10+ Obvious TV Mistakes Fans Still Missed

Jordan Claes

Try as hard as we might, sometimes mistakes just happen. Unfortunately, for those involved in making television, their mistakes are recorded on film forever until the end of time.

Sometimes we catch them right away, but other times even the seemingly obvious manages to slip past undetected.

Below are 10+ obvious TV mistakes that fans still missed.

Rachel's stand-in on *Friends*


There are actually a number of examples of this taking place throughout the series.

It happens most noticeably in season 9: Rachel's there and then all of a sudden - she's not.

Maggie's picture on the wall in *The Simpsons*


During an episode titled "And Maggie Makes Three," Homer and Marge explain to Bart and Lisa how Maggie came to be a part of the family.

The only problem, as you can see from this image, is that when Marge first breaks the news to Homer, you can clearly see Maggie's picture is already on the wall!

There was no Demogorgon.


D&D purists have made sure to mention how that in 1983, there was no Demogorgon figurine.

That didn't hit the retail market until the following year.

Osama Bin Laden's death in *Breaking Bad*


As fans of the show will no doubt remember, Breaking Bad is set in the year 2007.

Yet in the final season, a character by the name of Jack Welker makes a comment in reference to Bin Laden being dead.

Osama Bin Laden didn't die until 2011.

The bathtub in *Breaking Bad*


As it turns out, Breaking Bad had more than its fair share of holes.

Most glaringly is the bathtub scene in season 1. According to Mythbusters there is no way that could have possibly happened.

A brother by another name in *Supernatural*


In one of the earliest episodes in Supernatural, Dean appears to call his brother "Jared" instead of "Sam."

Jared Padalecki is the actor who plays Sam Winchester.

Penny's father has two names in *The Big Bang Theory*.


In the second season of The Big Bang Theory, Penny refers to her father by calling him "Bob".

Yet when he's introduced later on in the series, his name is Wyatt.

The Starbucks coffee cup in *Game Of Thrones*


HBO's smash hit series Game of Thrones was clearly getting sloppy in their final season.

Just look at the coffee cup clearly emblazoned with the Starbucks logo.

The crewperson in *Malcolm In The Middle*


During an episode of Malcolm in the Middle, Lois discovers that her red dress has been destroyed by the boys.

Pause this clip at 0:05 and you'll see a member of the crew hand it to her.

Samwell Tarly's waterbottle in *Game Of Thrones*


Boy, talk about a rough week. First the whole coffee cup incident, and then this!

Take a peek by Samwell's left boot: you'll see a clear water bottle that's impossible to miss.

The wrong street name in *Breaking Bad*


When Tuco kidnaps Walter White from his home in episode 1 of the second season, the street sign reads "Piermont."

The White family lives on Negra Arroyo Lane. Piermont is the real-life name of the street.

Isn't Danny a clean freak? *Full House*


In the very first episode of Full House titled "Our Very First Show," Danny is complaining about how he doesn't want to clean.

Strange, being that Danny Tanner is one of the most famous fictional germaphobes of all time.

Leslie and Ben were wrong in *Parks & Recreation*.


In the episode "The Treaty," England is portrayed as being a member of the Security Council.

However, it is apart of the UN and Security Council under the banner of the United Kingdom - not as its own country.

There's no way Leslie and Ben wouldn't have known that.

Melisandre's missing choker in *Game Of Thrones*


In season 6 of Game of Thrones, Melisandre reveals that the red choker she wears around her neck is responsible for her youthful appearance.

Yet in season 4, fans will no doubt remember this bathtub scene where she is clearly shown not wearing the necklace.

Leonard drinks wine in *The Big Bang Theory*.


In an episode titled "The Good Guy Fluctuation," Leonard explains how he can't drink wine due to the fact that it gives him migraines.

Yet, as you can see from the above image, and several other examples throughout the series, he clearly is drinking wine.

Kelsey Grammer's wedding band in *Frasier*


During an episode titled "Morning Becomes Entertainment" in the seventh season of Frasier, you can see a wedding ring on Frasier's hand.

Frasier wasn't married but Kelsey Grammer certainly was.

Ghosts don't open doors in *Buffy The Vampire Slayer*.


In the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow is turned into a ghost. The show makes a point of showing how she can't touch or interact with the corporeal world.

Yet at the end of the episode, she inexplicably opens and closes a door - even though she can walk through walls.

Multi-colored pianos in *The King Of Queens*


The pilot episode for The King of Queens shows a white piano in the living room at the beginning of the episode.

Yet by the end, it's changed color and is very clearly brown.

Cars with superpowers in *Smallville*


This is another pilot episode mistake. Take a close look at the Porsche that hits Clark Kent.

It just crashed through a bridge barricade, yet it doesn't have a mark on it.

Grace's vanishing nail polish in *Will & Grace*


During the holiday episode of the second season of Will & Grace, Grace begins the episode wearing bright red nail polish.

Moments later when we see her shaking hands, the polish is gone.

Wrong dates in *The X-Files*


In the sixth season of The X-Files, a case file marked FBI can be seen with the corresponding date 1929.

However, up until 1935, the FBI was known as the Bureau of Investigation.

A bunch of dummies in *Prison Break*


When Sarah crashes her car into an agent's vehicle in the fourth season of Prison Break, you can plainly see that the actors have been replaced by dummies.

Ray's broken tailgate in *Lost*


In episode 3 of Lost, Ray Mullen loses control of his pickup and it swerves off the road, breaking the tailgate.

In the next shot, the tailgate is right back in place.

Dr. Cox's mysterious hair in *Scrubs*


In the season premiere of Scrubs' sixth season, Dr. Cox's hair goes from blonde and curly, to totally bald multiple times.

No one at Sacred Heart seemed to notice.

Luminol in broad daylight? *Bones*


In season 5 of Bones, the team is working a case and using luminol on street signs to search for blood.

However, luminol only works in a dark room and under a black light. Booth might not have known this, but Temperance Brennan sure would have.

What's in a name? *Gilmore Girls*


When we are introduced to Kirk in the first season of Gilmore Girls, he actually refers to himself as Mick.

I guess production thought Kirk sounded better?

Mr. Stotch's name changes in *South Park*.

Comedy Central

I guess names are a tricky thing to nail down. But in the very first episodes where Butters and his family are introduced, his father is referred to as both Chris and Steve.

The Frankenstein cab in *Seinfeld*


Take a close look at this taxi cab from Seinfeld. On the side, it's emblazoned with the NYC Taxi logo. But the rear license plate is from California!

Marshall's no eating or drinking rule in *How I Met Your Mother*


In the fifth season of How I Met Your Mother, Ted and Marshall take a road trip to visit a former favorite pizza haunt. They both mention how they used to make the drive all the time in Marshall's Fiero, eating nothing but Beef Jerky and drinking Tantrum.

But we all know from season two's "Arrivederci, Fiero!" that Marshall had a very strict no eating/drinking policy in the car.

Carrie's never-ending cigarette in *Sex & The City*


In one of the very first episodes of Sex & The City, Carrie can be seen putting out her cigarette not once, but twice.

Frank and Marie's kitchen in *Everybody Loves Raymond*


In the pilot episode of the series Everybody Loves Raymond, Ray's parents, Frank and Marie, have a completely different kitchen.

It's only in this episode, so the sets likely changed from pilot to production, but it's still there!