A New Court Filing Alleges Brad Pitt Choked His Child And Smacked Another During A Fight

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The case between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is getting messier and messier with time. A new court document was been unveiled, and in it, shocking allegations against Pitt.

According to the document, Jolie alleges that Pitt choked one of his children and hit another across the face during a fight with Angelina Jolie during their plane trip in 2016.

A new court document has detailed a shocking allegation against Brad Pitt.

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During the famous plane ride of 2016, the document says that during a fight with Jolie, the children got involved and it made him turn violent. Apparently, Pitt became physical with his children.

"When one of the children verbally defended Jolie, Pitt lunged at his own child and Jolie grabbed him from behind to stop him," the document said.

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"The children rushed in and all bravely tried to protect each other. Before it was over, Pitt choked one of the children and struck another in the face. Some of the children pleaded with Pitt to stop."

Some of the children were crying, but overall, they sat still as they were too afraid to do anything more.

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They wouldn't even go to the bathroom. The document also says that Pitt poured beer and red wine on his children.

When the plane landed, Jolie and Pitt got into another fight and he prevented them from getting off the plane for almost a half hour.

"But once outside the plane door, Pitt again physically abused one of their children," the document details. "He also grabbed and shook Jolie by the head and shoulders, causing one of the children to beg, 'Don’t hurt her.'"

Jolie filed for divorce only five days later, and has requested sole custody of her children.