12 Unanswered 'Harry Potter' Questions

Even though the series has ended and most of our burning questions are answered, the flame of curiosity still rages on.

When will these questions be answered? Will J.K. Rowling leave the answers under our pillow while we sleep?

Or, in the very least, on our various Twitter feeds?

1. Why didn't the British Ministry of Magic call for foreign aid?


They were going up against a little known evil guy by the name of Voldemort. You'd think they could have used some help in the fight against him.

And would it not be in their best interest to take him down?

After all, he probably would not have stopped at Britain.


After he got his revenge on Harry Potter, would he have not tried to take over the whole world?

Then again, the U.S. didn't enter World War 2 until 1941. So maybe it was another "trying to stay neutral (while still supplying the allies)" situation.

2. What is Grawp's real name?


He couldn't pronounce it in English, that's fine.

But we can, so maybe someone out there (possibly the author of the books) could clear this little conundrum up for us.

3. What happens if Ravenclaw students can't answer the riddle that lets them into their dorm?


We all know Ravenclaws have to answer a riddle to get into the dormitory, but what happens if they can't figure it out?

Or what if they have lockjaw or something?

4. How did Hagrid's mom and dad actually have him?

He was a human and she was a giant, so the mechanics of the deed are a little unclear.

5. Did Narcissa leave Lucius?


We all know they managed to avoid time in Azkaban for their efforts near the end of the war, but what happened to the Malfoy parents?

Did they stay together?

6. What did Dumbledore think of Sirius Black?


Dumbledore is wise and all-knowing, and he's been the Headmaster of Hogwarts for many, many years.

Did he know that Sirius would never harm James or Lily? Or did that get past him?

7. How did the boa constrictor wink?


According to the fine science people who defined the Anatomy of Boa constrictors:

"They do not have eyelids, but instead rely on an ocular scale that covers the eye to protect it from dirt"

With that being the case...


How could the boa constrictor at the zoo wink at Harry in The Philosopher's Stone? Was it possibly losing its skin at the time, causing a rare wink?

It would have been awfully convenient.

8. What was the deal with the Shrieking Shack?


Was it built and immediately considered to be haunted, or did it have some sort of spell that made people think it had always been there?

Where did it come from? We know Lupin found a home there during his time at Hogwarts, but how did it truly come to be?

9. Does anyone else have a clock like Molly Weasley?


And for that matter, what kind of magic is involved with that clock? Shouldn't everyone have it?

Because I need one of them, it would help me get together with my friends more often.

10. Why did the hat take so long with Seamus?


Was he supposed to be in another house? According to the books, he didn't really show much talent in school and wasn't all that into studying either.

Maybe he was supposed to be a Hufflepuff.

11. How does Owl Magic work?


Do the owl and the wizard have some sort of magical bond?

Or have owls been used for so long by magic users that it's just in their DNA now?

12. When Harry tries on the Invisibility Cloak for the first time, you can only see his head. What would you see if you sat next to him and looked up?

Would it be the inside of his neck? The bottom of his jaw? A big, back hole where his insides should be?

You know what? These all seem pretty gruesome. I don't wanna know.