people getting married in front of a trash bin in a alleyway
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15 Trashy Weddings That Got Shamed Online

As you know, I'm in the midst of wedding planning. And one thing that I'm trying to accomplish is for everybody to have a grand time. Even though I'm not looking for perfection, I hope all goes well on my wedding day.

Sadly, that might not be the case with everybody. Some weddings take a turn for the worse, and everybody is there to witness it all. Take a look at some truly trashy weddings that are the perfect examples of that.

This Peculiar Wedding Dress

wedding couple exchanging vows as the bride wears a dress with Bud Light cans attached as the train
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It took me some time to find the perfect dress that fit my style and personality. However, I draw the line at attaching beer cans to the train. I only have one question for this couple: did Bud Light sponsor the wedding? Lol!

This Shameful Bride

text talking about a bride cancelling wedding because people didn't donate money
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Okay, get a load of this story here. Apparently, this wedding didn't even happen. Why? As it turns out, this bride canceled it because people didn't donate $1500, and she totally called them out. Holy crap! It's nice when people bring you money, but you can't expect that, right?

This Awful Snub

Reddit thread that talks about a wedding snub
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It's truly sad how being a part of someone's bridesmaids or being the maid of honor is no longer chosen by how close you are to the bride but by how well you fit her aesthetic. I feel bad for this cousin here.

This Loaded Groom

split screen pictures of groom drunk at this wedding standing next to his bride and friend helping to hold him up
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You may expect one to be a little nervous at their wedding, huh? But to be so drunk that somebody has to help you stand up? That's something you don't see every day. If that's not a red flag, I don't know what is, haha.

This Rude Interruption

couple getting married at a Walmart
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Oh my goodness, I don't know if I'm laughing harder looking at the wedding picture or the other people's reactions. There's got to be a story to this, otherwise, why would these two get married at a Walmart, huh?

This Unfortunate Incident

Photo of police arresting a woman for a DUI while she was driving herself to her own wedding
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Okay, brides, it's fine to take a sip of wine to get some liquid courage on your wedding day. But it's totally not okay to drink and drive and then get a DUI. This bride-to-be learned her lesson, alright.

This Vegan Meal

Vegan meal at a wedding consisting of some wilted arugula and pieces of cheese.
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It can be difficult to accommodate everyone's dietary restrictions on a wedding menu. But if you do offer vegan options, don't do this. I wouldn't even consider this a meal. That is one pitiful dish. Am I right?

This Vaping Trend

Wedding guests and bride and groom vaping for pictures
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Ladies and gentlemen, here's the latest wedding photo trend — vaping. Don't ask me why, as I truly don't understand it. If you want fake smoke, get a smoke machine for crying out loud. Look at the child here who's obviously traumatized.

This Trashy Wedding Cake

skunk pooping on a wedding cake cake design
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Let me ask you something: what is your favorite animal? If you answered a skunk, then you might get a kick out of this wedding cake. Why anybody would think this was a good idea is beyond me.

This Awesome Venue

couple getting married at a convenience store
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One of the most important wedding aspects is finding the right venue. This couple here spared no expense to do their wedding at a convenience store, lol. It's perfect — beer on the right, snacks on the left, wedding video provided by a security camera over the cooler.

This Trashy Loo

DIY men's urinal made out of cardboard and plastic for an outdoor wedding
reddit | u/ajlk24

Having an outdoor wedding has some advantages like a gorgeous view or whatnot. But usually, people get porta potties for the occasion. This clever groom figured he could cut costs by making a men's urinal himself. What do you think of that idea?

This Wedding Couple

wedding couple dressed as Mickey and Minnie
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I'm really amazed how many people are obsessed with Disney. But to wear this on your wedding day takes the cake, eh? Why would you do this to yourself? It can't be comfortable either, and it's creepy AF.

This Wedding Attire

bride and groom who's wearing denim shorts and white wife beater to their ceremony
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I don't expect my groom to wear a tuxedo at our wedding. It's more a casual affair, but if he showed up in a wife-beater tank top and denim shorts, I would definitely have something to say about that. That's a big giant no-no!

This 'Handmaid's Tale' Photo Nightmare

OMG, say this didn't happen. Even though I am a fan of A Handmaid's Tale I would never do that on my wedding day. Just looking at this photo is giving me the hebbie-jeebies, alright.

The Epitome Of A Trashy Wedding

wedding taking place in front of trash bin
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OMG, what in the heck is going on here? I know this article is about trashy weddings, but I never expected one to take place in front of an actual trash bin in an alleyway. I guess they couldn't afford a better venue, huh?

Wow, I'm speechless here.

Woman clapping and saying "trashy trashy."
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Is it just me, or did these folks take their weddings to a new level? I don't think I've ever witnessed such trashy ideas, lol. Have you attended a wedding in the past that left something to be desired? I'd love to hear all about it so don't be shy.