Woman Bans Husband From Visiting Sister For 'Debating' With Her

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When a woman's husband can't seem to stop debating her sister and brother-in-law, she decides enough is enough and bans him from visiting them again. But is she being unreasonable?

Read on to find out the full story and decide for yourself whether she's the a**hole or not.

Nervous sister bans husband from visiting sister's due to debates 😬

acceptable_koala_651 | acceptable_koala_651

When opinions collide: husband banned for "debating" with sister-in-law

acceptable_koala_651 | acceptable_koala_651

Husband thinks it's funny to provoke wife while "debating".

acceptable_koala_651 | acceptable_koala_651

Husband banned from sister's house for debating touchy subjects 🔥

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Husband's 'joke' ruins sister's night - family drama unfolds 😞

acceptable_koala_651 | acceptable_koala_651

Husband gets banned for sexist comment during family gathering 😱

acceptable_koala_651 | acceptable_koala_651

Wife bans husband from sister's after heated debate gone wrong 💔

acceptable_koala_651 | acceptable_koala_651

Husband banned from sister for debating. Is wife unreasonable? 🤔

acceptable_koala_651 | acceptable_koala_651

When a simple family visit goes awry 🤷‍♀️

In this situation, a wife bans her husband from visiting her sister again after he provoked her into an argument during their first meeting with their newborn niece. The husband has a habit of challenging his sister-in-law on their differing views and doesn't take her request to stop seriously. The sister-in-law, who is finishing her graduate degree in social sciences, has had enough of his behavior and asks him to either quit or leave because she was done entertaining his nonsense.

The wife is caught in the middle and is wondering if she's being unreasonable for not allowing her husband to visit her sister again. Read on to find out what people on Reddit have to say about this family feud.

Engaging thread on a woman's husband and his exhausting debating habits. NTA.

selppa_ | selppa_

NTA. Husband's need to debate and control is childish and toxic.

saltedfish | saltedfish

Marriage to an insufferable human. 🤦‍♀️

Rough_Elk_3952 | Rough_Elk_3952

NTA. The husband sounds insufferable and ignorant. Kudos to sister.

Careful-Bumblebee-10 | Careful-Bumblebee-10

Commenter defends kicking out blatantly misogynist brother-in-law. NTA 👏

Reasonable_racoon | Reasonable_racoon

Commenter sympathizes with OP, calls husband exhausting 🙄

DocMeow3 | DocMeow3

Commenter expresses concern for kids' exposure to dad's misogynistic views.

quyetx | quyetx

Husband banned for 'debating' with sister, but YTA for subjecting her to him 😒

hunnybun16 | hunnybun16

Encouraging NTA comment sparks humorous replies about Toms online.

ElectronicRub1716 | ElectronicRub1716

Commenters call out OP for allowing husband's misogyny and potentially other hateful views.

Second_Story | Second_Story

A heated debate in the comments about a husband's behavior 😬

dianaprince2022 | dianaprince2022

Political differences causing marital issues? 😬

sunvalleyliving | sunvalleyliving

Commenter calls out OP for marrying a sexist a**hole 👏

spicyasianfusion | spicyasianfusion

Spousal sexism debated, with questionable values.

jannielovesyou33 | jannielovesyou33

Avoiding toxic family members is necessary for self-care 🙅🏻‍♀️

insamnity | insamnity

Doctor wife supports husband as a stay-at-home-dad, but AH husband doesn't

Spirited_Bill_8947 | Spirited_Bill_8947

Commenter calls out OP's spouse for unacceptable behavior. 💔

PhysicsFornicator | PhysicsFornicator

NTA! Don't let your husband pass on his misogyny. 👏

AdDangerous1243 | AdDangerous1243

Don't let debates ruin your family visits 😊

exotics | exotics

Commenter supports OP, calls husband a 'huge a**hole' 💩

foreverparanoid99 | foreverparanoid99

Political differences causing marital dispute. 🙄

sunvalleyliving | sunvalleyliving

Commenters call out sexism and bad parenting in husband's behavior.

charlichoo | charlichoo

Protecting your sister from a narcissist spouse is NTA 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter suggests paying sister for her time in family debates 💰

nailgun198 | nailgun198

Support for OP and criticism of husband's behavior. 😕

LarissaThorne2 | LarissaThorne2

Playful solution to husband's childish behavior 👶🤪

ElectronHick | ElectronHick

Commenter calls out husband's behavior, sparks agreement in replies 👍

bad_roboat | bad_roboat

Dealing with boorish behavior - NTA 🚫😤

sarcasmislife28 | sarcasmislife28

Spouse banned for siding with sister: commenter supports OP's decision

blacksyzygy | blacksyzygy

Commenter calls out OP for defending her potentially abusive husband

[deleted] | [deleted]

Spouse's manipulative behavior exposed in comment section 👀

Sea-Ad9057 | Sea-Ad9057

User calls out both parties for problematic behavior in family dispute.

Ill_Confusion_596 | Ill_Confusion_596

Standing up against sexism, but is she also at fault? 🤔

Ok-Emphasis2902 | Ok-Emphasis2902

Commenter calls out sexist behavior, prompts question about marriage.

BlueberryBlossom13 | BlueberryBlossom13

Commenter calls out OP for bringing toxic husband to family.

SadPanda8181 | SadPanda8181

Supportive comment calling out rude behavior of husband.

heath7158 | heath7158

Supportive commenter empathizes with poster's husband troubles ❤️

thesameglassbelljar | thesameglassbelljar

Commenter calls out unacceptable behavior, urges improvement. 💪

DangerNoodleDandy | DangerNoodleDandy

👍 Agree, husband's behavior was unacceptable. #NTA

Ok_Research_8379 | Ok_Research_8379

Commenter questions why someone would marry their spouse.

No_FunFundie | No_FunFundie

Commenter calls out husband's toxic behavior towards sister-in-law.

aspermyprevious | aspermyprevious

Commenters joke about husband's conservative tendencies with emojis 😂👌

NotTheMarmot | NotTheMarmot

Commenter defends husband's critique of new parents, not the a-hole.

Melificent40 | Melificent40

Husband banned from sister's house for instigating arguments 🤔

penguin_squeak | penguin_squeak

Calling out sexism in marriage, sister feud escalates 👀👊

Z_011 | Z_011

Setting boundaries in relationships: work vs personal life debate ⚖️

HistoricalDelay8260 | HistoricalDelay8260

Supporting sister's progress, but husband's AH behavior needs addressing 🤔

VoyagerVII | VoyagerVII

Commenter compares sister-in-law to Ben Shapiro in witty response

No_Aioli_6364 | No_Aioli_6364

Political differences causing family feud? NTA stands firm.

Darth_Meatballs | Darth_Meatballs

Husband provokes sister-in-law and gets called out for sexist behavior 🤦‍♂️

Planksgonemad | Planksgonemad

Leave the obnoxious husband at home 🚫 and enjoy family time 💖

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter expresses disgust towards husband's behavior and relationship dynamic.

OkAdvisor5027 | OkAdvisor5027

Commenter calls out husband's right-leaning views and OP's inaction.

dheffe01 | dheffe01