Teachers Are Sharing Their Genius Socially Distanced Classroom Ideas Online

Many teachers, parents, and students around the world are prepping to gear up for the 2020-2021 school year. While every back-to-school season is stressful, this year is particularly hard. With the ongoing danger of the coronavirus pandemic, there are many regulations and guidelines in place for schools in order to keep the spread of the virus down.

Many schools have opted for "remote learning" for the start of the school year, while others are opening with hybrid options. For those schools, teachers are coming up with smart and creative ways to keep students distanced and also engaged in their classrooms.

This teacher who has several seating options.

Young kids are struggling with staying socially distanced and wearing masks all day long. This teacher came up with several options for students who need a bit of change in their regular seating routine. They can choose from a cushion, low chair, or regular desk.

This teacher's family came up with a suitable option for hand sanitizer.

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Instead of touching the bottle or touching the pump, students use their foot to make the sanitizer come out. It's a genius way to keep hands clean while keeping touching things to a minimum.

Clorox wipes without grabbing the bottle.

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This is another brilliant idea to grab wipes to clean things and sanitize them without grabbing the bottle and spreading germs. This can ensure that every student can wipe down desks and chairs without spreading even more germs.

Labeling all supplies to make sure everyone uses their own.

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Many school districts are saying that sharing supplies is a big no-no this year. Instead of having kids mixing up supplies, make them their own supply bags with their names on them so that they know what is theirs.

Use book covers to cover the seats in a classroom.

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Instead of sanitizing chairs after every student leaves the classroom, using stretchable book covers can keep the seats sanitized and clean. Give each student one book cover to use for their classes.

Individual Lego kits.

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This teacher used Lego blocks and pencil cases from the dollar store to make individual Lego kits for STEM activities. These kits are easy to clean and since each student will have their own, it minimizes surface contamination.

Hang the tissues in an easy-to-reach place.

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Just like the Clorox wipes, hanging the tissues in an easy-to-reach place can ensure students just grab the tissues and not the actual box. Everything to keep things clean!

Use shower curtains for classroom dividers.

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Dividing the classroom up is important to save space and keep everyone socially distanced. Shower curtains are a cheap, easy, and smart way to divide the classroom up without making it uncomfortable.

Tape boundaries around the classroom.

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Using colored tape for the classroom floor can help maintain the boundaries between desks and students. Some students may not understand just how much six feet measures up to.

Storage bins for everyone's desk.

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The storage bins on each side of the desk give room for students to keep their books and supplies in one place, while also giving a spacer in between everyone's desk for social distancing.

Give each student a personal yoga mat to sit on in the classroom.

Being comfortable while in school this year is important, as everyone is feeling some type of discomfort. For gym and other recreational activities, personal yoga mats can help everyone feel good.

Decorate plexiglass spacers with motivational messages.

Plexiglass can make students feel nervous and anxious about coronavirus right now. If you decorate them and put motivational messages on them, it can help them feel more at ease.

Fun and decorative hats with social distancing sticks.

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These hats help students understand just how far they need to stay from each other. Younger kids may not truly understand social distancing just yet, so this is a great start for them.

An easy way to disinfect toys at the end of the day.

Mesh laundry bags made it easy to wash small, plastic toys at the end of the day. Simply place all the toys in the bag and place the entire bag in a disinfecting solution (you can open the bag up to scrub individual pieces). This way, everything gets cleaned and you won't lose any pieces, either.

Simple storage caddy idea.

These small storage caddies are an easy way to keep track of which items need to be cleaned and which ones are sanitized and ready for use. Simply place the object in the correct caddy slot and wash the used items at the end of the day.

Helpful reminders can become part of the classroom decor.

Reminders about washing hands, sneezing into elbows, and wearing your mask don't have to be scary or boring. This teacher designed helpful reminder posters that are informative and cute. I personally love them!

Getting creative with the layout.

If you have the space and resources, you can get creative with your classroom layout even with social distancing guidelines. This teacher uses colorful chairs and different desk orientations to change up the space. Plus, each student gets their own colorful desk caddy that can be cleaned each day.

Cute sign-in station.

Each school will have their own sign-in policies, and it won't be uncommon to see sign-in stations like this where children and parents are asked to sanitize their hands and have their temperature checked. This station is both informative and welcoming — especially the little plant!

Cardboard high-fives for the win!

Since regular high-fives will be a no-go this year, many teachers are having their students make "cardboard high-fives." These tools follow social distancing guidelines but still allow teachers and students to (safely) high-five one another.

DIY mask keepers.

Teachers and students alike will need to wear masks this year to school, but keeping track of these masks can be tricky. Many teachers are making DIY mask keepers out of pre-made necklace or eyeglass chains, or you can even buy some from Etsy. These will keep your mask around your neck when you have to take it off for lunch.

Easy marker hack.

Taping an entire pack of markers together like this ensures that there will be no lost caps (and therefore, no dried out markers). It also helps students keep track of their own supplies and will prevent them from accidentally taking someone else's. It's pretty hard to lose an entire pack of markers, right?

These "book boats" for kids to read in.

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Some kids like reading in comfortable positions, rather than while sitting at a desk. These book boats are creative, cute, and fun for everyone. You can distance them around the room and clean them out when the kids are done.

This beach-themed classroom.

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This clever teacher turned the table dividers into a stand to hold a colorful umbrella for a beach-themed classroom. This is such a fun and inviting space that also keeps social distancing rules in mind.

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