The 15 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments Of The Grammys

Valeria Cova
adele in the grammys

The Grammys, the most prestigious awards ceremony in the musical industry, took place last Sunday, February 5th, in Los Angeles. Just like every year, the ceremony was full of iconic and unique moments that would be part of Grammy's history, but there were also a few awkward moments that couldn't be forgotten, like the ones below.

Is That Written Correctly?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla became the first videogame to ever win a Grammy for Best Game Soundtrack. Thousands of gamers were shocked about this achievement, but not more than the presenter, Randy Rainbow, who had a hard time pronouncing the name of the game.

Not Everyone Is A Fan Of Harry Styles

Harry Styles was nominated for seven different categories. By the end of the night, he and his team went home with three victories; however, the presenter for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical, wasn't as happy as he was for Beyoncé or Lizzo.

Someone Lost Their Job

Steve Lacy won Best Progressive R&B Alternative Album. Of course, it was documented by The Academy's Instagram as soon as it happened, but someone should have checked the post and made sure they were actually posting Steve Lacy instead of ATL Jacob.

They Should've Hired A Better Team

Millions of users were complaining online about the terrible audio. Some thought it was their devices, but it turns out that everyone was having trouble with the audio and even the image.

Wasn't He Speaking Spanish?

The opener of the night, Bad Bunny, offered a performance that made everyone dance along with his crew of diverse dancers while singing Después De La Playa from his nominated album, Un Verano Sin Ti. Of course, Latin fans were singing along to the song, but they noticed that the closed captions forgot that there are other languages other than English.

She Already Got Some Of Them At Home

One of the most awaited celebrities was Beyoncé, who had several nominations for her album Renaissance. Still, when the singer won the night's first award, she wasn't there yet. Trevor Noah later gave her the award, but at least she was there on time to break the record for the person with the most Grammys in history.

She Won Too

kim petras and smokey robinson

Kim Petras became the first ever transgender woman to win a Grammy. While Sam Smith let her have her moment, as she was ready to get her hands on the award, Smokey Robinson gave it to Sam instead.

Are There Problems Between Them?

The camera caught the exact moment when Doja Cat was in shock after losing Best Pop Duo/Group Performance to Sam Smith and Kim Petras, and now everyone's is wondering if the singers don't get along.

He Seemed Really Nervous

Harry Styles performed his winning hit, As It Was, but he tripped at the beginning of the performance while getting off the moving platform. Later, it was revealed by one of the dancers that the platform was turning backward than it was supposed to, which caught everyone off guard.

Are You Okay, Ben?

Ben Affleck attended the ceremony in the company of his wife, Jennifer Lopez, yet, the actor didn't seem so amused to be there. His face quickly became a meme because he looked like he couldn't wait to get home.

She Was Going To Be A What?

SZA fans might know she was supposed to be a marine biologist if she didn't pursue music. This was a discovery for Adele, whose funny reaction to finding out this information was caught perfectly on TV.

No One Laughed

Madonna arrived at the ceremony, and everyone was excited. She delivered a heartful speech about her career, and the ones that have come after her that followed her steps, before introducing Sam Smith and Kim Petras' performance. Though people appreciated her speech, no one laughed at her joke, and she called them out.

It Wasn't Over

At this year's ceremony, they decided to do a celebration for the 50 years of hip-hop. The tribute had several important personalities of the genre, and everyone at home enjoyed the incredible performance until they decided to cut to commercials in the middle of the show.

They Left People Out

Users on the Internet noticed a couple of names that were left out of the Memorial segment of the show, such as Taylor Hawkins and Aaron Carter. They thought this was odd.

The Classified Documents Controversy

The Department of Justice said President Joe Biden is currently under investigation for possessing classified documents in his home. Trevor Noah took the controversy and joked about it right before the First Lady, Jill Biden, presented Song Of The Year.