Viral Video Of Dog Joyously Strutting Warms Netizens' Hearts

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Happy dog strutting
TikTok | TikTok/@pushkingly

Social media users would agree that the amazingly cute dog named Pushkin, owned by TikTok user @pushkingly, has brought nothing but smiles to many faces. For a while now, the beautiful elderly chihuahua cross miniature pincher has gained the adoration of fans online following some videos showing his unique walk, shared by his proud owner. Each time, the videos go viral, racking up millions of views and comments from TikTokers.

Recently, Pushkin made the headlines again after @pushkingly shared another clip of the adorable creature doing its unique walk. As expected, the clip warmed netizens' hearts, and they wasted no time in flooding the comments section with kind words. Let's take a look at the viral clip.

Pushkin's Viral Walk

On November 23, 2022, @pushkingly took to TikTok with another fascinating video of their dog. Rather than a regular walk, the clip showed the dog strutting, with his tail wagging as his whole body bobbed from side to side. The dog did the unique and fascinating walk on a paved ground colorfully decorated with what appeared to be fallen leaves.

While the dog's unique walk was enough to capture TikTokers' attention, it was not the only amazing thing about the clip. Pushkin was paired with popular TikTok audio originally by Koozebane, which seemed like the perfect audio as the dog's body bounced from one side to another in unison with the song.

TikTokers React To The Clip

A dog walking on a beam.
Shutterstock | 254741251

Pushkin's owner has gained over a million views since sharing the clip. In addition, over a thousand netizens have flooded the comment section with reactions. One user jokingly noted that the video described her on her way to her best friend's house with the sole mission of annoying them. Another user described Pushkin as a cute dog, adding that he made her start dancing, while a third said Pushkin was the happiest dog ever.

More Reactions From TikTokers

While others took note of the dog's cute and adorable qualities, other social media users were most interested in the flowers on the ground. According to one user:

"Nobody is talking about the leaves on the ground😂."

Another respondent confessed that the leaves were pretty, further inquiring about the location. Like the second TikToker, a third wrote, "Those fall leaves are amazing."

Netizens Loved The Song

Besides the dog's qualities and the beautiful scenery, other TikTokers felt the song choice was spot on. Some also recommended other tunes they felt were perfect for Pushkin's strut. With quite a number of strut videos shared on TikTok, netizens are hopeful to see more of Pushkin's awesome walk in the coming weeks.