Quavo and Offset Threw Punches Backstage at the Grammys

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Quavo and Offset
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The 2023 Grammy Awards did not go without some level of drama and it was connected to the A-list rap group, Migos. Migos rappers, Quavo and Offset got into a physical altercation backstage at the Grammys. Clearly, the bad blood between the two rappers remains after Takeoff's death. Offset, however, has denied getting into a physical fight with Quavo.

Quavo And Offset Get Into Physical Fight Backstage At Grammys

Quavo and Offset
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 Quavo and Offset threw punches backstage at the Grammys on February 5th. According to TMZ, the fight broke out before Quavo took the stage to perform Without You. The song was written by Quavo as a tribute to his nephew, Takeoff.

Offset Reportedly Asked To Be A Part Of The Tribute

The Stir Fry rapper [Takeoff] was shot and killed at a bowling alley on November 1, 2022, in Houston, Texas. Sources told the outlet that the Grammys asked Offset to be a part of the tribute in the In Memoriam segment. However, Quavo refused and blocked Offset from joining him on stage.

They Reportedly Threw Punches At Each Other

Quavo and Offset
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The Migos rappers then got into a physical altercation and had to be pulled apart. The outlet's Offset sources said the fight was started by Quavo.

Bad Blood Between Quavo And Offset Following Takeoff's Death

There is obviously still bad blood between Quavo and Offset following Takeoff's death. Quavo was Takeoff's uncle while Offset was his cousin. They all grew up together outside of Atlanta. Quavo and Takeoff were very close before Takeoff's death.

The Dynamics Of Their Relationship

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Offset was also hanging out with Takeoff separately. However, the trio did not hang out together. After the death of the 28-year-old, the bad blood between the two rappers was evident. Fans watching the Grammys were disappointed that the rappers still have not reconciled. 

Offset Denies The Physical Fight With Quavo Backstage

Offset took to Twitter to deny the report that there was a physical fight with Quavo during the Grammys. On February 6, the 31-year-old wrote that he did not get into a physical altercation before the tribute to Takeoff. The tweet has gotten over 6k retweets and 38k likes.

Quavo Is Yet To Comment

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However, Quavo is yet to publicly address it and state if a fight really happened backstage. The post that Offset denied the fight was first reported on Blavity

Inside Quavo's Tribute Performance

Quavo's performance of Without You as a tribute to Takeoff got a lot of emotional outpours. The 31-year-old performed the song with the Maverick City Mass Choir. Putting on Takeoff's chain, Quavo rapped, "I don't know if I'm the same without you."

Rap Fans React To The Heartrending Tribute

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A clip of the emotional performance was shared on Twitter where fans also got emotional. "I'm Crying. That was a beautiful tribute.", one fan wrote. Another fan reacted to the tribute show by noticing the pain in Quavo's eyes. A fan tweeted, it was "one of the most beautiful and sad performances to ever reach the Grammys stage."