Rudy Giuliani Facing $3.1 Million Lawsuit for Alleged Sexual Harassment and Toxic Workplace Claims

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Rudy Giuliani is once again under legal scrutiny as a New York woman, Noelle Dunphy, sues him for $3.1 million on claims of sexual harassment and a toxic work environment. She alleged that the former New York Mayor made working with him difficult.

Ex-Mayor Sexual Harassed His Staff (Allegedly)

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Dunphy said he requested sexual favors and when she refused him, Giuliani created a toxic work environment. Despite Dunphy's resilience to deliver her services in the unfavorable condition, the ex-Mayor stiffed her pay and fired her without due cause or process.

No Record Of Dunphy Working With Giuliani

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Dunphy's story gets more complicated as she's not on official records. The New Yorker claimed she was an off-record employee for three years (2019 - 2021). During that period, Giuliani propositioned Dunphy multiple times per Supreme Court Summons.

Starting A Secret Relationship

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Dunphy admitted that her relationship with her former boss developed from professional to romantic "due to his persistence." She cited their breakup as the precursor to her dismissal later in 2021.

The Origin Of Their 'Relationship'

The former secret couple met when Giuliani represented Dunphy in a domestic violence case pro-bono. She alleged in the summons that the ex-Mayor threatened to expose her lived trauma when she said she was going public.

Alleged Bigotry

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Dunphy further called Giuliani a sexual predator and abuser in her summons and appears on the document as counsel. She listed instances where the ex-Mayor disregarded minorities and was intolerant to women, ethnic minorities, and people suspected of being against him.

Giuliani Denies The Allegations

'A Lie Has No Legs'
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The claimant revealed that the ex-Mayor leveraged information from her case (discovered when he represented Dunphy) when he fired her from her job. According to the Daily Beast, a representative from Giuliani debunked the claims saying Dunphy never worked with him or his affiliates.

Divorce From Judith Led To Alcohol-Fueled Outbursts

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The complainant also alleged that Giuliani's insulting remarks towards his subordinates worsened after his divorce from his third wife, Judith. They had been married for almost twenty years when Judith left him, and it came amidst his other legal woes.

Alleged Lack Of Morals

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Per the New York Post's reports based on documents obtained from the court, Dunphy wrote, stated explicitly that Giuliani was,

"racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBTQ, anti-woman, hostile, and prone to alcohol-fueled rage."

His alleged anti-women behavior influenced Giuliani's decision to make Dunphy work off-the-books. She claimed he didn't want her on the same pedestal as the male employees.

Not Her First Rodeo

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This case isn't Dunphy's first abuse allegation against an employer, as she reportedly sued an old flame in 2015. They settled out of court, but she refused to comment on the case.