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12+ Ugly Designs We Never Asked For But Got Anyway

The world is full of so many great designs that when we see something especially awful, we definitely take notice.

These are the products that someone probably thought would become the Next Big Thing, but only ended up confusing people and making for some hilarious online comments. How bad are they? Well, let's just say you won't be seeing the Shark Tank cast ooh-ing and ahh-ing over these products anytime soon.

The Instagram page @uglydesign has some of the best-worst designs the internet has to offer. So prepare yourself because these are definitely bad.

Because that's what your beach day was missing: denim!

Instagram | @uglydesign

Think jorts are bad? Think again because they can get so much worse. Known as Jeados, these particularly atrocious bathing suits are meant to look like you're sporting some saucy denim swim wear at the beach.

The worst kind of slide.

Instagram | @uglydesign

Dropping your toothbrush is always a gamble of where it's going to land (you pray for the sink but 9/10 times it's the floor).

This nifty setup ensures that your brush will land perfectly inside the toilet bowl every time in one fatal and disgusting alley oop.

"When people tell me to open up."

Instagram | @uglydesign

This snazzy sweater will let you effortlessly transition between winter and...well, winter, with just one zip. I'd just love to know what this was marketed as. A zip-up? A half-zip? A barely-zip?

Listen to your purse and "throwaway".

Instagram | @uglydesign

I don't know about you, but I always thought those little packets that come in shoe boxes would make a fantastic accessory. Look at that saucy strap, too. Truly #iconic.

Faux Flippy-Floppies.

Instagram | @uglydesign

If your toe nails aren't looking as sandal-ready as you want them to, just slip on a pair of these shoes and let the good times roll.

No one will ever know the difference. Unless you're not wearing pants in which case they will 100 percent know the difference.

More cushion for the pushin'...and the sittin'.

Instagram | @uglydesign

What's the biggest issue plaguing us today? A severe lack of seating, of course.

Wear these pajamas to your next sleepover and you're guaranteed a comfy seat no matter what. And I'm sure no one will regret inviting you.

Your carpeted throne awaits, sire.

Instagram | @uglydesign

You know that little rug that your grandma has in front of her toilet?

Wouldn't it be great if you could have that plushy softness all the way around the toilet, and be perched on your own little carpeted bathroom stage at the same time?

I think it's a little unclear what your political beliefs are if you're wearing these.

Instagram | @uglydesign

Either you're such a Trump fan that you want to show your patriotism all the way down to your feet, or you've always dreamed of stepping on Trump's face and you know this is as close as you'll ever come.

"hAvE yOu SeEn My SoN nEmO?!"

Instagram | @uglydesign

This Cars meets Finding Nemo-themed ride is definitely making quite the statement, but I think the real statement is coming from the absolute panic in the car's bulging eyes. It's smiling, but there's definite fear there.

Smells like America.

Instagram | @uglydesign

Cool Ranch Doritos perfume. Imagine capturing that delicious ranch chip flavor inside a bottle and being able to douse yourself in it whenever you please. Eau de munchies.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Instagram | @uglydesign

Are you a shy eater and want to cover your mouth but don't want to spend your whole meal with one hand on your face?

Just stick these curtains in your nose and you're golden, my friend.


Instagram | @uglydesign

If only this was a thing when I was in school.

I would have loved to carry around good ol' Nic Cage's gigantic face on my back while I walked through the hallways.

An earful.

Instagram | @uglydesign

There was a girl in my elementary school who would stick her wadded up gum behind her ear, a la Violet in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

This takes that idea one step further and puts your used gum on display for all to see.

Chicken fingers.

Instagram | @uglydesign

I don't know why there are only three fingers on each nail, but I'll just go ahead and assume these are supposed to look like painted chicken fingers, in which case I still want zero part in them.

Touch me with these and I'll never talk to you again.

Open wide!

Instagram | @uglydesign

This is supposed to be some creepy piggy bank for you to shove your coins inside. That's bad enough as it is, but the worst part is that this thing's mouth opens so you can put your change in it that way, revealing two full rows of teeth.

Nope, no no, no thank you. Take it away, please.

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