Jennifer Aniston Prepares For The Holidays With Help From Her Dogs In Adorable Photos

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Actress and filmmaker Jennifer Aniston
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American actress and filmmaker Jennifer Aniston is one amazing bundle of talent. Her time in the entertainment industry has spanned many years and she has been rewarded accordingly for her immense talent and impact. Throughout the course of her career, Jennifer has received various accolades, including a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. 

Away from the big screen, Jennifer also has a fun life, which fans can attest to. Recently, the Hollywood star gave fans yet another glimpse into her personal life as she kicked off the Christmas festivities while welcoming the first day of December with some social media content. Let's take a glimpse of the award-winning actress getting into the holiday spirit with her four-legged friends by her side.

Inside Jennifer's Christmas Preparations

On December 1, 2022, Jennifer took to her Instagram page to share a series of snapshots and clips, showing her followers the process of picking out her larger-than-life Christmas tree and bringing home a new friend for her dogs. The first photo featured Jennifer hugging a giant Christmas tree at what seemed to be a Christmas tree farm. During her excursion, the actress also picked up an adorable reindeer figurine made out of tree wood and topped off with green branches for antlers.

The next slide showed Jennifer peacefully sitting in a car with the new reindeer in tow on her way back home. However, when she finally got home, all hell broke loose as soon as her two cute pups, Clyde and Chesterfield, laid eyes on the reindeer figurine.

What Happened Next?

The third slide featured a video of Jennifer holding up the cute reindeer figurine from her dogs' reach while they repeatedly jump and try to grab the animal decoration. The clip was kind of hilarious as it showed the actress grunting and squealing while trying to keep the reindeer away from her pups, before admitting that bringing the decorative piece home was a terrible idea.

However, in the end, everything seemed to work out well as Clyde and Chesterfield were able to tolerate their new reindeer pal. The last picture in the post showed the pair sitting calmly next to the Rudolph Figurine. Jennifer captioned the whole holiday chaos:

"Goodluck to all the wooden Rudolphs out there 🎄👀❤."

Fans' Thrilling And Hilarious Comments 

Since the actress shared the post, it has garnered over two million likes and nearly ten thousand comments. Several fans and fellow celebrities trooped to the comments section to gush about the photo and clip. Most netizens wished Jennifer happy holidays while others commented on how funny the video was with emojis.

More Reactions From Netizens

Jennifer Aniston with a Christmas wreath behind her.
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While some Instagram users extended their wishes, others couldn't help but express their love for the actress. One fan wrote:

"I sure wish I was spending Christmas with you… you are the most beautiful woman on this planet😍."

Another respondent confessed that the huge Christmas tree in the first slide wasn't bigger than her love for the actress. Overall, it is great to see Jennifer in happy spirits and hopefully, the smile on her face will last a lifetime.