20 Of The Most Heartwarming And Wholesome Moments On The Internet In 2022

Two women lying on grass and smiling/laughing
Unsplash | Atiya Walker

It's easy to look back on 2022 and see nothing but negativity: a pandemic and its wide-ranging after-effects, war in Europe, and increased political polarization at home and abroad.

We can't pretend that these things aren't happening. But at the same time, if you can look past the negativity, there were plenty of reasons to smile in 2022. Here are just a few of them.


Sign at fast food speaker: "Sensor is broken. Just say: 'It's burger time'"
reddit | r/blessedimages

I'd totally support "It's burger time" becoming the new shorthand for "I'm ready to order."


This is way cuter than your kid telling you about the ghost friend who haunts their bedroom.


Cat sleeping on dog's missing pillow
reddit | r/blessedimages

"If I fits, I sits" is more than a little bit over-used at this point. Still, is there any better phrase that captures a cat's mindset?


Look, Jeff, you named the cat. You made your bed, now you have to lie in it.


Post describing how request to hotel to provide photo of Brendan Fraser was fulfilled
reddit | r/MadeMeSmile

If I was a hotel staffer, I'm not sure if I'd find this request delightful or obnoxious.


Heartwarming text from grandmother
reddit | r/MadeMeSmile

Some things have the potential to warm your heart while simultaneously making you cry.


Single raspberry harvested by autistic son
reddit | r/MadeMeSmile

It might not be a big harvest, but a harvest is a harvest, right?


As someone who grew up with an older sister, I cannot confirm or deny ever doing this myself.


Image of cat family at door wanting food
reddit | r/MadeMeSmile

Cats are smart creatures. They can catch mice for their family if they need to, but it's way easier to just ask these folks for food.


Post by man who cleaned up entire park by himself
reddit | r/MadeMeSmile

Picking up litter doesn't need to be a big effort. Even just picking up a piece here and there can add up.


As an adult, it's easy to get bummed out by life. Sometimes, a child's thoughts are all it takes to put things into perspective.


College lecturer dressed as smurf
reddit | r/MadeMeSmile

No one likes 8 a.m. classes, but seeing this would make things a little more fun.


Note instructing garbage truck driver to wave at kid
reddit | r/HumansBeingBros

It's good to see that these sanitation workers adhere to the age-old custom of waving to kids on their route.


I want to pick this apart for its lack of creativity...but at the end of the day, all that matters is that (28-year-old) Mark had fun.


Text exchange in which chair is given to teacher for free
reddit | r/MadeMeSmile

Teachers pay out-of-pocket for classroom supplies all the time, and this person clearly recognizes that.


Cooler of free cakes set up for sanitation engineers
reddit | r/HumansBeingBros

They take out our gross garbage every week. The least we can do is toss them a cake from time to time.


Text message informing man that he's going to be a father
reddit | r/MadeMeSmile

It's difficult to express just how overwhelming it feels to be told you're going to be a parent.


Cat next to plushie that looks like him
reddit | r/MadeMeSmile

Does this cat look like this literally all the time? If so, that's adorable.


This is when the 14-year-old learns what parenting is really like.


I didn't know until now just how much I needed this photo in my life.