👀 He Did WHAT?! Woman Draws Line at BF's OUTRAGEOUS 4am Sex Demands

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🔥 Buckle up, folks! We've got a steamy story straight from the bedroom... but is it all sweet dreams or a rude awakening? 😴🍆 Meet our exhausted new mama who's at her wit's end with her boyfriend's relentless 4am booty calls. 🕓😩 Despite their sizzling daily sex life, he just can't seem to let her catch some much-needed Zzz's. 💤 Is she an a-hole for putting her foot down and saying no to these nightly nookie interruptions? 🚫🍆 Let's dive in and find out! 👀

🍆 Bedroom Bliss... Or Is It? 😴

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No Shortage of Excitement... Until 3am 🕒😩

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Sleepy Sex Was Fine... Before the Baby 👶💤

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Poked, Prodded & Pestered at 4am 🍆😠

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I've Told Him How I Feel... Multiple Times 🗣️😤

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Remembering the Good Ol' Sleepy Sex Days 💭🥱

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AITAH for Choosing Sleep Over 4am Sex? 😴🚫🍆

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🚨 4am Booty Calls: Blessing or Curse? 🍆😴

Whew, talk about a bedroom dilemma! 🔥😅 Our poor sleep-deprived mama is caught between a rock and a hard place (pun intended 😏). On one hand, she's got a man who can't keep his hands off her, even in the dead of night. 🍆🕒 On the other, she's desperately craving some uninterrupted shut-eye, especially with a newborn in the mix. 👶💤 Her boyfriend's 4am advances have gone from steamy to straight-up annoying, and his pouty reactions to her rejections are just the cherry on top. 🍒😒 But wait, there's more! Let's see what the internet has to say about this nocturnal nookie conundrum. 👀🗣️

Getting back at a demanding partner with morning chores ⏰🧹

EquivalentMaximum159 | EquivalentMaximum159

Enforcing boundaries in a relationship is crucial. #NTA 👏

waywardjynx | waywardjynx

Setting boundaries is crucial. No means no, always. 😡

FlounderSolid2659 | FlounderSolid2659

Dump his selfish a** 😡🚮

so198 | so198

👏 Standing up against sexual violence and coercion. NTA.

khalthegawdess | khalthegawdess

Consent is crucial. Sleep deprivation is an abuse tactic. 👍

Content_Reindeer_194 | Content_Reindeer_194

👏👏👏 NTA for drawing the line at disrespectful 4am demands.

NucularOrchid | NucularOrchid

Predatory behavior and fetishizing sleep - NTA stands firm 💪

pissdiskpro | pissdiskpro

Selfish and disrespectful behavior from boyfriend. NTA.

SignificantOrange139 | SignificantOrange139

Consent is key. No means no. He needs help.

Emotional_Worry_139 | Emotional_Worry_139

Take action against sexual assault. Stay safe ❤️

Plenty_Mastodon_5464 | Plenty_Mastodon_5464

Setting boundaries: Woman stands up to BF's 4am sex demands 💪

ZoomZoomZachAttack | ZoomZoomZachAttack

BF's outrageous 4am sex demands? Trash behavior. Pity party ensues.

edwadokun | edwadokun

Protect yourself and your kids from this emotionally manipulative partner 👏

HeadTripDrama | HeadTripDrama

Finding time for intimacy with family can be challenging 💏

No_Branch_7496 | No_Branch_7496


Scared-Accountant288 | Scared-Accountant288

👊🏼💤 Woman stands up for herself against disrespectful and disturbing behavior.

geekylace | geekylace

New mom stands up to selfish BF's 4am sex demands 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respectful NTA comment supports woman's boundaries on 4am sex demands. 👏

palmspringsreset | palmspringsreset

Sharing personal experience and offering support in sensitive matter. ❤️

forevertiredmanatee | forevertiredmanatee

BF's manipulative behavior is a form of sexual coercion. NTA.

Spirit_System | Spirit_System

Respect your boundaries or leave, he has no right. 👌

ThorntonMelon22 | ThorntonMelon22

Survivor shares warning signs of relationship rape. Be careful. 🚨

Kweerkiki | Kweerkiki

Sleep > Sex. NTA for setting boundaries with new dad BF 😴

Sparklybelt | Sparklybelt

🚩 Red flags: coercion, potential sex addiction, concern for OP's safety. Consider therapy or leaving.

aspiring_homesteader | aspiring_homesteader

Serious comment about consent and women's rights. 👏

DragonSeaFruit | DragonSeaFruit

Standing up against sexual pressure and guilt is crucial 👏

Elegant-Daikon-6908 | Elegant-Daikon-6908

Respectful and consensual intimacy is key in a relationship. ❤️

abv1401 | abv1401

NTA. BF's sex addiction risks the relationship and your dignity.

stillrational | stillrational

🚫 Set boundaries and stand up against manipulative behavior.

