lake.

At first, it appears as if he's going to drown the boy. Pay close attention and you can clearly tell that it's a doll.

Bullet-proof hoodies.


In one of many scenes where Luke Cage becomes riddled with bullet holes, there is a glaring mistake.

You see him get absolutely blown away with a machine gun, but in the next scene, his sweater doesn't have a single hole in it.

The disappearing security camera in *Ozark*.


In Ozark, Ruth and her father are using spray paint to black-out the security cameras. They take out every single one, except for the camera that is hanging right above the door.

In the next scene, the camera has magically disappeared.

The red-nosed reindeer.


One of the more loving moments between father and son in Peaky Blinders (yes, it's a Netflix show).

Thomas is with his young son on Christmas Eve, talking to him about Santa Claus and Rudolph.

This would have been a very difficult feat, considering how in 1925 - there was no Rudolph.

Frank's name is misspelled.


Take a peek at the credits in House of Cards for Kevin Spacey.

You'll see that Frank's last name is spelled "Undwerwood." On a standard keyboard, "W" is right beside "E," so maybe that explains it?

Geralt's horse.


When Geralt ties his horse to a tree in episode 2 of The Witcher, the horse has its head lowered towards him.

But the angle keeps changing, and the horse's head is suddenly lifted.

Where'd you learn to speak like that?


In Master of None, Aziz Ansari's character name is Dev Shah, yet he's shown speaking Tamil.

This is odd, seeing how people with the last name Shah are typically from Gujarat and speak Gujarati.

Frank's reflective watch.


During the first episode in the 3rd season of House of Cards, there's a glaring piece of equipment in the shot.

If you pause it just right, you'll see the camera reflected in Frank's watch.

Don't let the sun go down on Marty.


They must be in a strange alternate hemisphere in Ozark.

If you pay close attention in episode 3, you can clearly see that the sun changes positions at least 3 different times.

Zoe's phone is a screenshot.


In season 1, episode 13 of House of Cards, notice the static effect on Zoe's text.

This is because it's a screenshot that was designed specifically for the scene. The image also flips when she answers it.

Meechum is still breathing!


In season 4, episode 4 of House of Cards, Frank and his bodyguard, Edward Meechum, are shot.

Another agent checks Meechum's pulse and then slowly walks away. But Meechum wasn't dead! He was still breathing in this scene!

No bracelet for Kevin.


Take a look at Kevin's wrists from his hospital scene in Bloodline. Notice anything missing?

How about a hospital bracelet? All patients admitted to the hospital are required by law to wear a bracelet. I guess they just forgot, huh?

The *Wall Street Telegraph* has a spelling error.


So for this one, you're really going to need a good pair of eyes.

But in season 3, episode 13 of House of Cards, "highway" is misspelled as "higway".