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17 Celebs Who Don't Believe In Monogamy

Love and marriage, love and marriage, are a part of a system that has oppressed a lot of people over the years. Being with one person at a time isn't for everyone.

Oh yes, dear reader, there are some celebrities out there who don't believe in that most archaic of institutions: monogamy.

Believe it or not, monogamy really is not for everyone.

Some people don't want to be in relationships at all, some people want to be in open relationships, and others love being dedicated to one person and one person only.

Like us normal people, celebrities also don't always want to be in long term relationships. Or if they do, they have some doubts about the concept of it.

And that's what we are here to look at today.

Let's dive in to look at the celebrities who don't really believe in monogamy.

1. Shailene Woodley

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In her own words:

"I just haven't met anyone where I was like, 'Wow, I could definitely see myself spending a season of my life with you.' I don't even know if humans are genetically made to be with one person forever."

2. Jada Pinkett Smith

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She trusts her husband Will Smith immensely, but she doesn't put restrictions on him:

"I trust that the man that Will is is a man of integrity. He's got all the freedom in the world, and as long as Will can look at himself in the mirror and be OK, I'm good."

"You gotta trust who you're with, and at the end of the day, I'm not here to be anybody's watcher. I'm not his watcher. He's a grown man."

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"Our perspective is, you don't avoid what's natural. You're going to be attracted to people. In our marriage vows, we didn't say forsaking all others."

3. Ethan Hawke

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He doesn't think cheating is all that bad:

"People have such a childish view of monogamy and fidelity. 'He's cheated so he's bad, she's cheated so she's bad,' as opposed to a recognition that our species is not monogamous."

"To act all indignant, that your world has been rocked because your lover wasn't faithful to you, is a little bit like acting rocked that your hair went gray."

That's definitely not a super popular opinion.

Do you agree with it?

4. Hugh Hefner

Big surprise here, ladies and gentlemen, Hugh Hefner didn't believe in monogamy

"Marriage is just a convenience. It's very nice for raising kids, but the notion that monogamy lasts forever is a wish!"

5. Tom Ford

In his own words:

"I think that monogamy is artificial. I do not think it's something that comes naturally to us."

"The relationship I've been in for 18 years—I don't even want to get into this because he's going to read this and I'm going to be in so much [expletive]!"

At least he knows that you have to work hard to keep a relationship alive.

6. Angelina Jolie

She doesn't think that staying faithful is essential to a relationship:

"I doubt that fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship. It's worse to leave your partner and talk badly about him afterwards."

8. Hugh Grant


Hugh Grant doesn't think humans are supposed to be together forever:

"Do I think human beings are meant to be in 40-year-long monogamous, faithful, relationships? No, no, no. Whoever said they were? Only the Bible or something."

9. Scarlett Johansson

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ScarJo doesn't think monogamy is natural:

"I don't think it's natural to be a monogamous person. I might be skewered for that, but I think it's work. It's a lot of work."

10. Emma Thompson

Even though she's been married for 14 years, she still has mixed feelings about monogamy:

"Monogamy is an odd state, and actually it's an odd state for women."

"I think that we're locked into certain ideas and certain romantic ideals that have shaped our thinking about relationships for some time."

"And I do sometimes wonder about whether there are alternatives, and about whether our fury and rage and disbelief and horror about infidelity is quite realistic."

11. Akon

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He doesn't think there are women out there who can satisfy his every need:

"If you find that one woman that supplies everything that you desire in a woman, of course, that would be a motivation for you to stick with that one woman."

"But, I don't know no one woman that can satisfy every man's one need."

"It's impossible."

That is truly a wild thought. I wonder what his ex-girlfriends thought about that.

12. Sienna Miller

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She's said a couple of different things about monogamy:

"I don't know, monogamy is a weird thing for me. It's an overrated virtue, because, let's face it, we're [expletive] animals."


"Human nature is such that monogamy is a really hard thing to achieve."

13. Whoopi Goldberg

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She doesn't believe in monogamy because she doesn't believe she can be faithful:

"I suppose that, you know, you have to actually be in love with the person that you marry. You have to really be committed to them. And I'm just — I don't have that commitment."

14. Cameron Diaz

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She's not sure if people are meant to be monogomous. Originally, she said:

"A lot of people chase after it because they've been told, 'This equals happiness.' They chase it, they get it, and they find out, 'Why did I think this was going to make me happy? I'm miserable!'"

But she later said that she was only speaking from the point of view of a character was playing at the time.

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She said on Good Morning America, "Monogamy, I think, is a very important part of relationships working."

But her words were super strong, so we wonder if she still finds truth in her original statement.

15. Kristen Bell

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She doesn't think humans are supposed to be monogamous. In her own words:

"I'm quite positive we are not meant to be monogamous. It's difficult, and it requires a lot of attention, vulnerability, and openness."

"I don't know if anyone is really naturally monogamous. We all have the same instincts as animals."

"But we live in a society where it's been ingrained in us to do these things."

16. Tilda Swinton

At one point, Swinton was in a polyamorous relationship, with the father of her children, and her other lover.

When pressed for details, she said:

“We are all a family,” she said. “What you must also know is that we are all very happy.”

17. Maria Bello

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She believes that monogamy is a lie!

"I suppose I understand the idea of a lifelong helpmate and friend. But when you have to stay sexually monogamous to this one person, I think it’s usually a big fat lie."

"Read the statistics."

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"Seventy percent of people are having affairs."

Well, if that doesn't put a damper on your mood, I don't know what will!

What do you think about these celebs who are just not down for monogamy?

Everyone has their own opinions, so we want to hear yours!

Let us know what they are down below in the comments!