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19 Tweets About Children Who Are Definitely Smarter Than Their Parents

Some kids are simply ahead of their time.

There are these kids who managed to cause trouble the moment their parents turned their backs. And this one who made a lot of dough by refusing to give change at a lemonade stand.

Now, we have these 19 tweets about children who are definitely smarter than their parents!

The hot dog.

This little one is so ahead of her time! She's proving that you don't have to conform to gender norms or try to fit in with the rest. You can be your true self instead: a hot dog.

The fashion designer.

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"2yo referred to her coat pockets as 'snack holes' and this is what I shall forever call them," this mom wrote on Twitter.

We love this! No wonder people love pockets so much in their clothing. It's more room for snacks!

The realist.

"My 5yo on her 1st day of K: 'They asked me to count as high as I could. I could've done 200, but I didn't want to waste anyone's time.'" this mom on Twitter wrote.

The doggy bag.

The only thing that would make him an idiot is leaving that much leftover mac and cheese! We'd scarf that right up. However, he is genius for making his next meal ready-to-eat.

The loud talker.

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"just asked my 8yo to quit yelling and he said, "I'm NOT yelling. This is my voice and all my life I've been whispering. Now I'm free!" this Twitter user wrote. Those with naturally booming voices will definitely relate.

The fashionista.

"My 6yo got herself dressed then walked around the house making us all sign a paper agreeing that her outfit looked good," this Twitter user wrote. Mark our words — this girl will end up as a host of Fashion Police!

The push.

This kid is on to something. Unfortunately, it's probably criminals taking this excuse in court the next time they "accidentally" hit somebody with their bodies or their car. I mean, it is a good excuse.

The noisemaker.


"toddler: banging his hammer on the coffee table me: What are you making? toddler: Noise," this Twitter user wrote.

Hey, he's not wrong! Ask a stupid question, get a sarcastic answer. That's how it works in parenting sometimes!

The rainbow.

"My 3-year-old just announced she was gonna be a rainbow and then disappeared with 15 bottles of nail polish," this Twitter user wrote. "This isn't going to end well." You gotta give it to this kid; at least she told her mom she was going to cause trouble!

The business kid.

We've got the next Wolf of Wall Street here! This kiddo is definitely going places. While some kids are playing it small with lemonade stands, this kid is playing in the big leagues!

The judge.

Unsplash | Moses Vega

"A mom brought her young son into the Macy's dressing room, and he's saying things like 'Not your best look' and 'It makes you lumpy right there, and I want to ask his opinion about these pants," this Twitter user wrote.

The con artist.

Unsplash | Diego Passadori

"I lead the after-school drama club at my kid's school. A 1st gr said, 'Can you teach me how to act like I'm listening when my dad talks?'" this Twitter user wrote. Can she teach us, too?!

The hero.

I mean, he's not wrong. You should always rely on yourself. And since it's hard to grab all your stuff in a panic, leave it up to someone else to worry about that!

The aspiring astronaut.


"My 3yo said she wanted to be an astronaut, and I said she had to study hard, go to college, learn a lot of science, and take a physical fitness test," this Twitter user wrote. "And she shrugged and said, 'That's just 4 things. So she's basically a nonchalant motivational speaker."

The compliment.

"4: Mommy, you're just like a Disney movie. We should play pretend. Me: Aww! Sure! 4:You can be the Beast. Me: ... 4: Or the fat sea witch!" this Twitter user shared. We hate to say it, but with backhanded compliments like this, this kid is going places!

The request.

Dang! If this is all it takes to get what we want, we're stealing this. So the next time we're thirsty, we're telling our parents to get us a glass of wine or GTFO. Sorry, mom.

The mistaken identity.

Unsplash | Ramin Talebi

"4yo from the other room: I love you, Mama. Me: Aww, I love you too! 4, angrily: No, that was my doll saying it to her mommy!" this mom wrote. This kid is sick of dealing with idiots.

The mathematician.

"Me: How many chicken nuggets do you want tonight? 7yo: 100 Me: As a guide, you usually have 4-6 7yo (thinking): 30," this Twitter user wrote. This is the kind of math we can get behind!

The leader.

We also see a feminist in the making! She won't allow herself to be enslaved to a kitchen to make sandwiches for a man. Instead, she'll be the one doing all the eating! As she should.