The Inspiring Story Behind '1000lb Sisters' Star Tammy Slaton's Remarkable Weight Loss!

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Tammy Slaton
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1000lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton looks very different after losing about 300 pounds. The TLC personality who has struggled for years with her weight can now stand unaided and move without a wheelchair or walker.

Tammy Is Unrecognizable 

Tammy once weighed over 700lb but last year, after spending time at a food rehabilitation center, the 36-year-old experienced a remarkable milestone. Tammy reached her goal weight of 550lb, which made her qualify for bariatric surgery.

New Look

Per DailyMail, in December last year, the reality star showed off her new look in a video that was followed by several commendations from fans. Tammy further got fans awestruck with the new images of her which were uploaded last week.

Tammy Is Rocking Her Weight Loss

Tammy Slaton
Facebook | Southern Indian Combat Production

The images that showed her impressive progress were shared by Southern Indiana Combat Production's Facebook page. The TV star looked slimmer and fans could not stop gushing over her appearance.

Fans' Reactions

Tammy's photo which featured her beaming with joy, was met with several praises from viewers. Many fans who have watched this reality star's struggles on screen also applauded her on Reddit.

Fans Were Elated

One person wrote: 'Can you imagine how much better she feels, that’s probably why her attitude is better. I know she still has a way to go, but what she’s already lost has to be a huge relief for her body. I’m proud of her and hope she continues on a healthier path."

Another noted that Tammy is half the size she used to be, while someone else noticed how the TLC star stood without aid. Many other viewers also commended the outstanding result.

Inside Tammy's Health Struggle Before Weight Loss

Tammy Slaton
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Tammy had a near-death experience last year and was rushed to the emergency room. The TV star who kept fans informed about her health, through her social media raised more alarm when fans noticed her account was deactivated but thankfully she survived.

She Had A Major Health Scare

The hospital quickly placed Tammy on a ventilator after she stopped breathing and later she underwent a tracheotomy. Tracheotomy is a surgical procedure that involves making an incision on the neck and placing a breathing tube into the trachea. 

Tammy Had Slim Chances Of Survival

Tammy Slaton
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After the surgery, Tammy continued to battle for her life and medical experts told the reality star's family she might not survive. The ordeal was featured in the season three finale of 

1000Lb Sisters

Tammy Pulled Through

However, despite the ups and downs, Tammy survived. The tracheostomy was removed last December and her health has been improving since then.

An Insight Into Tammy's Life Before TV Fame

Tammy was introduced to TLC fans in 2020 alongside her sister Amy. While the sisters have been open about their weight loss journey there are some challenges the stars do not often talk about on the show. 

Life Before Their TLC Show

Amy and Tammy Slaton
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Tammy opened up about her challenging life before the show during an interview. She revealed that their TLC show was a form of motivation. The star laid it bare concerning her family background.

Amy And Tammy Were Raised By Their Grandmother

According to Tammy, her mother was always busy with work so she and her sister, Amy, were raised by their grandmother. Sadly their grandmother died leaving Tammy and Amy with no option but to fend for themselves.

They Developed An Eating Habit That Later Affected Them

With no one to care for them, the sisters started eating unhealthy food, because they only ate to survive. Little did the sisters know that their eating habits would lead to the weight battle they eventually faced.

More On Tammy's Struggles

Tammy and Amy have been on their weight loss journey for several years but slimming down was more difficult for Tammy. Amy qualified for her bariatric surgery early on, lost a significant amount of weight, and became a mother while Tammy continued to battle with her weight.

Fans Also Rooted For Her

Tammy Slaton
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The TV star faced a lot of criticism online but many fans also rooted for her success. Tammy has overcome a variety of illnesses over the past decade including COVID-19. But, she survived and continued to focus on losing weight.

Tammy Found Love In Rehab

No one would have thought that Tammy would find love while receiving treatment but the TLC star found the perfect match and even got married. Tammy and Caleb Willingham, tied the knot on November 19, 2022. T

She Got Married At The Rehab Center

Tammy Slaton
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Screenrant reported that the wedding was held at Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Gibsonburg, Ohio. Photos of Tammy and Willingham's engagement were revealed in late October 2022 and they were married a few weeks later. Willingham is also a patient at the rehab facility.

Interesting Details At The Nuptials 

Tammy, wore a traditional white dress along with a tiara adorned with flowers and a veil for the ceremony. The beautiful bride also held a bouquet of sunflowers. Willingham wore a black dress shirt with a pair of brown leather suspenders. Amy, who was Tammy's bridesmaid, also looked lovely in an orange dress. 

Tammy's Big Day Was A Success

The couple posed for several snaps while showing off their new wedding rings. In a social media update, Amy presented the newlyweds and stated that there were no more Slaton sisters. Many fans were happy about the news and they congratulated the couple.