Cruise Company Sued Over Man Who Died on Ship And Placed in Drinks Cooler

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The Celebrity Equinox on which Robert Jones died
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A family is suing Celebrity Cruises after a man dies aboard their ship and his body is allegedly placed in a drinks cooler.

The Deceased Family Is Suing

The man who died is from Florida, and his family is taking legal action by suing the company for a million bucks. 


How Did It All Happen?

Robert Lewis Jones, 78 man"s body was placed in a cooler
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Robert Lewis Jones, 78, gave up the ghost on the Celebrity Equinox back in August in the middle of the high seas. 

Robert Lewis's Body Was Placed In A Cooler

A man looking in walk-in cooler
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Following his death on the high seas, Robert’s body was placed in a walk-in cooler, which is used to stock beverages and keep them cold for 6 days until the ship docked in Lauderdale. His wife later finds out.

The Family Blames The Cruise Ship Authorities

78-year-old Robert Lewis Jones with his wife

The lawsuit argues that the body should have been put in the cruise ship’s morgue for proper care instead of a cooler.

What's The Aftermath Of Celebrity Cruise’s Decision?

78-year-old Robert Lewis Jones who died on the cruise

Storing Robert’s body in a cooler has led to a high decomposition of Robert Lewis Jones' body.

The Corpse Was Moved

Corpse of a woman
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The lawsuit claims that the corpse was initially placed in the morgue but later transferred to the cooler.

The Lawsuit Claims The Deceased Wife Is Onboard With The Decision

The Celebrity Equinox cruise ship
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“The ship docked in Puerto Rico after Jones died, and the suit claims his widow was given 2 options ... take the body off in Puerto Rico or keep it in the morgue until it returns to Ft. Lauderdale.” The lawsuit further argues that they advised his widow to keep the body on board, and she agreed.

The Body Was Nowhere Seen In The Mogue

Dead body lying on the floor
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However, upon docking in Ft. Lauderdale, a Sheriff's deputy came on board and the body was not placed in the morgue.

The Body Was Found In A Bag

feet of dead body
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The suit claims funeral service workers found it inside a blood-splattered bag, laying on the floor of the cooler.

This Decision Deprived The Family Of Their Long-Standing Family Tradition

Women crying in grief
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The corpse was badly decomposed because the temperature was not suitable for preserving it. The family wanted an open casket, but Jones' body was green and bloated, so they couldn't follow their long-standing family tradition.

Online Commenters Weigh In On The Matter


Following TMZ’s tweet about the tragic incident on Twitter, a lot of netizens have expressed how they feel about the incident. 

What A Heartbreaking Story


Cindy wrote, “What a heartbreaking story, Not only was she mourning the death of her husband but she also had the extra heartbreak of the disrespectful way his body was treated. Also, I didn't know cruise ships have a morgue onboard. Are people dying on cruises more common than I thought?” 

WTF Happened?


Paul tweeted, “Blood splattered body bag, wtf happened 🤔?”

Why Didn’t They Get Off The Ship?


Another user commented saying, “What I don’t get is why they didn’t get off the ship at the first port of call after he died so they could fly the body home.”

There Might Have Been A Dead Body In The Same Cooler That Contained Your Drink?


“Ewwwww, so when you have your drink on a Celebrity Cruises ship, there might have been a dead body in the same cooler that contained your drink???  WTF??” American Pancake lament. 

What Were They Expecting?


 A user asked, “what were they expecting. It’s a walk in freezer to prevent decomposition. Did they want the body to rot?” 

One Million Is Way Too Low


Donzel responded with a snide comment and justification saying, “Reading is a fundamental super star. The body DID rot jack azz b/c a Drinks cooler is not a Freezer. The ship had a morgue which was not used after 6 days sheriffs recovered a green, bloated body on the floor of the cooler in a blood-soaked bag. One million is way too low. 

Is There Nothing?


Loengo wrote, “Is there nothing in something's?”

Agamammon Supports The Celebrity Cruise Decision


Agamammon tweeted, “Why? Where else were they supposed to put him?”

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