10+ TV Fan Theories That Came True

Yes, most of the time fan theories are completely and totally goofy. Most of the time they aren't right at all. But then... Then you have the fan theory that actually comes true. The one that the fans get right.

These are those fan theories... for TV shows, at least.

1. *Adventure Time* takes place on a post apocalyptic earth

Cartoon Network

The big one that set this fan theory off was that they always reference "The Great Mushroom War" on the show.

Pendleton Ward has confirmed the Mushrooms are in reference to mushroom clouds.

So the world blew up and all the creatures you see are actually mutants.

2. Everyone is dead

Yeah. Not only did fans of Lost see this one coming, but they were also pissed about the final reveal.

Well, maybe not pissed. But they were definitely disappointed in the creators.

3. Guess what happened to everyone?


If you've seen the fate of Lost, then you also know what happens in the end of Life On Mars.

And yes, fans totally predicted the end of this show with a fan theory.

4. William is The Man in Black


It's hard to miss when you have so many fan theories for a show, and Westworld certainly did inspire a whole bunch of them.

And one was right: The Man In Black is William... from a different timeline.

5. The Krabby Patty formula

This one is going to shock you. No, seriously, there is no way this one could possibly be true... and yet it is.

There has been speculation about the Krabby Patty formula ever since the burger was introduced...

And one person said "Hey, maybe it's crab".


Everyone scoffed and shrugged it off... Until they posted the formula on the Nick website.

Guess what was in it...

Imitation crab meat.

6. Bash is gay


It was hard not to see that Bash from Glow was gay.

Fans saw it definitely, and it was confirmed even before the show came out by the loose-lipped Kate Nash.

7. Jax kills himself

It was actually Cracked that called out Jax's ending in Sons Of Anarchy in an article titled:

"How 22 Famous Movie & TV Franchises Would End (If They Had The Balls)"

Aw, mom, they get to swear!

9. *Breaking Bad* is a prequel show


To what show? The Walking Dead.

This one made a lot of sense even before it was confirmed.

Both shows are on AMC and there are constant Breaking Bad references in TWD (Merle has blue meth, we see the Dodge car at one point, etc, etc).

8. The Kilngons


The real reason the Klingons had different looking heads in later seasons was because they got more money.

But fans thought that canon wise, it was because Klingons had experimented with a genetic mutation. This was confirmed in a season 4 episode of _ Star Trek: Enterprise_.

But the best one is when one character refers to a "janky little white guy" dealer who referred to everyone as the b-word.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman confirmed that Heisenberg's meth caused the outbreak.

10. The word "Doctor" comes from "The Doctor"

Back in the early days of Dr. Who, fans theorized that because the helpful Doctor was so nice to humanity that we named our greatest and most helpful humans after him.

Once Steven Moffat became the showrunner, this was confirmed.

11. The secret Targaryen


Sucks for the creators of Game Of Thrones, but fans called that Jon was actually a Targaryen years before the show actually revealed that to us.

The theory was actually called R+L=J

(Rheagar + Lyanna = Jon)

12. Radioactive Goo connects Matt Murdock to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Fans figured since they both lived in New York and they both were changed by radioactive goo that the Turtles and Daredevil were connected.

They were right! Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird (creators of Daredevil) confirmed it!