Apparently, We Don't Even Know How To Cook Baked Beans Properly

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
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The world of food is a magical one in many respects. There are endless combinations to be made with a variety of types of food that result in delicious meals.

Among all those possibilities are some tried and true classics, too, but even they can be cooked in different ways. When one Reddit user brought up how they cook a known staple, lots of discussions ensued.

Baked beans on toast is a very popular breakfast in the UK.

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In fact, baked beans are a longstanding part of many a balanced breakfast, also served as a side dish.

When one woman posted to the CasualUK subreddit showing off how she enjoys having her beans, the comments went alight with debate about the proper way to cook them.

This seemed to be her end goal, though, given her post.

It was titled, "Who else likes their beans overdone? (*Cheese imminent)." Alongside the title was a photo of her breakfast thus far, some browned toast with very cooked beans stacked on top of one slice.

There's also a block of cheese and a grater in the background, to be added on after.

Immediately, the comments were divided.

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People normally cook baked beans by popping open the can and simply warming them, either via the microwave or on the stovetop. It's clear that this person decided to leave them more than a little longer, which really messed with some users' sensibilities.

There were a few who opposed greatly.

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"You've got to leave them saucy so they soak into the toast. I'd rather eat mine cold than mushy like this!" wrote one comment, certainly taken aback by the method.

"Looks gross plus I like my toast soggy," said another, while a third comment simply called the photo 'filth'

However, there were also lot of people sharing that they, too, prefer their beans this way.

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"Yep, I call them 'hotel beans', like beans in a buffet brekkie that have been under the lights for a couple of hours. Only way to have them!" said one.

Another added, "Slow cook beans ftw. People that blast the heat for a few mins can get in the sea."

Then people came together to share various recipes for their slow-cooked beans.

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There were a multitude of additions suggested, from the relatively simple to the oddly abnormal. They included things like onions, mushrooms, hot sauce, vegemite, gochujang, honey, barbeque sauce, and even peanut butter.

One person even suggested adding them to a burger!

Of course, among all the responses were a few jokesters.

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"There's something naughty and nice about it but I'd be worried a potential employer might see it," commented one user who played to the apparent seriousness of baked beans debate.

"Was being brought up microwaving beans for 3 minutes some kind of repressed tragic youth or something?" another asked, "Because I don’t even comprehend how to achieve this."

But in the end, everyone's bean preferences are subjective.

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Though some did argue that not only is this the better way to eat them, it's actually the correct way. They wrote, "Beans obviously come with way too much sauce, so reducing it down is just getting rid of water, condensing flavour, caramelizing sugars and for me improving texture too."

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