23 People Share What It Was Like To Go To School With Celebrities

Ever wondered what your favorite celebs were like back when they were just regular commoners like the rest of us? Well, now you don't have to.

Some of the people who went to high school with them have dished on Reddit about what they were really like growing up, and the tea is hot.

Jerry Seinfeld.

YouTube | Team Coco

"My dad grew up in Massapequa (town on Long Island) and was best friends in elementary through High School with Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry would often jokingly call my dad the “second funniest kid in school” (of course referring to himself as the funniest)," @jsilvy wrote on Reddit.

Chris Pratt.

"I went to school with Chris Pratt - and he was a nice guy. Was able to bounce between all the different circles / or cliques. Got along with everyone. I wasn’t surprised when he became famous," @ezbakeme shared.

Neil Patrick Harris.

Instagram | @nph

"Went to high school with Neil Patrick Harris. He wasn't a bad dude, but wasn't humble in the least. He was still working on Doogie Howser. When he was at school, he wasn't allowed to be himself, surrounded by fans and others. He had the nickname of Drama Dork by some of the other cliques. He hasn't gone to one of the reunions," @tossitawaycuzreasons posted.


"My aunt was Zendaya’s teacher in 4th grade. She says that she was a sweet girl.

"They saw each other at a meet and greet a while back, pretty nice," @RivenTheAhamkara wrote.

Emma Stone.

"Emma Stone! She was very bright, intelligent, and naturally charismatic. She often got the lead in all of the school plays. I remember one year, in our 3rd grade play, the main role was something she really wanted, and I ended up getting it! Even though she was disappointed, she still told me Congratulations and that she thought I would do a good job," @shanksta3 wrote.

Post Malone.

"I was best friends with Post Malone in high school, and he’s pretty much the same person he was then in high school that he is now, just some more wild adventures, but his personality has been that same, and it’s nice to see, with the fame and money he stayed who he is. Fun fact; he use to be an indie music guy in high school, wore Hawaiian V necks, high water tight black jeans, and toms. Coolest, chilliest, and funniest dude you could of hung out with," @Contrasted94 wrote.

John Legend.

"I went to high school with John Legend. He was a child prodigy. He graduated 2 years early and was class president. I just remember him being immensely gifted and mature. In the morning, he would walk around with a mug of coffee and talk to the teachers. If he wasn't so young, you would've assumed he was a teacher or administrator. Nice guy though," @southsiderick said.

Donald Glover.

"Went to high school with donald glover. He was really funny and everyone liked him. he's nothing like the dude he is now. he would change personalities based on who he wanted to be cool with. skater dudes a year ahead of us? suddenly he likes to skateboard. drama people? suddenly he's all about theater. everyone feels like they had a close relationship with him, but looking back i think that was by design," @thechrissie shared.

Kelly Clarkson.

"I was in middle school choir with Kelly Clarkson. She was very quiet, kind of strange, always wore the same shirt every day. The “mean girls” called her Smelly Kelly. Anyways, I was myself a quiet dude, didn’t have many interactions with her, but it would be an understatement to say that nobody expected her to be a famous singer in the making!," @jjbeanface wrote.

Amy Poehler.

"My dad went to high school with Amy Poehler (she actually dated one of his close friends). He says she was always nice and she actually once forged a note in my grandfather’s handwriting so my dad could cut class lol," @Adustux wrote.


Instagram | @pink

"I went to high school with Pink. I was kind of shy but a lot of my friends were better friends with her. She was alright. I remember her singing to herself a lot," @littlest_ginger wrote.

Taylor Lautner.

Instagram | @taylorlautner

"Taylor Lautner would get mad when people called him Sharkboy in high school.

"Can’t say I blame him," @brendaishere wrote.

Can't say I blame him either!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.


Apparently, they went to the Olsen thanksgivings

"Saw them mostly at Thanksgivings with both of our families or occasionally met up with them and their family if we visited LA. They're really good girls that dealt with a lot of shit for trying to grow up and live a normal life while also being well recognized and chased around everywhere they went."

Elizabeth Olsen.


Same person as the Olsen Twins

"And by extension, I also know their sister Lizzie, who is getting close to the same attention as the twins got, but is able to handle it better since she's obviously an adult now and can process things better than if she were much younger."

Billie Joe Armstrong.


