11+ Problem-Solving Designs That Gave Us A Helping Hand

What if you had a design that not only looked good but also solved some kind of a problem? Wouldn't that be awesome? I think every product should be made like that.

Well, until that happens at least we can feast our eyes on these great items. They prove that there are pure geniuses out there who think just like us.

1. This Shopping Cart

If you're like me, you probably always overspend when you're at the grocery store. Am I right? Now you won't have that excuse because you can use this shopping cart that comes with a built-in calculator.

2. This Elevator Button

Wouldn't it be so cool if you could press the elevator button while you were still a ways away? Well, this call button is located 30 feet away so the doors will be open by the time you get to them. Finally!

3. This McDonald's Bike Rack

Why design just a boring bike rack when you can think outside of the box. this McDonald's in Wilmington, California, has a rack that looks just like the "M" in the McDonald's sign. Isn't that so cool?

4. This Yoga Studio Sign

This simple A-frame advertisement for a yoga studio is just that — simple. But if you're a yogi like me, you'll recognize that it's actually a downward dog yoga pose, too. So, there's no mistaking what the sign is actually for.

5. This Coffee Table

What if I told you that you could have a coffee table that doubles as a micro-garden? Say what? Oh, yes, such a thing does exist. This coffee table has been designed just as I said. Wow, that's so innovative.

6. This Fruit Juice Packaging

These fruit juice boxes have been designed to look just like their contents. Now when you see them you'll know instantly what you're actually grabbing. No need to even read any labels. I think that's so neat indeed.

7. This Restaurant's Communication Pod

This restaurant has a three-button device you can press to call the server, call the bill over, or tell them that the table is done. I think that's so useful. I hate having to wait forever to get some attention.

8. This Tea Bag Design

How do you easily fish your teabag out of your cup? Well, this company came up with a cute origami-like design that looks just like a floating boat. I think that's so cute and useful.

9. This Subway Station Entrance

Oh my goodness, what's going on here? No, this subway station isn't sinking. It's been designed to look like it is though. You can actually find it somewhere in Frankfurt. That's the most unique design I've ever seen.

10. This Ice Maker

What if you could make icy cold drinks without actually using any ice? Well, say hello to this nifty gadget that does just that. It's all thanks to the inner chamber that it comes with and I think it's super cool.

11. This Bike Repair Station

Wouldn't it be so useful if there were bike repair stations placed all over the city? This one was actually placed on a bike path and it comes with a rack and a bunch of tools.

12. This Chewing Gum With Wrappers

I love chewing gum, but I never litter or throw it away on the ground. Did you know birds can pick it up and choke on it? This one comes with paper to wrap up the chewed pieces so you can dispose of it properly. Nice!

13. This Puzzle Cheat Sheet

Who else loves puzzles? I do, but sometimes I need a little bit of help completing them. So it's cool to know that this one comes with a handy cheat sheet. Isn't that so helpful?

14. This Card Tipping Machine

I honestly think there is no reason not to tip your wait staff, unless they did a terrible job. Other than that, having no cash shouldn't be your excuse to leave them out. So this card tipping machine is genius for people who never have change on them.

15. This Dressing Room

Do you always bring in a lot of clothes to try on in the dressing room? That can get confusing sometimes, right? So this one dressing room helps you keep track of what you want to buy with these labeled hangers.

16. These Trash Bins

What do you think this is? Would you believe me if I told you that in the Netherlands there are trash bins like these alongside cycling paths? They allow you to throw out rubbish without slowing down. Wow!

17. This Cart Sterilizing Machine

Have you seen the supermarket staff sterilizing shopping carts by hand? Well, I bet they wish they had this machine instead. It would make their job a lot easier, and things can get done a lot faster.

18. This Human/Dog Water Fountain

Here's a clever idea: Why have a drinking water fountain only for humans when it can be designed to give water to your pet too? I think this is such a fantastic idea. Am I right?

19. This Shower Idea

If you've ever taken a shower with your partner, you know that one person is always cold while the other is washing up. Well, this dual shower head is the way to go. I want to get one of these installed in my house, ha, ha!

20. This Supermarket Aisle

Do you like grocery shopping with your spouse? For me, it's a bit of a hit and miss. But what I don't like is aimlessly looking for one another. Every supermarket should have an aisle like this, and that's a fact.

21. These Tupperware Containers

Do you ever pack your lunch and wish there was a separate container for that salad dressing? Well, now you've found it. This Tupperware container has one that's attached to the lid. Why didn't they come up with that feature sooner, huh?

22. These Pills

It's such a pain when you have to split your pill dosage. So the fact that these 15mg buspirone tablets can be broken into 5mg doses or 7.5mg doses, depending on which side you split the tablet, is pretty genius. Isn't it?

I get such a kick out of seeing smart ideas being implemented in everyday objects like these. Are you feeling me?

Don't you wish there were more of them around? Come on, designers, let's start seeing more things like these, please.

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