Brad Pitt Is Always Eating In His Movies But Not Because He's Hungry

Well, some actors have a thing, and Brad Pitt's seems to be that he likes to eat in all his movies.

It's not weird, alright? Who knows why he does it?

Oh, Brad Pitt.


He's in his own right, a legend of sorts.

He's been in iconic films, and will probably continue to be in iconic films until he dies.

And in these iconic films, there's always one thing he does that people have begun to notice.


And no, it has nothing to do with him looking good.

But he does that well too.

There are some actors who have a thing.


Tom Hanks tends to pee a lot in his movies (look it up, alright, I'm not weird).

Tom Cruise wants to make sure you see him run everywhere and John Cusack spends a lot of time in the rain.

Brad Pitt, on the other hand...


Likes to eat in all his movies.

Especially in Ocean's 11, you see him mowing down on all sorts of stuff. Heck, even in his new movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, he eats a whole pot of mac 'n' cheese.

Seriously, it's a real thing. There's even a book about it.

Long Prawn

There's a recipe book called Fat Brad, and it contains the recipes for all the food he eats in his movies.

There's even a video on YouTube dedicated to it:

And if you don't know what to do with your time, this is actually a pretty funny video to watch!

And all things considered, out of all the things to be doing on set, eating is the least worst of them.

It could have been something really awkward.

Like the Tom Hanks peeing thing.

But why does he do it?


Well, he was actually asked that in an interview recently.

He was doing press tours for the aforementioned movie where he eats Kraft Dinner, and the interviewer asked him about his eating habits.

Brad Pitt was asked if he had seen the video of himself eating all that food in all of his movies.


And he hadn't.

But Margot Robbie did say: "No, but I have noticed you eat food a lot in movies."

Here's the clip.

Essentially, he does this because not only does he need to eat but sometimes, his characters need to eat as well.

Not really the grand revelation you were probably hoping for, but that's life sometimes.

Yeah, it's not exactly the most shocking piece of news ever, but it's pretty interesting all the same!

What is your favorite Brad Pitt eating movie?

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