Neighbor's Children Kept Trying to Break into My House, so I Took Drastic Action

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Playful neighbors turn into nuisance, how I dealt with it 😤

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Protecting my home from troublesome neighbors 🛡

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Lack of supervision leads to repeated break-ins by neighbor's kids

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Protective owner warns neighbor, but gets threatened with legal action 🐕

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Protecting my home with my furry friends 🐶🚪👀

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Dogs save the day and teach mischievous boys a lesson 🐶👦

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Caught on camera: Neighbor's kids try to break-in, dogs attack.

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Protecting my home from troublesome kids, now at peace 🏠✌️

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AITA? Let's judge this neighborly dispute 👀

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🚨Neighbor's kids attempt break-in, OP decides not to press charges🚨

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Meet my 'aggressive' dogs 🐶🐾 who scared off intruders 😎

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🐕‍🦺🚪 Protecting my home from intruders with unexpected consequences

Living in a neighborhood with children can be a lot of fun, but when those children start to invade your privacy and potentially harm your loved ones, drastic action is necessary. In this case, a homeowner had to take matters into their own hands when their neighbor's children repeatedly tried to break into their home. Despite attempts to communicate with the mother, the situation escalated until the homeowner felt the only solution was to use their dogs to scare off the intruders. The outcome was unexpected and had consequences that the homeowner could never have predicted. But was this action justified? The AITA post raises important questions about the limits of self-defense and the responsibility of parents to control their children's behavior. Join the conversation and share your thoughts on this controversial issue.

Commenter sarcastically criticizes OP for protecting their property. Replies show support. 😒👍

SnooDrawings1480 | SnooDrawings1480

Press charges and beef up security to protect against delinquent neighbors.

Illustrious-Band-537 | Illustrious-Band-537

NTA. Watch out for your dogs when you're not home 🐶

BlackStarBlues | BlackStarBlues

Defending your property from trespassers is important. Shocked neighbor Pikachu face.

grw313 | grw313

NTA! Object lesson taught in respecting boundaries. The village speaks.

Several-Pay-8964 | Several-Pay-8964

Taking action to protect your home and family 💪

integranda | integranda

Two big dogs are the perfect security system 🐕👍

verminousbow | verminousbow

Well-trained dogs might save OP's life but need extra caution 🐕

Roving_Rhythmatist | Roving_Rhythmatist

Comment section turns into dog appreciation zone 🐶❤️

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Creative solution to keep neighbor's kids away from house 🤩

woahmybad | woahmybad

Teaching kids a lesson on trespassing with caution and cameras 🔍

easternabeille | easternabeille

Dogs + bravery = successful protection 🐕🦸‍♂️

No_Proposal7628 | No_Proposal7628

👍 Taking action against neglectful parenting. NTA wins.

FatalOrgasm93 | FatalOrgasm93

Neighbor's children trying to break into house, NTA seeks answers 🤔

Swegh_ | Swegh_

Protecting your home is never an a**hole move 🔒🏠 NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neighbor's kids keep trespassing, NTA for setting boundaries. 🚫👦👦

wildhoneyy_ | wildhoneyy_

Teaching respect: one neighbor's solution to entitled children 🙌

Sad_Sherbet_7411 | Sad_Sherbet_7411

Defending family and property: 👍 NTA, keep guard up 👀

OneEnvironmental4930 | OneEnvironmental4930

Protecting my home from little burglars 👀🚪🚔 #NTA

canvasshoes2 | canvasshoes2

Fierce dogs protect their territory, NTA for protecting your home 🐶👍

GothPenguin | GothPenguin

Mom of 3 boys defends neighbor, calls out unacceptable behavior 👩‍👦‍👦

teacherboymom3 | teacherboymom3

Protecting my home from child intruders 🙏

Oscars_Grouch | Oscars_Grouch

Concerned commenter suggests calling CPS for neglected children.

Eastern-Water9701 | Eastern-Water9701

NTA, legal proceedings necessary for badly behaved kids endangering safety 🚨


Redditors agree: obvious NTA, subreddit is losing its edge 💪✅

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Understanding the struggles of kids doesn't mean knowing everything 😉

Breadcrumb-Forest | Breadcrumb-Forest

File charges and cuddle with good doggos 🐶❤️

Life-Wealth-3399 | Life-Wealth-3399

Protecting your home is always justified. 🏠🚨

ComprehensiveBand586 | ComprehensiveBand586

Pregnant rape survivor takes drastic action against neighbor's children 👶🏻🔒

eeriedear | eeriedear

Using "Dog on Premesis" signs is a less threatening option 🐕


Well-trained dogs teach entitled kids a lesson 🐕👏

Special-Attitude-242 | Special-Attitude-242

Neighbor's kids broke in, dogs scared them off. NTA.

MeatShield12 | MeatShield12

NTA for installing security cameras and considering CPS involvement 📹

Vet4Pot4All | Vet4Pot4All

Protect yourself legally and physically, escalate consequences for safety 🚨

zakiducky | zakiducky

Suggesting training for neighbor's kids after break-in attempts, NTA 👍

Jeheh | Jeheh

Reporting to the police and CPS could be more effective 🚔👮

holisarcasm | holisarcasm

Pawsome! Well-trained dogs protect their home 🐾🏡 NTA

nejikoushi | nejikoushi

Debating dog tax, but overall NTA for protecting home 🐶🚪

BeeHarasser | BeeHarasser

Protective dogs or naughty children? NTA takes drastic action 🐶👦

Forsaken_Ad_1453 | Forsaken_Ad_1453

Taking drastic action against trespassers. 🤔

AJWordsmith | AJWordsmith

Teaching kids consequences: NTA takes drastic action 🚪🚨

firenoodles | firenoodles

Natural instinct of dogs to protect household. NTA 🐕

jessness024 | jessness024

Don't mess with my house! 🏠 NTA suggests calling cops.

Grace_Alcock | Grace_Alcock

Mental image of kids running away in terror is hilarious 😂

anxnymous926 | anxnymous926

Call the police next time they trespass 🚔👮‍♀️

Cybermagetx | Cybermagetx

Protect your home and call the cops 🚨👮‍♂️🏠 Save the evidence

PathComplex | PathComplex

Beware of false accusations if using dogs for self-defense 🐶⚠️

Ok-Refrigerator-2432 | Ok-Refrigerator-2432

Curiosity about the spoon choice sparks friendly banter 🥄🤔

Technical-Hamster-31 | Technical-Hamster-31

🐕‍🦺🔫 Taking action to protect one's home and family.

WindowLicker1864 | WindowLicker1864

Get the evidence and take action! 📹 Justice should be served!

InsertDramaHere | InsertDramaHere

Taking action against troublesome kids and negligent mother. #NTA 🚫👦🏻👦🏽

Mycologist_Murky | Mycologist_Murky

Protective measures taken against neighbor's kids breaking in, justified

[deleted] | [deleted]

Taking matters into your own hands to protect yourself 🤔

Past-Ad3676 | Past-Ad3676

Protect your home 🏠 and pets 🐶 with security cameras 📹

Glamma1970 | Glamma1970

Protective dogs can be a wise investment 🐕‍🦺👍

Ok_Association45 | Ok_Association45

You're definitely NTA in this situation 😤👊

JeffVanGully | JeffVanGully

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