Teen Wears Expensive Dress To Family Lunch, Chaos Ensues

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A mother faces backlash after allowing her daughter to wear an expensive dress to a family lunch, despite previous warnings from her sister. The daughter's comment about the price of the dress led to a fight with her cousin, resulting in the dress being ruined. The mother demands reimbursement from her sister, but is she in the wrong? Read on to find out the full story and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Expensive dress causes chaos at family lunch 🙀

vshaspof | vshaspof

Academic overachiever with a passion for fashion 💃🏻

vshaspof | vshaspof

Teen's expensive dress causes tension at family lunch 🙄

vshaspof | vshaspof

Family feud over teen's expensive dress at lunch 😒

vshaspof | vshaspof

Expensive dress causes family feud at lunch 🙄

vshaspof | vshaspof

Expensive dress ruined by milkshake; sister may reimburse. 😱

vshaspof | vshaspof

Expensive dress causes family drama and stains, sister blames daughter.

vshaspof | vshaspof

Dealing with family drama over a fashion choice. AITA?

vshaspof | vshaspof

Teen wears expensive dress to family lunch, sparks feud 😡

A teenage girl's fashion sense becomes the center of a family feud after wearing an expensive dress to a casual family lunch. The girl's aunt, who can't afford such luxury, had previously requested that the girl tone down her outfits when visiting, but her mother had left the final decision to her daughter. During the lunch, the girl made a comment that her younger cousin couldn't afford the dress, which escalated into a screaming match and ended with the cousin throwing a milkshake on the girl, ruining the dress. The mother demanded reimbursement from her sister for the ruined dress, but her sister refused, citing the previous warnings. The situation begs the question, who is responsible for the ruined dress? Was the mother right in allowing her daughter to wear what she wants despite her sister's request? Share your thoughts and opinions below.

Daughter's rude comment and entitled behavior earns her a vanilla milkshake 🍦

baobao_xo | baobao_xo

Teens' behavior during family lunch sparks classist debate and chaos.

hitchinpost | hitchinpost

Savage comment shuts down entitled teenager's behavior 😂

Anakerie | Anakerie

Commenter calls out family for lack of respect and empathy 👏

Tiffy_the_Doc | Tiffy_the_Doc

Parenting gone wrong? Commenters agree the daughter is the YTA 😂

meeeee01 | meeeee01

Commenter calls out OP's lack of discipline and manners 💥

motorheadtilidie | motorheadtilidie

Commenter faces backlash for raising daughter with poor manners.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Expensive dress ruined by snobbish cousin. Karma strikes back. ⚡

missmixza | missmixza

Reimbursement won't teach her a lesson 🙅‍♀️

SnooRecipes3551 | SnooRecipes3551

Parenting fail leads to family feud and milkshake mess 🍦

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Expensive dress causes family chaos, opinions differ on who's responsible. 💃👗

Turbulent_Zone100 | Turbulent_Zone100

Daughter wears expensive dress to lunch, YTA & ESH.

Fun_Grapefruit_7015 | Fun_Grapefruit_7015

Expensive dress drama: Commenter calls out YTA for petty actions 💸👗

simpleman92k | simpleman92k

Mother's bad behavior rubs off on child, confirmed 🤦‍♀️

Sweetpea_UK | Sweetpea_UK

Parenting fail leads to expensive dress disaster 💸

livillove | livillove

YTA for spoiling your kid and not teaching empathy 😒

acidicjew_ | acidicjew_

Parenting tip: Teach your kid not to be an \*sshole. 😤

andepanda | andepanda

Daughter's behavior and dress choice provoke family lunch chaos 😬

Neon-Anonymous | Neon-Anonymous

Commenter defends parent's milkshake punishment with ESH sentiment 😬

4thxtofollowtherules | 4thxtofollowtherules

Teach kindness over intelligence. ❤️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out OP and daughter's pretentious and cruel behavior 😒

DetectiveGurlKudo | DetectiveGurlKudo

Parenting gone wrong 🤦‍♀️ Therapy is a must

MsGinErso | MsGinErso

Parenting gone wrong? 🤔 Daughter's behavior questioned over dress incident.

PleaseCoffeeMe | PleaseCoffeeMe

Parenting fail? 🤔 Georgia's expensive dress causes family drama

DesperateinDunharrow | DesperateinDunharrow

Teach empathy by having your child give to those in need 💰👧

Objective_Panda9027 | Objective_Panda9027

Teaching daughter to value money and dress for occasions 🤑👗

notrapunzel | notrapunzel

Teach kindness, not materialism. YTA's daughter learns a lesson.

NefariousnessGlum424 | NefariousnessGlum424

Parenting advice or judgment? You decide! 🤔

bummerfly69 | bummerfly69

🤔 Who is Georgia and why is she an arsehole?

smokingandthinking | smokingandthinking

Teaching empathy: Parenting win or fail? 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out parent for lack of discipline. 🤔

SuccessfulOwl | SuccessfulOwl

Parenting gone wrong? When kids become entitled and disrespectful 🙄

WebbieVanderquack | WebbieVanderquack

Daughter wears expensive dress to lunch, sparks family feud. 💸

NorthernLitUp | NorthernLitUp

Teachable moment: YTA wears expensive dress to family lunch 💸

Cananna | Cananna

Commenter accuses parent of raising a bully over expensive dress. 💰👗

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Parenting advice: explain to your daughter why what she said was wrong instead of defending her 🤔 YTA, majorly.

JinxTheEdgyB | JinxTheEdgyB

Commenter blames parenting for entitled behavior in expensive dress debacle 💰

yell0well135 | yell0well135

Lesson learned: Don't start drama over an expensive dress. 🙄

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Family drama over a dress and a milkshake 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Georgia's entitled behavior backfires, loses expensive dress. 🤑👗💸

Weskit | Weskit

Empower kids to make their own choices but take responsibility too 💪

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Expensive dress ruined, YTA demands sister reimburse. Family feud ignited.

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Family drama over a dress, ESH needs to grow up 😒

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