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10+ Obvious Movie Mistakes Fans Still Missed

We all make mistakes and filmmakers are no exception.

But sometimes you have to wonder how certain glaringly obvious mistakes managed to slip by. Not only by production but by the fans as well.

Below are 10+ obvious movie mistakes that fans managed to somehow miss.

Will Smith's allergic reaction

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Fans will no doubt remember Alex Hitchen's hilarious allergic reaction scene from Hitch.

What you may not have noticed is that in the very next scene when they go outside, the swelling has somehow moved from his right eye to his left.

The crowning scene from *Miss Congeniality*

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During the crowning scene toward the end of Miss Congeniality, Cheryl beats Gracie-Lou with her bouquet of roses so hard that the petals fall off.

Yet in the very next scene, you can clearly see that the petals have returned.

Not a drop to drink

During a courtroom recess in Legally Blonde, Elle is shown waiting at the water fountain for a drink.

The only problem is that there's clearly no water coming out of the fountain when the extra goes to take a sip.

The camera that wouldn't disappear

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During a duel between Harry and Draco in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, you can clearly see the cameraman when Professor Snape bends over to help Draco up off the ground.

It's in the far left corner of the photo.

The Spider-Mannequin

This is one scene from Spider-Man that just hasn't held up well over time.

For starters, Mary-Jane's hair is blowing in the wrong direction and it's painfully obvious that Tobey Maguire was subbed out for a mannequin.

Grinding gears in *Dirty Dancing*

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Car scenes can be tricky to film. Granted, it helps if you actually have the car in gear.

Look closely at Johnny's stick shift in Dirty Dancing and you can very clearly see that the car is in park.

"Ouch, that hurt" in *Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory*

Remember that heart-melting scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when the shopkeeper sings "The Candyman"?

What you might have missed was that when he opens the bar-flap, he smacks a little girl right in the face.

The magic windshield

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During one of the many chase scenes in Twister, Bill and Joe are navigating falling debris while driving down the highway.

They very clearly steer the truck directly into a thresher, which causes the windshield to crack.

Yet in the very next scene, the windshield is undamaged.

Time traveling vans

Mel Gibson's directorial debut in Braveheart was a cinematic masterpiece.

Which makes it so much harder to understand how production could have missed a clearly visible white van in this battle scene.

A rhinestone cowboy in *Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl*

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This is another head-scratcher from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Look over Captain Jack's right shoulder and you can plainly spot a member of the production team wearing a cowboy hat.

Bottomless popcorn in *Mean Girls*

During a scene in Mean Girls, Cady startles Janis and Damian, sending their bowl of popcorn flying.

However, in the very next scene, we can clearly see that the bowl has refilled. How did that happen?

Proportion problems in *Avatar*

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Throughout the film, the audience comes to learn quite a lot about the Na'Vi. One fact that stands out is that they are supposed to be 10 feet tall.

If that's true, how does Jake's hand fit so perfectly to Neytiri's face?

The Tin-Man did it

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Remember the end scene in The Wizard of Oz? Right before Dorothy is set to fly off with the wizard, Toto runs away and she has to exit the balloon to retrieve him.

The Tin-Man is actually the one who unties the Wizard's rope.

So why does he look surprised when it starts to fly away?

Up, down, up, down in *Pitch Perfect*

Universal Studios

Too bad someone didn't pay closer attention when filming the final scene in Pitch Perfect.

Throughout the performance, you can clearly see Aubrey's hairstyle change several times.

Elsa's enchanted hair in *Frozen*


This one requires some careful pause/play relay action to be able to see properly.

If you pay close attention the next time you watch Frozen, you can see that Elsa's hair actually goes straight through her body.

Spider-Man's magic lamp

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Near the beginning of the first Spider-Man film, there's a scene that shows Peter Parker practicing his web-slinging skills.

He accidentally misfires and breaks his desk lamp.

However, in the very next scene the lamp has returned to its original spot, completely unharmed.

The missing maze

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In Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece The Shining, one of the more memorable elements is the giant hedge maze.

However, when we see the first aerial shot of the Overlook Hotel at the beginning of the film, the giant maze is noticeably absent.

Harry does not have his mother's eyes

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In the books, Harry Potter has brilliant green eyes; as did his mother.

But in the movie, his eyes are a magnificent blue.

Lieutenant Dan is a time traveler

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In one of the more humorous scenes in Forest Gump, Forest explains that due to Lieutenant Dan helping him invest in "some fruit company" he would no longer need to worry about money.

Sadly, this scene took place in 1975 and Apple was not a publically traded company until 1980.

What's a YouTube?

In the film The Hurt Locker there is one scene where you can overhear soldiers talking about an Iraqi target who is going to upload a video to YouTube.

He'd be hardpressed to do that in 2004 considering that YouTube wasn't invented until a year later.

Commitment to cleaning


Being an extra is hard work. Being forced to mime as an extra, is just unfair.

But that's exactly what happened in Quantum of Solace. Just take a look over the left shoulder of Daniel Craig.

There was no Lake Wissota in 1912

When Jack and Rose first meet in Titanic, he tells her the story of how he fell through the ice on Lake Wissota while ice-fishing with his father.

The only problem is that Lake Wissota is a man-made lake. It didn't even exist until 1917.

The wrong Lambo in *Dallas Buyers Club*

Focus Features

See the poster hanging behind Matthew McConaughey? That's a Lamborghini Aventador. It was first made in 2011.

The only problem is that Dallas Buyers Club takes place in the 1980s; some 25+ years earlier.

That's not a baby

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Pay careful attention to the baby Bradley Cooper is holding in American Sniper. If it looks a bit strange, well, that's because it's not a baby at all.

Production decided to use a doll in lieu of the real thing.

Wait, what octopus?

In the final scene in The Goonies, the kids are met by a wave of media and reporters all eager to hear their harrowing tale. When asked what was the scariest part, Data answers "the octopus!"

However, there was no octopus scene. It was deleted and never shown in the theatrical version of the film.

The missing badge of honor

The Weinstein Company

During this particularly memorable and brutal scene from Inglorious Basterds, German Sergeant Werner Rachtman can be seen both wearing and not wearing a badge over his left breast pocket.

Marty be good in *Back To The Future*

Universal Studios

This one is for all my guitarists out there.

In this classic scene from Back to the Future, Marty McFly shreds during his rendition of Chuck Barry's "Johnny B. Goode."

Look closely though and you'll see Marty is playing a Gibson ES 345; those didn't hit the market until 1958. Which is exactly three years after the film takes place.

Where'd the engines go?

There are two scenes in The Usual Suspects that are supposed to show the same plane taking off and landing.

If you pay close attention, you'll notice that the plane goes from having four engines to only having two.

What's for breakfast?

Buena Vista

During the breakfast scene between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, Julia begins eating a croissant.

During a number of cut-scenes, you can clearly see the breakfast pastry switch to a half-eaten pancake and then back to a croissant.

Did the mirror fix itself?

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Cher Horowitz's failed driving test is one of the most memorable aspects of Clueless.

After hitting a barrage of parked cars, her mirror becomes detached.

However, when she finally brings the vehicle to a halt, the mirror is miraculously back in place.

Freedom from table scraps

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The final scene in Braveheart brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

William Wallace is dragged through a gauntlet of onlookers as they pelt him with rotten food and fruit. He becomes covered from head to toe.

But when they lay him on the podium, all of the food has vanished and his face is clean.