Disastrous_Ad_8561 | Disastrous_Ad_8561

NTA. Don't have more babies with this selfish person! 👉🏼

valkyri1 | valkyri1

Wake up dad for EVERYTHING 😴👶

Itachi-of-Konoha | Itachi-of-Konoha

OP's boyfriend's behavior constitutes sexual assault and coercion. Red flags everywhere! 💯

TFMMeeMaw | TFMMeeMaw

Break up with him. He's emotionally abusing you for sex. ❌

[deleted] | [deleted]

🚫 Sexual coercion and unwanted contact is not okay. #NTA

OrangeCatSupremacy | OrangeCatSupremacy

Parenting struggles causing 4am sex demands? 😴🛌

opwise | opwise

NTA, but BF has serious addiction problems. Porn or sex?

marcelavinals | marcelavinals

🚫 NTA draws the line at BF's pressure for sex at 4am

LadyFoxfire | LadyFoxfire

Sleep assault is sexual assault. NTA. Consider your options. 🙏

Zealousideal_Way_569 | Zealousideal_Way_569

Respecting boundaries is key in a healthy relationship 👏

Sushi_Momma | Sushi_Momma

Sleep-deprived mom draws the line at BF's 4am sex demands 😑

KimBrrr1975 | KimBrrr1975

BF complains about sex with 4 kids, new born. Commenter suggests therapy.

Otter-Wednesday | Otter-Wednesday

Take charge and put him in his place! 😎

eightmarshmallows | eightmarshmallows

Strong anti-porn sentiment shared with conviction.

trixie0517 | trixie0517

👏 NTA calls out BF's selfish behavior, offers support to OP.

Middle-Chef-8132 | Middle-Chef-8132

Respect is key 🔑. BF needs to back off. 👎

VanEagles17 | VanEagles17

NTA draws the line on non-consensual sex with BF 🤪

bmyst70 | bmyst70

Sexual compatibility and compromise is key in relationships. 🚪

rini6 | rini6

Sleep is a priority! Interrupting intentionally is a NO ❌

Curious_Shape_2690 | Curious_Shape_2690

Concerned commenter questions if partner respects postpartum recovery. Others suggest petty revenge.

demons_soulmate | demons_soulmate

Have an honest talk with your partner about boundaries 👍


BF's 4am sex demands show his selfishness, a counselor needed 💔

herefortheshow99 | herefortheshow99

NTA. This could be rape if there's no consent. Seek help. 😱

playfuldarkside | playfuldarkside

👏 Stand your ground! Have a serious talk with consequences. #NTA

missmaikay | missmaikay

BF's tantrum over sex shows lack of respect and communication skills 🙅

PhantomV9 | PhantomV9

Marital rape is a serious issue, know your boundaries! 😡

ButtleyHugz | ButtleyHugz

NTA but your bf is a sullen teenager. 🤢🤮 Gross, selfish, manipulative. #breakup

maggersrose | maggersrose

Set boundaries! 🛑 NTA for standing up for yourself.

notme1414 | notme1414

Setting boundaries in relationships is important for self-respect. NTA.

fantasticfluff | fantasticfluff

Setting boundaries in a relationship is crucial 👍

RNGinx3 | RNGinx3

Coercive sex is disgusting. Only have sex when you want to 👏

sassybsassy | sassybsassy

🚫 No means no. Boyfriend's behavior is unacceptable and abusive.

Sea-Mud5386 | Sea-Mud5386

Your partner seems like a**hole. You're NTA. 😕

ladynocaps2 | ladynocaps2

Surviving sexual assault is never the victim's fault. 👏

Bunny_OHara | Bunny_OHara

Respecting boundaries is a must 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Savage suggestion for a selfish bf 😏

YodlinThruLife | YodlinThruLife

NTA. BF is selfish, thoughtless & sexually assaulting. You're not AH.

insomniacmomof3 | insomniacmomof3

Respect is key 🔑. Saying "no" means no. #boundaries #NTA

EyeDissTroyKnotSeas | EyeDissTroyKnotSeas

🚨🙅‍♀️🔥🤯 BF wants sex every day AND has kids?!? Run girl, run!

wigglycatbutt | wigglycatbutt

Dehumanizing and disrespectful behavior that's sadly too common 😔

Practical-Tea-3337 | Practical-Tea-3337

NTA, girl. He's treating you like a Fleshlight 😱

Tiltish | Tiltish

🛑 Beware of manipulative partners who mess with your sleep schedule.

jaygay92 | jaygay92

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