14 Action Movie Clichés That Need To Be Trashed

These action movie cliches are just too much, man! It's time for them to go in the bin and for us to think of some brand new material!

Don't we deserve that at least, Hollywood?

There's a bomb that the heroes need to defuse at the last second.


Oh my goodness! This incredibly high tech bomb is about to explode!

Luckily for the heroes, one of them is always able to do it, but just at the very last moment.

The hackers are all nerds


Bonus points if they have glasses and reference Star Wars/Star Trek or the biggest stock nerd show of all time: Battlestar Galactica.

Seriously, with everyone using computers these days, switch it up!

Everyone can immediately fix their wounds


Yes, Rambo was a green beret so he probably knew how to fix up a wound.

But most of the guys in action movies are regular joes and suddenly can stitch a wound?

Old cop and rookie made partners


This one is a tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. I bet you can't guess what will happen in the end!

If you guessed "they become friends" then yeah, obviously.

The henchmen are terrible shots


So the Stormtroopers are supposed to be clones of this world-renowned bounty hunter, or in the very least they're soldiers in a Galactic Empire, you'd think they would have better training.

"We’re not so different, You and I"


You see this one all the time in superhero movies.

Black Panther, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: The First Avenger, the villains are always reflections of the hero.

The final fiery fight


In a lot of films, especially in the Sci-Fi and fantasy genre, the final fight will take place somewhere with a lot of flame and lava and stuff.

Smoke inhalation, what's that?

The henchmen always come one at a time


Whenever there's a scene with a bunch of henchmen (melee weapon equipped henchmen especially) attacking the hero, they always come at them one at a time.

Just gang up on the hero, you poor saps!

"I told you I'm retired!"


Recognize that line? It's usually followed by: I’ll never come back to the force! What’s that, they have my daughter/wife/ neighbor/dad/cat/dolphin-man hybrid? Alright, I’m back!

You may think that the dog line is stupid, but have you seen John Wick?

The motorcyclist with a helmet is always a girl


Here's a surefire way to know that it's a girl underneath the helmet: if they constantly make a point of referencing this motorcyclist as a "he".

They haven't gotten us with that trick since the first Metroid.

The villain isn't actually dead


Sure, they got shot fifteen times in the chest. Sure, they feel out of a building. Sure, they were stomped on my a herd of wildebeest.

But you know if it comes down to it, the villain will be pointing a gun at the love interest.

The hero doesn't let the villain die


You usually see this in superhero movies, but the villain always has to kill themselves or accidentally die.

Unless, of course, you're inside of a gritty reboot. Then, as a villain, you're screwed.

2. The heroes jump through glass unphased


I don't know about you, but I've never jumped through glass. I could imagine through stories that have been told to me that it would hurt, however.

Not for action heroes.

The villains shoot the hero in the chest...


But syke! The hero was wearing a bulletproof vest the whole time (either that or they had a bible in their breast pocket).

Maybe start aiming for the head, villains.