Internet Slams Man Who Mocked Tinder Date’s Cooking Without Understanding Food

Ah Tinder dates, those unusual things that can vary from the annoyingly boring to the terrifyingly bizarre.

One thing that no one wants on a Tinder date is to have your perfectly fine cooking mocked by someone who doesn't understand how food works. However, one unsuspecting woman experienced just that when one guy posted a critique of his date's cooking on TikTok — only to get wonderfully roasted in the comments.

The delightful guy who posted the video was TikTokker @thewaterboy.

Waterboy posted his critique of his date's cooking with the caption "LMAOOO I give her another chance and she does THIS!! I'm done!"

While you may be amazed that any man who has so little self-respect as to turn up to a date in a vest has the audacity to critique anything about a date, he got a much-deserved roasting by the little folk who live inside TikTok.

This roasting mainly came due to the fact that the food he was given was in no way "raw" as he claimed.

The vest-wearing man (seriously, a vest to a date? Come on!) secretly took a video of his wonderful-looking home-cooked meal of steak, asparagus, onions, and more while his date opened a bottle of wine for them to drink. What a little stinker.

As can be seen from the video, the steak is in no way "raw" and is in fact a pretty bang-on example of a medium-rare steak.

In the video, "Tinder Girl," as he so affectionately refers to her, also asks him if he enjoyed his meal.

In response he says, "Yeah, it's good," before pulling a face at the camera. The video has since racked up 20, 000 comments — the majority of which were pretty scathing.

In the comments of his video he also wrote, "@Gordon Ramsey PLEASE tell everyone in the comments that this is UNDERCOOKED!"

Mr Ramsey did not leap to his defence though.

"I'm vegetarian and even I know that isn't raw. What a scrotum," wrote one amazingly blunt individual. Another person added, "This dude is the type of guy to say ketchup is spicy."

There were some others who also, quite rightly, took aim at his choice of attire for the date: "If your outfit wasn't a red flag, this sure is."

Most of the people commenting also expressed that they were firmly "Team Tinder Girl."

It's actually pretty ballsy to think that you could call on Gordon Ramsey to help you out of this hole. However, there's no one to call on in order to get help justifying that attire choice. We're all team "Tinder Girl" over here, that's for sure.

h/t: Daily Mail

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