10+ Men From Rom-Coms Who Were Problematic

The men of rom-coms are a special breed. Normally they tend to be sexist, or just all-around terrible people.

But for some reason, most of us love them anyway! But maybe we shouldn't? What do you think? Let us know!

1. Noah Calhoun


Okay, so The Notebook isn't a rom-com, but this is our special mention.

He threatened suicide when she wouldn't go out with him, berated her constantly, and had an almost stalker-like mentality when she left. He was not a good boyfriend!

Noah Calhoun (CONT)


Imagine if he wasn't Ryan Gosling and instead was one of those "nice guys" you read about on the internet.

Yeah, doesn't seem so romantic and beautiful now, does he? Does he?

2. Alex Hitchens


This guy from Hitch was a master of manipulation. He made women date guys who were totally beneath them, men who probably wouldn't have lasting relationships with these women anyways.

That dirty schemer.

3. Nate


From The Devil Wears Prada. He was an awful boyfriend and just judged Andy's career throughout the entire movie.

Just be supportive, you jerk! She obviously wants to do this!

4. Marcus


From Always Be My Maybe, when he took his insecurities out on Sasha.

Boys, in case you are wondering, that is never okay.

5. Joe Fox


This guy from You've Got Mail was a total jerk to Kathleen throughout the entire movie.

He had a rude personality, but the longer I read about these guys the more I realize they all have this personality.

6. Nick Young


Yes, he was crazy rich. Yes, he was beautiful. Yes, he was on Crazy Rich Asians.

However, he gave Rachel absolutely no warning about his... well, crazy rich family. Who were also pretty much psychos. Thanks for the heads up, Nicky boy.

7. Tom


Sure, it must be hard to date the ever-so-quirky Zooey Deschanel. However, Tom from 500 Days of Summer did set some pretty high standards for her.

And then lost it when they broke up.

8. Sam Coulson


This teacher from Never Been Kissed may seem pretty harmless until you realize he had no idea that the girl he was dating was a reporter in disguise.

He thought he was dating a high-schooler.

9. Michael


This guy from My Best Friend's Wedding was pretty bad. He led on his best friend and then acting surprised when she confessed her love for him.

Then again, she was pretty bad too. Everyone sucks here.

10. Jake Ryan


This guy from Sixteen Candles was a total and complete creep.

He treated his girlfriend in an awful way and even pawned her off to some freshman like she was an object.

11. Daniel Cleaver


Daniel Cleaver from Bridget Jones's Diary was kind of an odd duck, and also a total jerk.

Remember that one scene where he makes fun of Bridget's underwear and her various body parts?

12. Mike


Mike from The Ugly Truth was just a plain old sexist jerk.

They tried to play him off as someone who was telling "the ugly truth" but nope. Just sexism.

13. Peter Kavinsky


This guy from To All the Boys I've Loved Before was just plain weird.

He was constantly hanging out with his ex-girlfriend which... is that weird to anyone else? Or is it just me?

14. Aldous Snow


Could you call Forgetting Sarah Marshall a romantic comedy? Yes, right? There's some romance and some comedy in there.

Anyways, this singer from Britain is just the absolute and total worst.

Aldous Snow (CONT)


He brings out a terrible side of his new partner Sarah, he reveals to Peter that she had been cheating on him, and his songs are pretty gross as well.

15. Warner


This character from Legally Blonde is supposed to be portrayed as in the wrong, I know, but that doesn't make him any less despicable.

Talk about some crazy high and shallow standards!

16. Kevin


Kevin hates love, which already is a bad trait to have if you're in a rom-com.

This character from 27 Dresses also uses women to further his career, which sucks.

17. Elton


Elton from Clueless is a total snob.

He won't go out with Tai and only wants to date Cher because she is wealthy, popular and of course, good looking.

18. Jake Adler


Jake Adler from It's Complicated was charming and handsome, sure. However, he was the worst thing you could possibly be in any sort of relationship: a cheater.

I was happy when he got kicked out.

19. Jasper


This character from The Holiday is the definition of toxic. He manages to convince Iris she's not good enough for him, and also manages to convince everyone that his decisions aren't his to make.

He takes zero responsibility.

20. Dr. Harrison Copeland


No, this isn't Dr. Shepard. That guy isn't the least bit bad.

No, this is Dr. Harrison Copeland, from Valentine's Day, a man who keeps a clueless lady on the side of his other relationship. Nobody likes a cheater.

21. Justin


This guy from She's The Man is just a straight-up sexist.

He doesn't think that Viola has a chance against him in soccer, and even "helps" her make decisions! That's lame.

22. Dean Sampson


Dean Sampson from She's All That is a pretty bad friend if you ask me.

He tries to play around with Zack and Laney's relationship, even though he's supposed to be Zack's friend.

23. Sack Lodge


From Wedding Crashers. Talk about a bad guy!

He's got a nasty temper, he's way too competitive and he's just so darn cocky!

24. Noah


Not from The Notebook, but rather from When We First Met.

This "friend-zoned" guy uses a literal time machine to try and get a girl who has said she wasn't into him. Yeesh!

25. Ben


Sorry Bradley Cooper, but you made the list twice.

Ben from He's Just Not That Into You is a cheating, lying man. And he's just got such a punchable face in this movie.

26. Steff


Steff from Pretty In Pink is pretty much just your run-of-the-mill high school villain. However, he also convinces his friend to stoop to his level.

We don't need two of you, Steff.

27. John Tucker


From the aptly named John Tucker Must Die, this guy is deserving of the title that calls for his death.

He's a serial cheater, he's a bad brother, and just a garbage dude.

28. Jake Perry


Jake Perry from Sweet Home Alabama might seem romantic, but he's kind of a creep.

For some reason, he has such a problem with Melanie's new career and life that he has to make her feel bad about it constantly.

29. Daniel


Wait, wait, before you click the screen off, at least hear me out.

Yes, the movie is great, but all the things that Daniel does in Mrs. Doubtfire are pretty darn bad.

Daniel (CONT)


He creates this entire fake persona so he can stalk his wife and children when all he had to do was get a job.

Instead, he goes to these serial killer-esque levels.