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Upcycled Toys Become Fashion In Quirky DIY Dinosaur Heels

Remember how cool dinosaurs seemed as a kid? Well, it turns out dinosaur toys are for adults too.

Creative inventor mikeasaurus was first inspired by a pair of dinosaur pumps that went viral on the internet, sending hundreds over the moon asking how to make a pair of their own.

He decided to make his own along with a free DIY guide.

mikeasaurus | Instructables

Seeing the demand, he decided to make his own version along with free DIY instructions for anyone to follow.

Starting with a nice pair of comfy heels, he began by — hold your breath — tearing out the shoe soles and bottoms to reveal the internal structure beneath.

He fit a metal support structure into the sole of the shoe.

mikeasaurus | Instructables

Having removed the sole, mikeasarus then welded a metal support structure into the bottom of the shoe, attaching it to a 1/4" bolt to act as the new heal.

To protect the floors from the bottom of the bolt, he took apart a simple spring doorstop and used the caps as the base of the heal.

Then, drilling a hole through two identical dinosaur toys, he slid the t-rexes onto the support posts.

For a final touch, he spray painted the shoes with a black gradient to hide any imperfections.

mikeasaurus | Instructables

Attached to shoes with a crocodile skin texture, the final result is a hilariously quirky dinosaur shoe ready for the wearing.

So silly and unique, I've got to admit I kind of love them. Can you imagine how many heads you'd turn wearing these?

Do you know anyone who would wear these?

mikeasaurus | Instructables

Offering the complete DIY guide for free on Instructables, mikeasaurus's DIY is clear and easy to follow for anyone wanting to make their own.

What do you think, would you be caught wearing these prehistoric pumps? It's hard to imagine a more unique pair of shoes. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!