17+ Crazy Once In A Lifetime Sightings

A glimpse of the unexpected is all it takes to make a boring day interesting. Or, at the very least, it makes you pause, say, "huh", and move along with your day. You might see some of the stuff in this list at some point in your life...but it isn't likely.

Out of the light.


I really don't understand how the light spectrum works, even though it was explained to me in, like, the second grade. So I have absolutely no idea how this light reflection only shows red light past a certain point.

Put on the brakes.

Reddit | 123CJP

Engagement photographers are all about capturing the candid moments as well as the staged. It doesn't get much more candid than the look of horror on this jogger's face after realizing he just ran into their pic.

Beam me up.

Reddit | MidnightDrag

If you get these beam of light on your walls consistently at a certain time every day, you can't not hang Fox Mulder's iconic poster up to take advantage of it.

What time is it?

Reddit | invalid_credentials

...because seriously, I have no idea. This camera perfectly captured the transition between 3:32 and 3:33 on this car's clock — a transition that happens so fast you can't see it with the naked eye.

Astronomy lesson.

Reddit | ExtraGooseGrease

This glass globe seems poorly placed, as it's magnified the sun's rays and burned the lawn. But, in another sense, it's a pretty cool educational tool that allows one to trace the sun's path across the sky.

Absolute unit.

Reddit | livss

Summer berries like blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are delicious, but they're tiny, so it's hard not to eat a ton of them in one go. This gigantic blackberry can basically be eaten like an apple.

Pool chemicals will do that.

Reddit | fatso_2000

They keep our pools clear and clean and algae-free, but they also do some pretty weird stuff to the flora that falls in. This leaf has been floating in chlorinated water so long that it's lost all of its pigmentation.

Could've been worse.

Reddit | redfive91

This tree has clearly absorbed a direct hit from a lightning strike. While the tree looks like it's done for, this perfect three-way split has ensured that nothing on the ground has been hit especially hard by its limbs.


Reddit | ZeroTheDank

I've never been to England myself, so I wouldn't know for sure...but if this photo of a literal sword in a literal stone is any indication, it looks like ancient mythology is everywhere.

Branding, in the most literal sense of the word.

Reddit | gab_time

This is what it looks like when you get into an accident in your Honda and the airbag deploys on your arm, stamping it with a big painful Honda logo. At least she's safe.

Don't mess with Mother Nature.

Reddit | V-Tac

On the Fourth of July, 2019, southern California was hit by the largest earthquake in years. Even though the 6.6 magnitude quake wasn't as devastating as the one in 1994, it was still enough to fracture roads.


Reddit | crystalxiaop

The view out the window is aesthetically pleasing, sure. But realizing it matches your shirt perfectly must be a sign of good things to come, no?

Carry on.

Reddit | IffyCroissant

A kayaker in the open ocean was surprised to see this little crab, miles from shore, surfing along on a leaf floating in the water. It's a pretty cool example of adaptability.


Reddit | water_for_life_ever

Have you ever noticed that these kinds of ice cream bars always look deformed and disturbing when you take them out of the package? This photo is evidence that sometimes they actually look the way they're supposed to.

This is one picture.

Reddit | loserlagoon

Sure, the dramatic scene above Disneyland probably wouldn't look so dramatic if it was taken on a better camera. But poor refresh speed has created a pic that would be impossible to duplicate.


Reddit | HonestMeg

I wish more fast food places would embrace curly fries the way that Arby's has. McDonald's might be the gold standard in fries, but their straight-cut potatoes can never resemble a perfect treble clef.


Reddit | shoshanna_in_japan

On the Fourth of July, one man walked into a liquor store to buy some, well, liquor. The amount owing? $17.76 exactly. My friends, it doesn't get more American than this.

Lurking in the mist.

Reddit | Thor712

Majestic scenes like this must play out in nature semi-frequently, but capturing them on film is another matter entirely. This photograph is so dramatic that the hairs are standing up on the back of my neck.

We've all gotten an egg with two yolks before.

Reddit | olegnaj

But what about an entire dozen of eggs that all have double yolks?

That's going to be a very rich — and delicious — custard.

It's pretty cool to find a dollar with the serial number 33333333.


There are even people who collect novel numbers like this one and may be willing to pay more than face value for them.

This chip is happy to see you.

Reddit | monstre28

I would take an extra second to feel slightly guilty over eating such a friendly face. And then I'd eat it.

One unlucky bug.

Reddit | denatured_enzyme_

Somehow, this fly managed to get its wing stuck in the jaws of this dinosaur toy. Sadly, it was unable to escape before perishing.

This Notre Dame coin isn't particularly rare.

Reddit | Sharpreed

But it was lost in storage, only to be found the same day that the cathedral was burning.

These coincidences are always mildly interesting.

Reddit | IamDariusz

The total and the time of the transaction are the same. It's also fun to be reminded that some countries use commas instead of periods and that purchase was not more than 1,000 euros.

You need to look closely for this one.

Imgur | dwbabcock

But both license plates say N0-7. Different states, but what are the odds that they'd end up in the same place?

These vehicles are hip with modern lingo.

Reddit | Dasher55

I only wish they were reversed so that it could actually say "lol wut"?

You don't always get a view like this.

Reddit | Theseus44

That's the top of Mount St. Helens, peaking out from a thick layer of cloud cover. It's beautiful and why I always want the window seat when flying.


Reddit | Sublime50lbc

This curly fry isn't just longer than your average fry, but it has also trapped a boring straight fry within its coils.

This tree is home to some fish.

Reddit | why_jen_why

No one is sure how they got there, but once noticed, the family that owns the land has made sure to check on them regularly and they've grown really big.

This pie bakery includes telegraph as a contact option.

Reddit | sapsey19

The Morse code translates to JULIAN PIE CO, so now you know where to go for pies when you only have a telegraph handy.


Reddit | CadetPenguin44

I don't know if exit 420 to highway 69 actually leads anywhere, but if I ever pass this particular sign, you'd better believe I'm veering off to take that particular exit.

Perhaps the dried meat factory needs metal detectors.

Reddit | Jones641

You know, so that a bullet doesn't end up in the final product when a customer is biting down on it.

Have a heart.

Reddit | Blindfiretom

No, this isn't a person plucking a human heart out of a produce bin. It's actually an unusually veiny sweet potato, though it looks way more like a heart than a yam.