Donald Trump Launches a $99 NFT Range With Owners Potentially Having a Chance to Have Dinner With Him

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Donald Trump
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Former President Donald Trump is gearing up to compete in yet another election. While he has not been made the official candidate for the Republican party, the common consensus is that Trump has a strong chance of being the face of the party. Having come up short in his second campaign, the 76-year-old believes that the Biden administration has done a horrible job of leading the country and that he can make America great again. Needless to say, with Trump involved the build-up to any election will be entertaining, to say the least.

Major Announcement

Donald Trump
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Earlier this week, Trump teased that he would be making a major announcement in a few days on his new social media platform of choice, Truth Social. This had netizens guessing as to what the major announcement could be. While some predicted a rally tour, others predicted a withdrawal from the Presidential race. In the end, it was neither, and none of the guesses came close to what Trump had in store for everyone.

An Early Christmas Gift

On Thursday, the former President announced the release of his own NFT line. The NFTs had the 76-year-old dressed up in different avatars such as an astronaut, a fighter pilot, a sheriff in a white duster, a red-carpet celebrity, and more. The original launch price of the same was $99 per token. 115 customers purchased 45 NFTs which is the minimum number required to get a ticket that gives the owner a chance for a dinner with Trump. Additionally, 17 people purchased 100 NFTs which was the maximum number allowed.

Value Skyrocket

According to data OpenSea, the trading values for the Trump NFT are through the roof. The floor price is 0.19ETH which is about $240 - a meteoric rise from the original list price. Similarly, the trading volume of the NFT is 900 ETH, or about $1.08 million. It will be interesting to see how these values hold up over time.

Trouble In Paradise

Ever since losing the election, it has been one problem after another for Trump. Be it the FBI raid at his Mar-a-Lago residence or the financial misappropriation at his company. Given all the troubles that have popped up over the past few months, Trump's run for another term as the President of the country looks unlikely. However, if history has taught us anything, it is that Trump can not be counted out till the very final moment.