10+ 'Gilmore Girls' Plot Holes Fans Can't Get Over

Gilmore Girls is one of the best shows of all time. It's quicker than a rabbit, it's as heartfelt as an estranged father meeting up with his son, and it's as entertaining as... Well, the only comparison is Gilmore Girls.

But that doesn't mean it's without fault! We're going to check out those plot holes today.

*Gilmore Girls* is one of the most iconic shows of all time.

It talks about love, life, puberty, adultery, the difference between the wealthy and the middle class, and so much more.

Sure, it's not exactly a commentary on society, but it's still worth thinking about while you watch it.

Another thing worth thinking about when watching the show?

All the plot holes that present themselves as time goes on.

While it's fun to just enjoy a show, sometimes it can also be fun to nitpick about all the little inconsistencies.

1. Where is Lane's dad?

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You know, Lane sure does talk about her parents a lot.

My parents would hate this, my parents would forbid that. But for all her talk about her parents in the show...

We only see one of them.

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You already know who it is: her mom.

We never once physically see Lane's father. He's always just mentioned off-hand, as one of the infamous "parents." It was actually a plot hole that got fixed in A Year in The Life.

2. Dean's motorcycle

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We think Dean was just trying to impress Rory, because in episode 15 of Season 1, he talks about his motorcycle back in his garage.

Too bad we never see him ride it once.

3. Michel is the worst at his job

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Imagine going to your work, insulting the customers, being snippy to your manager, and complaining all day? Do you think you'd keep your job? No, that's right, you wouldn't.

How does Michel?

In all honesty, it can probably just be Lorelai who chooses to keep him because they're friends.

She does get mad at him a few times over the seasons, but never to the point where he gets fired.

Nice life when your bestie is the boss.

4. More than 1000

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We know that Max Medina eventually proposes to Lorelai with 1000 daisies...but you can clearly see that there are more than that.

It was probably to make things look a lot better as 1000 isn't that much.

5. Who is that man?

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In one of the early episodes, Rory stares at a picture of a young version of her mom and...some guy?

We're meant to believe it's Christopher, but that is not the same Christopher we see in flashbacks.

In fact, if you look closely, even the girl who plays Lorelai is different!

So the possible answer is that they hadn't really settled on any concrete kind of casting for the flashbacks, and so that is what came from it.

That makes the most sense.

6. The Gilmore Girls' weight and complexions

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This one has pissed fans off for some time now. How is it that the Gilmore Girls eat nothing but junk food, yet maintain their weight and their beautiful complexions?

It just doesn't make sense.

7. Dean is maybe allergic to walnuts

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In one episode, Rory tells Lane all the things she learned about her crush Dean from his best friend.

One of the things she learned was that he was "deathly allergic to walnuts."

But in the next episode, she literally gives him some of Sookie's rocky road cookies, which, you guessed it, are traditionally made with walnuts.

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Did she ask for Sookie to hold the walnuts off screen? Maybe.

Did the writers forget about the walnuts? Probably.

8. Double takes

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A lot of actors have played two different characters on the show, which would mean, unless they have a twin...

Let me give you an example.

Alex Borstein plays both the Dragonfly Inn's harpist and Emily's stylist, Miss Celine.

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But that's not all! Sherilyn Fenn plays April's Mom, Anna, and Jimmy's girlfriend, Sasha. Sean Gunn is the DSL installer, Mick, and, eventually, he was Kirk as well.

What's going on in Stars Hollow? Cloning? Inbreeding?

9. Grandma Gilmore is dead.

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Or is she?

In a Season 3 episode, Richard and Emily talk about Lorelai "Trix" Gilmore as if she were dead... And yet, 15 episodes later, she appears alive and well.

Much to Emily's dismay.

10. Law abiding Rory broke the rules at 15 years old

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Not just her mom's rules either, but the law!

In the episode "The Deer Hunters," a 15-year-old Rory takes her mom's car and ends up being late for class, as a deer hits her car.

However, in the glorious state of Connecticut, you have to be 16 in order to get your learner's permit.

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You can't even drive without a guardian with your learner's permit, so the way she was driving was a complete no-no.

11. Originally, Kirk is called Mick

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Not only is this true, but at the start of the season, none of the characters seem to really know who he is, or even get along with him.

As time goes on, they mold him into someone the characters have known for years.

12. The limited budget

Lorelai and Rory aren't rich, even though the Gilmore grandparents are.

In fact, at many points throughout the show, we are given an inside look into their money problems. Yet, they constantly get takeout and buy clothes!

13. We RARELY see Lorelai pay for food at Luke's diner.

If we go back and look at all the episodes of the show, we can probably count on one hand the number of times that Lorelai actually pays for dinner or coffee at the diner.

And she's there often.

14. Speaking of the food that is ordered, let's look at another plot hole that comes along with that.

They often order a ton of food, take two bites, and then LEAVE!!!

They don't even take it to go! What kind of monster would do such a thing? I can't understand it.

Can you think of any more *Gilmore Girls* plot holes?

Or do you have any theories to fill in the holes yourself?

If you do have answers (or more questions), let us know what they are below in the comments!