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'Elf' Has A Plot Hole Fans May Not Have Noticed

It's not only Elf, either. It's a lot of Christmas movies, and they all have the exact same plot hole.

Hopefully, this doesn't ruin like 90% of Christmas movies for you. But it probably will, which means we will have accomplished our jobs.

But we're calling out Elf in particular because the poor guy was preaching about Santa the entire movie!

Let's talk about Christmas.


There have been wars on Christmas, there have been people who debate the eternal "do we let our kids believe in Santa" question, and most importantly:

There are always countless, and sometimes what seems like endless, Christmas movies.

But war aside...


What's the biggest part of Christmas? Is it presents? Spending time with your family?

The feeling you get when someone opens a present from you and their eyes get all wide and happy?

Heck no!

It's all about those Christmas movies, people! Stories about Santa coming down from the North Pole to teach the people of the world the true meaning of Christmas or whatever.

That's the good stuff, baby.

But who would be the biggest Christmas figure?


Would it be the man the holiday is named after, Christ himself?

Sure, if you're religious it's probably him, but for people who are more cultural Christmas-ers then it's someone else...

It's Santa!

Coca Cola

Yes, jolly old Saint Nick has been a huge part of the holiday ever since Coke invented him back in the 1930s (kidding, of course, we know that Saint Nick wasn't invented by Coke).

Santa has done that in a lot of movies.


We live in a very cynical world these days, so it would make sense that a lot of adults in the real world don't believe in Santa, even if he did exist.

(If we just ruined something for you, you have our sincerest apologies).

There are some movies where he isn't just a belief, but an actual, real, human.


Movies like The Santa Clause, Polar Express and the movie we're going to talk about today, Elf.

You may have heard about it, it's this little movie about an Elf who travels to New York City.

'Elf' is one of the biggest Christmas movies out there.

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Since Jon Favreau came out with it all those years ago, it has totally been a movie people watch ever Christmas time.

It's fun, it's funny, and it makes you believe in Santa again.

And now, it's almost Christmas time, people.

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So we have to address the elephant in the room before anyone starts having too much fun: Elf, The Santa Clause, Polar Express and any other movie that has to do with Santa has the same plot hole!

And that is, the man himself: Santa.


How can people be skeptical about Santa in a world where he exists?

Let me put it this way: let's pretend you are a parent in the world of Elf.

It's Christmas Eve and your kids have gone to bed.


You toss some presents under the tree and then head off to bed yourself.

When you wake up in the morning, suddenly there are a bunch more presents under the tree.

Stuff that you don't even remember buying. Where else would this stuff have come from, if not from Santa? How can you be skeptical?

Or is that the power of Santa's magic? Does he brainwash everyone into thinking that, "yeah, I did get Billy that handmade toy train?"

If so, then we better count our lucky stars he's a good guy...

Actually, now that I think about it...

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This whole situation seems a whole lot more sinister than I originally thought.

Santa going into the minds of unsuspecting movie characters and changing what they believe or what they remember?

Sounds scary!

But if he doesn't have that magic, then that means there's a huge plot hole in 'Elf.'

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Because poor Buddy spends the entire movie trying to convince people that Santa is real and that he's not crazy.

I don't know about you, but the makers of the film should really address this plot hole.

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