This guy apparently knew Green Day, and especially Billie Joe Armstrong

"Late to the party, but I knew Billie Joe Armstrong and the Green Day guys (and the Rancid guys) in their early times from my punk rock days. I did not know them well, but they were the nicest guys ever."

"I was standing in line with some friends at one of their sold out shows..."

"And Billie Joe darted out, ran up to us and said, 'What are you guys doing standing in line when there’s equipment to be brought in? Don’t be silly.' He then brought us back to their van and gave us each a cymbal, a bass drum pedal, etc. something little we could each carry in and jump the line as 'roadies,' since we were old pals from early on."

Steve Carell


Apparently, this one guy new the one, the only, Michael Scott himself, Steve Carell:

"My dad went to the next high school over from Steve Carell and they hung out in the same friend group."

"Said he was goofy and funny but not exceptionally so."


"They actually ran into one another at my great-uncle's funeral a few years back and chatted a bit, said he seemed like he was still a pretty decent, normal guy."

"My mother went to elementary school with Jennifer Lopez."


"And said that both her and her mother were complete snobs. Apparently Jennifer would call my, dark Dominican, mother a “roach” and “[expletive ]”. Not [expletive] cool."

Benedict Cumberbatch

The Weinstein Company

This person has a very British story about a very British man, Benedict Cumberbatch.

"Benedict Cumberbatch (in the year below me) inherited my prep school blazer from the hand-me-down cupboard, my mum tells me. Not surprising, since IIRC the only place you could buy them new was Harrods. Extremely pleasant fellow at 11, he was."

Shaquille O'Neal

This guy's dad got to play ball with Shaq when he was a kid!

"Not me, but my dad used to be friends and play basketball with Shaquille O'Neal when they were around 13."

"They lived a couple houses away from each other at one point..."

And here's the funniest part:

"My dad always resorted to clinging to his leg to keep him from scoring. He was a tank compared to my dad even back then."

"And at the time everyone there were getting into colors."

Instagram | @snoopdogg

"She decided to join in, tied a bandana to her arm. Later in the day he took it from her, without a word. Turns out that people wearing her color were being hunted down.

"Overall, pretty cool dude. I hear he hasn't changed much."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Here's one more heartwarming story about The Rock

"My mom used the go to the same gym as Dwayne Johnson (she had just started going again at this point and she hadn’t been to a gym in 10+ years due to an incident where someone had a heart attack in her spin class)."

"This was before he was famous and everything she just saw he knew what he was doing."

"She walked up to him and said “I’m sorry if I’m bothering you I just don’t really know where to start with all this.” He immediately stopped in the middle of his workout and helped design an entire workout plan for her including showing her what machines/how to use them."

"Over the next several months every time he was there and he saw my mom he would ask her how her workout was going. Just genuinely a nice guy."

"Sadly she moved and couldn’t go back to the same gym but she has kept using the workout he designed for her and she kept a six pack well into her 50’s. I know it’s not really being childhood friends with them but it was still when he was super young and he had a profound impact on my moms life so I thought I would share."

Justin Bieber.

Instagram | @justinbieber

"My younger brother was friends with Justin Bieber. I didn’t know him super well saw him here and there but always stood out even before he was famous as he was the type of kid who would very loudly make fun of and bully others. I remember him being kicked off the city busses a few times for yelling at and being rude to mentally/physically disabled people along with just old people in general as well. All around my memory of him was that he was an [expletive]," @Dirty_Gurdy shared.

Justin Bieber (again).

"Went to elementary school with Justin Bieber. He was a total bully and a giant [expletive] but for some reason he took a liking to me and invited me to all his birthdays. A funny memory I have is of him making fun of some kid on the stairwell and then tripping and falling down the stairs and then crying all the way to the Principals Office. He has always been a total douche," @MetalGriffin wrote.

Sophie Turner.

Instagram | @sophiet

"I went to school with Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark). She was a couple of years below me, but I was in a few plays with her. She was just an average girl tbh, in every way. Really normal, didn't really stand out, but wasn't quiet or shy either. She never got the big parts in plays and wasn't even considered to be one of the 'good' actors at our school, was always just a part of the chorus. Was quite surprised to hear she got a major part in a TV drama, seemed to come out of nowhere," @WrackspurtsNargles posted.